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update on comrade arrested at Straw Devil

arraignment was this morning ....see below
The person arrested last week at the Straw Devil timber sale while active logging was occuring in units 1 and 2 showed up for their arraingment this morning in Lane County Court. They were informed that charges had yet to be filed against them because the investigation was still going on. The person was orginially told they would be charged with "Interfering with an agricultural operation". Now, they just need to wait and see if/when charges will be filed.

We will keep everyone updated as new developments occur.

We would like to give all our love and thanks to the person that was arrested. Their passionate confrontation to the active logging was appreciated more than we'll ever be able to express. You are a ROCKSTAR!!!!!!! and WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Logging is now complete at units 1 and 2 with the exeption of a small area surrounding the tree-sit in unit 2. All the trees are still on the ground - they have not been yarded out yet. Dozens of activists are now focusing attention on the other 4 units yet to be logged.

We need your help! We need more people in the forest , more people in town, and donations of money, supplies, rides to and from the forest, etc etc.
Please contact us and see how you can help!

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org
phone: phone: 541-684-8977
address: address: PO Box 11122; Eugene, OR 97440

OTHER FOREST SET TO GET LOGGED....... 28.Jul.2003 15:03


East Devil and Pryor are also set to get logged starting this friday. Both sales are adjacent to straw devil. They could very much use some love. Pryor has units within the Heckletooth Mountain roadless area, which is the same ridge as the Warner Creek burn. Pryor was originally 206 acres but two units incompassing 45 acres were logged last year. Most of the native forest is not more than 150 years old due past wildfires.There are however remenant old growth stands.. East Devil was originally 102 acres but 27 acres including unit 19 which was a part of the same contiguious stand of ancient forest the units 1 and 2 of straw devil were of, was logged last year Many active Red Tree Vole nest have been found in these units but the Disservice has neglected to protect them. Several units are also within roadless areas and bordering the Diamond Peak Wilderness area. So, there is more than just Straw Devil that are planned to be flattened. Interested in stopping these?...............

"Interfering with an agricultural operation" 29.Jul.2003 09:41

Newly radicalized person

Do we need any more blatant example of laws being created specifically to protect the interests of the capitalists at the expense of the rest of us? Do we need any more blatant example of laws being selectively targeted toward those who are effectively making a difference?

(If we do, then we can certainly find many more. Consider, for example, how the city of Sacramento passed a secret ordinance days before the agricultural ministerial down there which declared it illegal to wear and/or possess a bandana. Numerous people were arrested and spent a traumatic night in jail over this charge. Who could that be targeting? Hmmmmmm.)