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The State of the Union

Your elected officials.
How can 3000 people worldwide make the decisions that drive the policy of our elected officials, if there are at least 30,000 of us in each city?
The numbers don't add up. By speaking for us, I include the silent majority... who know with heavy hearts what is going on but feel nothing can be done about it.

Something CAN be done, which will be successful! We must transform the impression All others receive when they encounter us moderate liberals. By seeming to be too extreme, good people are driven to pass haste judgment on our ideologies. That seed which has been planted in a moderate's heart by television, radio, and the good majority of churches, must be uprooted. This can only be done person-to-person. We have to care for each person one on one, can tv offer them that? Internally what we carry has far greater substance than the world and it's money can offer, of that I am very confident. Today I am going to change my life's blueprint a little more for the better, striving to be a better scholar and warrior. What you want to be is up to you. I'm looking forward to a personal renaissance. Nothing good ever came except by hard work, much study, and the help of others.

I wish we could nurture a reputation of kindness, ingenuity, steadfastness, and respect from others; starting especially with each other, so we have a base of power from which to grow. The most of you that I do know are all animal lovers, nature's guardians, interested in the welfare of others, and successful... I look up to you and aspire to be more like you everyday. The hard part is; we must Lead by example, because most people are resistant to being preached at (look at yourself for an example.)

Our elected officials make choices we disgust. The balance of public sentiment rests in our favor. By personally adopting a more ascetic attitude, informing others who are unaware, and holding steadfast, this generation will see a groundswell which overcomes the current power scheme by negating their clutches on our way of life and our elected officials. So many of you are doing a great job, to the rest of us; please support each other and Do More each day!