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We're Taking Hostages In Iraq

"If you want your family
released, turn yourself in."

U.S. Adopts Aggressive Tactics on Iraqi Fighters
Intensified Offensive Leads To Detentions, Intelligence
By Thomas E. Ricks
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, July 28, 2003; Page A01

Col. David Hogg, commander of the 2nd Brigade of the 4th Infantry
Division, said tougher methods are being used to gather the intelligence.
On Wednesday night, he said, his troops picked up the wife and daughter of
an Iraqi lieutenant general. They left a note: "If you want your family
released, turn yourself in." Such tactics are justified, he said, because,
"It's an intelligence operation with detainees, and these people have
info." They would have been released in due course, he added later.

The tactic worked. On Friday, Hogg said, the lieutenant general appeared
at the front gate of the U.S. base and surrendered.
US soldiers are war criminals 28.Jul.2003 12:09


So that is liberation?

This conduct violates every international treaty ever created - these soldiers and commanders should be brought up for war crimes. It is also immoral - I hope God smites them.

Shame on amerika and amerika's media for endorsing these tactics.

FUCK US SOLDIERS 28.Jul.2003 12:11


from the same article


At the beginning of June, before the U.S. offensives began, the reward for killing an American soldier was about $300, an Army officer said. Now, he said, street youths are being offered as much as $5,000 -- and are being told that if they refuse, their families will be killed, a development the officer described as a sign of reluctance among once-eager youths to take part in the strikes.

is this really true? 01.Aug.2003 03:22


I really hope this is not true