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SCABS Wanted

all you labor activists are probably already more aware of what's going on with this than i am, but thought i'd pass it along anyway.
Employment - General
WAREHOUSE A leading Northwest Distributor is currently recruiting temporary replacement warehouse workers, delivery drivers and office clerical workers for a potential labor dispute. Starting wages range from $12 to $18 per hour depending on experience. If you have experience in warehouse work, clerical or have a Class A CDL, please call 503-980-2705 Monday July 21st through Friday July 25th between 9am-4pm for further instructions on the application process
Published in The Oregonian on 07/23
more information needed 28.Jul.2003 10:20

Frank Little

It would probably be helpful if someone could post the contact information for workers struggling in the shop themselves....this post just looks like free adspace for a good job offer in a bad economy right now.
These workers may have a desire to see other sympathetic workers to get hired on as scabs, working under the direction of the worker´s committee. Could someone add the contact information, so those interested in this post can contact the workers and seek their direction?

What Frank sez 29.Jul.2003 22:05

Ferret Mike

Man, why give these scab hiring bastards free advertizing? Why the phone number? Are you working for them and now laughing in yer beer over the 'neat trick you played on Indymedia.org PDX? If not, too bad stupidity ain't painful.