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I have listened to you many times speaking about your respect for the Military and have heard many promises about what you will do. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
An open letter to President Bush

I have listened to you many times speaking about your respect for the military and have heard many promises about what you will do. What have you done? According to you, the government can't afford to stop the tax on disabled veterans and the Pentagon supports this issue. The same people who lose billions every year in cost overruns, broken contracts and poor accounting procedures. I don't know about you, but I can't afford to lose 10 dollars. There is a growing concern among the people of this nation about how veterans are treated, or mistreated. George Washington said, "A nation can be judged by how they treat their veterans." You remember us? The veterans? The men and women who put their personal dreams and aspirations on hold while the leaders of this country mortgaged our future. Look around (not in a mirror) and you can see us everywhere. Some are in wheelchairs, some hooked up to odd machines, some with crutches and canes, some just walk kind of funny, some can't hear much anymore, some can't see at all and some see things that just aren't there, some wake up at night in their beds drenched in sweat, screaming, and some call an underpass or a bench home because they don't have a bed at all. These are the ones who gave what they could when asked and expected nothing in return. This is my family. These are my brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters. I ask for nothing more than justice. Give them their due. Let them have what they've earned and then don't look back at us again. You're not one of us. You never will be. You will never understand our quiet dignity. That is one thing no one can take from us.
Wake up and smell the fascism. 27.Jul.2003 20:27

Stop Fascism

Bush is no patriot. Don't even bother to ask him to listen. Join the resistance and struggle to remove him from office.

Bush 28.Jul.2003 18:48


out the door in 2004

So, what are YOUR solutions? 21.Aug.2003 16:07

A veteran

I am fascinated by the degree of hate felt for one man. You certainly are entitled to your opinions. What are your alternative solutions? Just saying, "Get rid of Bush!" won't make war go away, it won't feed people, it won't improve transportation, it simply doesn't solve anything.

So, please list your solutions to the problems being addressed by our President and his administration. If your solutions involve spending more money, please state how and where the money will be spent. Also state how you will monitor the effectiveness of the additional dollars.

If your solution involves reducing spending, what will you do with the money you save? If you increase or decrease staffing, where would you add/cut personnel and how do you handle the costs?

Protest is wonderful only if the protestors can offer well thought out alternatives to the action being taken.

In the meantime you are simply exercizing your rights to be the architects of your own embarrassment.