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House-Senate Conference committee on the 2004 Defense Authorization Act

Will you Mr. Bartlett stand by your-much-stated-support of the concurrent receipt of military retired pay and VA compensation.
Roscoe Bartlett 6th District Maryland is appointed to the House-Senate conference committee on the 2004 DAA.

Dear Mr. Bartlett:

I note that you have been appointed a conferee to help resolve the differences between the House and Senate versions of the 2004 Defense Authorization Act. I expect that you will stand by your-much-stated-support of concurrent receipt of military retirement and VA Disability Compensation by accepting nothing less than the Senate-passed provision providing for full concurrent receipt. Failure to do so will reveal that your much-ballyhooed support of veterans is nothing but a vote grubbing sham.

Sixteen percent of the voting age population in the Sixth District are veterans. Veterans vote and so do their friends and families. A mobilization of this cohort in opposition of your continued employment as our representative after the 2004 election has begun. Do the math.

I want you to stand by your word in support of veterans in the conference committee and, further, to urge the House "leadership" to allow consideration of HR 303 by the full House.