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Quaaagmire: US Troops Murder Civilians in Botched Raid

Americans turn botched house raid into a bloody carnage of civilians
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad
28 July 2003, Independent (UK)

Obsessed with capturing Saddam Hussein, American soldiers turned a botched
raid on a house in the Mansur district of Baghdad last night into a
bloodbath, opening fire on scores of Iraqi civilians in a crowded street and
killing up to 11, including two children, their mother and crippled father.
At least one civilian car caught fire, cremating its occupants.

The vehicle carrying the two children and their mother and father, was
riddled by bullets as it approached a razor-wired checkpoint in the street
outside the house.

Amid the fury generated among the largely middle-class residents of Mansur -
by ghastly coincidence, the killings were scarcely 40 metres from the houses
in which 16 civilians died when the Americans tried to kill Saddam at the
end of the invasion in April - whatever political advantages gained by the
killing of Saddam's sons were squandered. A doctor at the Yarmouk hospital,
which received four of the dead, turned on me angrily last night, shouting:
"If an American came to my emergency room, maybe I would kill him."

Two civilians, both believed to have been driving with their families, were
brought to the Yarmouk, one with abdominal wounds and the other with "his
brain outside of his head", according to another doctor. At the scene of the
killings, there was pandemonium. While US troops were loading the bullet-
shattered cars on trucks - and trying to stop cameramen filming the
carnage - crowds screamed abuse at them. One American soldier a few feet
from me climbed into the seat of his Humvee, threw his helmet on the floor
of the vehicle and shouted: "Shit! Shit!"

There was no doubt about the target: the home of Sheikh Rabia Mohamed Habib,
a prominent tribal leader who had met Saddam but who was not even in his
house when the Americans stormed it. One report says they killed a guard as
they entered. "The Americans searched the house completely, very roughly,"
Sheikh Habib said. "It seems they thought Saddam Hussein was inside."

One incensed man living opposite the scene shouted at me: "The Americans
didn't try to help the civilians they had shot, not once. They let the car
burn and left the bodies where they lay, even the children. It was we who
had to take them to the hospitals."
Stealing Thunder from the Zionists 27.Jul.2003 18:09


this isn't even 'collateral damage'...unless the targets were the automobiles!

at least the IDF coughs up, with straight faces, a statement that 'the incident is being investigated'... and then, after 'a decent interval', a self-exonerating canned statement is tossed off.

reckon the misled khaki coolies are eager to get that $50 million bounty--that's one way to get rotated the hell outa there: drop a big campaign donation on the cheerleader-in-chief!

oh my god! 27.Jul.2003 18:44


watch your back fisk!

this is the kind of truth that the 'in bed' reporters in Iraq are too eager to bury in the recesses of their minds rather than publishing in the papers and broadcasting on television, just like unKle sam wants.

tell us what we most need to hear, but just keep in mind that your life could be in danger from the reckless texan himself.

(bush has so fucked our country!)

? 27.Jul.2003 20:27


"Obsessed with capturing Saddam Hussein...." aren't leading statement like this suppossed to be left out of independant journalism. I thought only corportate journalist tried to persuade their audience. I the future just gives me the facts, I don't need your interpretation.

'oldblueeyes' 27.Jul.2003 21:04


"Obsessed with capturing Saddam Hussein...." aren't leading statement [sic] like this suppossed [sic] to be left out of independant [sic] journalism. I thought only corportate journalist tried to persuade their audience. I the future [sic] just gives me the facts, I don't need your interpretation.

--well, Incoherent Man/'oldblueeyes' ,

at least Fisk is On The Ground In Baghdad.

better than the corporate-Goebbels-armchair-gameshow-shills at Fox News who use far more biased, outlandish claims, rhetoric and undistilled, regurgitated parroting of the White House's own torrent of lies in their nightly broadcasts to the Fatherland from air-conditioned studios . . .

on behalf of a moron who ducked the draft during Vietnam, and even welshed on his National Guard commitment, but who puts on a flight suit stenciled "Commander-in-chief" and plays Douglas MacArthur on network TV.


i don't think you get it 28.Jul.2003 01:19


I don't care who is better or worse in their level of rhetoric. I just want the facts. I have no use for your opinion.

Facts and Damned Facts 28.Jul.2003 02:33


HUH!!?!?!?'s point was that Fisk is speaking with firsthand experience, and thus even with comments like that his report is certainly worthwhile. Certainly if *I* had witnessed firsthand the slaughter and burning-alive of civilians by an invading army, I would be hard-pressed to come up with an interpretive comment as restrained as Fisk's. Maybe you would do better, but in any case it would seem that Fisk's report is still worthwhile information.

There is no such thing as unbiased reporting 28.Jul.2003 15:57


News is made and reported on by humans, not emotionless robots. The myth of "objective" journalism is a harmful one. If any news source claims that they are "objective" and provide "just the facts" they are full of schitt. Which facts will you include? Which facts will you NOT include? HOW will you state those facts? In which order will you list these facts?

Every news outlet has an agenda, whether stated or not. Those that openly state their aims (such as IndyMedia, which is for activists) are far more credible than those that falsely claim to be "objective" in that the openly stated agendas set a tone of honesty. Notice that corporate media always spouts their BS about being "objective" and reporting "just the facts" meanwhile they air propaganda of the most obvious sort. They never actually do what they claim to.

Robert Fisk is one of the best journalists alive today. The White House HATES him. Fisk reports on emotional subjects and often times reports things that people do not want to hear. Hell, even Hollywood actor John Malkovich has publicly threatened Robert Fisk's life:
Whistle blowers get the shaft.

Oldblueeyes, if you are reading/hearing/watching the news, you WILL get opinions - because it is impossible to have the news without it. HUMANS report the news, after all. If you are consuming news that claims to be "objective" then you are getting the most lies of all.

I didn't think this day would ever come... 29.Jul.2003 09:25

Arnold the Pig

Gringo Stars -- I agree with you.

Objective fact 29.Jul.2003 10:48


Like everyone else here who has commented on Fisk's article, I am not in Baghdad and I did not witness the events described.

However, from Fisk's and other reports, and from related reports about Hussein and rewards offered, "Obsessed with capturing Saddam Hussein...."appears to be an object fact, not a "leading (sic) statement" at all.

Notice 29.Jul.2003 12:12


Those swat-team thingies always work on TV,

and always fail in the real world.

Of course, sometimes they are intended to fail.

- 29.Jul.2003 22:49


This is so painful.