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Straw Devil EMERGENCY Needs List

Urgent (as in right now) needs for the tree-sitters and forest defenders outside of Eugene
Cascadia Forest Defenders

Logging is underway at the Straw Devil Timber Sale in the Willamette National Forest! All that stands in the way of this ancient old growth forest being turned into a clearcut wasteland are the forest defenders putting their bodies on the line. We need your help. Acres have already been logged, including the site where the ashes of the late forest defender Sparrow rests. One hundred people in the forest can save the old growth forest of Straw Devil - Join in the direct action or check out the rest of our needs list below!


 Call Rick Scott, the Forest Service Ranger in charge of the area and let him know how you feel about old growth logging. Call often. (541) 782-5320 or (541) 782-2283

 Assist with the transportation of food, supplies, and volunteers. We need drivers!

 Attend a rally to support jailed forest defenders (call for more information).

 Help document the logging and the forest defense by volunteering as a videographer or by donating video equipment.

 Donate: money, cell phones, flashlights, phone cards, food, water filters, gift cards, five gallon water jugs, clothes, climbing gear, walkie-talkies, and batteries.

 Cook meals for the CFD office staff who aren't having time to do so for themselves.

The future of Straw Devil depends on you!

Cascadia Forest Defenders (541) 684-8977 454 Willamette St.

phone: phone: 541 684 8977
address: address: 454 Willamette St. Eugene, Or

I've got a bus ... 27.Jul.2003 11:01


does anyone need a ride from portland? i can go down early this afternoon, coming back late tonight. where exactly do people need rides to and from?

Ride 27.Jul.2003 11:56

Hannah wiccafossil@aol.com

I would love a ride but am not sure if I can get down there today. Probably but I'd have to check it out. Write me so I can get in touch with you if you are leaving anytime after 12:30

nevermind 27.Jul.2003 14:23


i just called cascadia forest defenders as nobody is around at cfa, and they said that today's kind of an off day and people are out doing other things. since there isn't really a need for people today, and since i only found one person who wanted to go down from portland, my bus and i are not going to waste the gas.

People *are* still needed! 27.Jul.2003 15:30


We DO need people ASAP, though. Whenever you can get a carload of folks and you think it's worth your while, we would greatly appreciate anyone who wants to help.

We are kind of desperate right now. We need as many people as possible.

Update? 27.Jul.2003 16:45


What is the situation there now? Is active logging still happening? How much of the forest has been cut so far and are people in the trees safe? Thanks.

TREES DOWN....... 27.Jul.2003 20:41


units 1 and 2 are done...... 6-7 are the focus now. Logging of those units set to start on friday the 1st. Come prepared for battle. People in trees have been sparred from any phyisical injury, though, mental scars will show.

How to send Money/aid? 30.Jul.2003 11:33


There's no zip code included in the address. I have some money from a poet fundraiser earmarked for Cascadia Summer, but I have no idea where to send it. MAKE IT EASY ON YOUR SUPPORTERS! KEEP IT ALL CLEAR!