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US Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, Sec. 8 (g): "The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature."
"President Bush signs American flags for workers at Beaver Aerospace and Defense after speaking about jobs and economic growth in Livonia, Michigan, Thursday, July 23, 2003. President Bush, in campaign-style speeches in states vital to his reelection, sought Thursday to make sure voters give him credit for rebates heading to millions of taxpayers this week."

Here's our moron in chief desecrating the flag that our kids are dying for. I am so sick of hearing about the new casualties everyday. And for what? Are we any safer? Is Saddam dead? Found those WMDs yet? No- just more of the same- soldiers dying so the moron and his buddies can turn a profit. The news is coming out so fast and furious and conflicting, that Joe Six Pack doesn't know what to think. And that's just where the government wants us. Too confused to form any opinion- just go along to get along. Too confused to figure out the president is a liar. Too confused to know the economy is in shambles. To confused to know the US is making more enemies everyday. The death of Saddam's sons sure quieted things down in Iraq, eh? Tell that to the dead soldier's families, and the soldiers that continue to be sitting ducks. Now we're sending troops to Liberia- better order up some more body bags! If we haven't used them all up in Afghanistan. Remember Afghanistan? Another country we "liberated" then high tailed it out of there to leave the same chaos that was there before.

Hopefully, and soon, this country will collapse upon itself from the weight of the crap that our corrupted government has heaped upon us. Then, again, hopefully, we can start over, learning from the mistakes that got us into the stinking hole we are in. I can already hear the right-wing assholes saying "love it or leave it". Well screw you. Remember this country was built on dissent, and some part of our Constitution, (the part that hasn't been used for toilet paper by our "leaders") says that I and any other citizen has the right to bitch and moan all we want. But all the complaining and protesting won't do any good. Just wait till the 2004 elections. If you don't think that it's already in the bag, then you're a moron also. The only reason Clinton was allowed to take the office from daddy Bush is that Bush knew he would carry on the same criminal acts and he would keep his mouth shut about the Iran-Contra debacle. After all, Clinton was Governor of Arkansas when the plane loads of cocaine were brought into Mena, AK to finance the Contras. That same cocaine was sold in our cities to waste our youth, particularly black youth, and provide a convenient way to put them in jail.

If you think your vote will count in 2004, you're delusional. The mainstream media is finally coming around to reporting on the vulnerabilities in the new electronic voting systems we'll see in use in 2004.

I can hear some of you saying "Wow-Jim's on a rant today, eh?" But you wait and see. See how much longer this country can go on supporting wars in other countries while nothing is done to help citizens here. While the US kills civilians abroad and provides aid to the next dictator-of the-day. While women and children live on the streets and eat out of dumpsters. While senior citizens have to decide between prescription meds and eating cat food. While our borders remain open, and if you're an illegal immigrant, you can get free health care and a subsidized education, but if you were born here, these programs are not available.

Hopefully the collapse is near- I can't wait to see it happen. I've got my tar and feathers and rope ready.

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original AP/Yahoo link to Bu$h photo 27.Jul.2003 07:09


President Bush signs American flags for workers at Beaver Aerospace and Defense after speaking about jobs and economic growth in Livonia, Michigan, Thursday, July 23, 2003. President Bush, in campaign-style speeches in states vital to his re-election, sought Thursday to make sure voters give him credit for rebates heading to millions of taxpayers this week. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

to 'IW'-- 27.Jul.2003 08:27



Hmmm. 27.Jul.2003 11:16

Wisey McSmartypants

I think IW's the one trying to disparage the press, and that we're all living the imagination of ourselves. Since every single person who posts here likes to wave "peace" US flags, then obviously the point is that we're all dirty, stinking, flag desecrating, publicly defecating, insane, paranoid, rat-eating, mud slinging, hippy, punk, anarcho-shitheads who have nothing better to do than to give him/her a headache. I, for one, feel bad.

there are far better reasons.... 27.Jul.2003 11:42

ed harley

... to throw bu$h in jail than for writing on a red-white-and-blue hanky.

Um... shmfsdfngkfjsdf 27.Jul.2003 14:49

Qewpie Doll

F-O-O-D F-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-GHT!!!

Here Wisey! Use my mashed potatoes!

for 'IW'-- 27.Jul.2003 15:15

intelligent reply

Here's what YOU started it all off with:

"Please drop all 'Peace' US flags as they are a violation of US Code Title 4, Chapter 1, sec 8."

--"Peace" [whatever you're implying here isn't specific] flags--or any other 'variations' *alluding to* a real American flag design--are JUST THAT: *****VARIATIONS*****. They are (perhaps derivative) SEPARATE artifacts, serving as banners of a **totally different** graphic and symbolic message than what the 50 stars on a blue field and 13 stripes are 'supposed to represent' (whatever that really is . . .).

What Bu$h is doing in the above photo is commodifiying and desecrating [perhaps made-in-China??]copies of the 'real' American flag, in violation of US Code Title 4, Chapter 1, sec 8 (unless made-in-China generic copies of the stars 'n' stripes are somehow 'invalid'--but not by the looks of my most recent visit to Fred Meyer aisles, or vehicles in their parking lot . . . ).

"Plus who's to say that's Pres. Bush in the picture. Without more proof I don't buy it."

--Buy whatever you want--proof and references have been provided above.

(but maybe you're one of the 33% of Americans who believe that Weapons of Mass Destruction have actually been ****found**** in Iraq . . .)

and as Ed Harley eloquently stated,

there are **far better** reasons to throw Bu$h in jail than for writing on a red-white-and-blue hanky.

P.S. 'IW'--


stick to the Fox News, Britney, Big Macs, and child porn,

and keep your tongue firmly emplaced up the tailpipe of your Millionaire Masters.
NOT an American flag
NOT an American flag

Yep 27.Jul.2003 15:36


It shows disrespect for the flag, which is interesting from a flag-waving president. But it's not illegal. The Federal Government has no authority to regulate what you do with the American flag, and indeed, Sec. 8 provides no punishment for desecrating the flag. Section 8 just provides standardized customs to be observed across the nation.

Chapter 1, Section 10 provides for the President to be able to modify the rules and customs of the U.S. Flag in any way he shall see fit or necessary.

Chapter 1, Section 3 does make it a crime to use the flag or ensign of the United States in conjunction with advertising -- but only within the District of Columbia, where the Federal Government actually does have control over such things. For this offense, it fixes the punishment at a fine not to exceed $100.

Quite basically, it's disrespectful to do anything at all to the flag except carrying it on a flag pole and hoisting and removing it from a flag pole. If anything else shall happen to it, it's customary to burn it. (In a "dignified way").

Not that I give a fuck about some piece of cloth with some stripes on it. Just pointing out that, while it would be nice to throw Bush in prison, we can't do it for desecrating the flag.

So if....... 27.Jul.2003 20:36


So if Bush should be thrown in jail for writing on a flag, what should happen to people who burn it?

Sarcasm 27.Jul.2003 21:37


I think he was being sarcasti oldblueeyes.

Jail Justification 28.Jul.2003 09:23


Bush should be put in jail for, among many other reasons, being completely responsible for the totally uneccessary deaths of 160 plus soldiers in Iraq. Each parent should file a lawsuit against the Bush regime for this illegal war.