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AUDIO FILE: Dennis Kucinich Speaks in Portland.

Dennis Kucinich, contender for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination spoke to a packed house at the law offices of Greg Kafoury on Sunday, July 20, 2003.
I was not there personally; this is an audio file of his talk taken from a video tape given to me by Courtney Scott, a local independent producer.
From what I have gathered from the tape, Kucinich is a man of both reason and vision. He has a vision of America regaining Democracy and logical methods to reach this goal. He says, "this is an important moment in the history of our nation; it's a sobering mement in the history of our nation because we understand the impact of policies of fear, how policies of fear have driven Americar into an unjust war against Afghanistan and an unjust illegal war against Iraq.......have resulted in the balooning of a corrupt Pentagon budget....this is the time to break the spell of fear and reclaim our nation."
Quoting a line from our National Anthem, he makes a connection between freedom and democracy, between courage and Democracy. ...."in order to keep our Democracy, in order to rescue our Democracy, we must have courage and encourage each other.........And we must be ready to challenge an administration that is trying to bring fear into this country, and rule by fear and stay in power by fear......and we will reclaim our country."
Kucinich wants to change the direction of this country, by joining the international criminal court, sign the small arms treaty, a land mine treaty, a biological and chemical convention. He wants our country to be secure, but states that,"the only security that can be achieved in any nation is through international cooperation."
This file is about 17 minutes in length.
Dennis Kucinich

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dean? 27.Jul.2003 11:09


Maybe someone can explain something to me. Why is everyone fixed on dean, seemingly both on the side of support and attack, when Kucinich not only seems more electable, but also has a very steady and solid progressive agenda.

Not that I think there's even a slight chance we won't have bush for another reign, being the "election" is iorrelevant being the president is now an appointed position, either through courts or touch-screen voting.

partial explanation 27.Jul.2003 14:48

open mind

Kucinich is no media darling for obvious reasons. Kerry, Gephart, Lieberman, and the rest of the dumbocrats have been on every Sunday morning TV show but I have yet to see Kucinich make an appearance. I don't think he's stupid enough to turn anyone down since he's running for president and needs all the exposure he can get. They let Al Sharpton (who should be throwing his weight behind Kucinich) on because he's black and they can effortlessly polarize the audience with stupid race questions or pin some questionable scandal on him.

Try this experiment: go to Yahoo and type in Kucinich. A list of news stores will appear but if you click on ALL those links a funny thing happens. You will not see a single photo of Kucinich. In fact, many of the links show a picture of Gephart or Lieberman. All of the stories downplay his popularity and are practically declaring Dean or Kerry the leader. Why? Because Kucinich not afraid to oppose war, patriot act, and corporations. All of the corporate media is avoiding him like the plague.

He's also scandal-free (trust me, a corporate, right-wing PR firm is working on changing that just as sure as I'm writing this), and his message resonates with key voters-- the elderly, the so-called Reagan Democrats or white working class and lower-middle class, labor, or anyone who feels they got shafted by "free trade" agreements. The NAACP "snub" was a gift to the conservative democrats and republicans. The media did not hesitate to jump on that pseudo-scandal, although how ignoring some corporate-backed political organization's $$$$.$$-a-plate dinner is supposed to hurt his chances of winning is beyond me.

I know Kucinich doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the election (ahem Diebold machines, "rob Georgia" files, no printed record for each voter, no independent programming oversight, etc.) but it will be interesting to see how much support he gets around the country from the working class, especially from farmers and the white working class, and to see how the media and all the other candidates squirm to avoid the issues that none of them want brought up on national television. From now til November 2004 will be about covering up Kucinich's popularity to prepare voters for the inevitable robbing of the 2004 election. There probably won't be any exit polling again this time but if there is, you certainly won't hear the results on FOX!

In the off-chance that Kucinich does eek out ahead of all the other candidates in the primaries, I wouldn't put it past certain wealthy and powerful individuals to cause some major tragedy between the primaries and the general election, either to Kucinich or the American public. Yes, Virginia, it has come to that.

WWW.KUCINICH.COM 01.Aug.2003 16:42



CLEVELAND is a troll 24.Aug.2003 04:36


After you take a look at the BOGUS KUCINICH WEBSITE LISTED ABOVE...
take a look at the real site  http://www.kucinich.US

then, wonder why people would go to so much effect to discredit a candidate that hasn't even won the nomination YET.

Dennis is the only candidate that war mongering profiteers are worried about.