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shooting in north portland today

Shaver to just south of Skidmore was yellow-taped off
I heard that two people were shot somewhere in those two blocks, one person dead.

I cannot find any information anywhere about this. Does anyone have any information? Sad fucking day.
driveby? 26.Jul.2003 22:41


Sounds like a driveby if this is the one.


If we could just outlaw cars, there would be no drivebys and felons would be limited to riding on bikes.

update from the OR 26.Jul.2003 23:22

rad doctor

One individual had a gunshot wound to the neck and the other had a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Disappointed? 27.Jul.2003 00:49


Are you disappointed if it isn't another police shooting?

booboo you're twisted and sick 27.Jul.2003 08:56


that's sick and twisted, booboo. shame on you for making such a comment after such an incident.

Thank you 27.Jul.2003 11:32


But you people are always talking about "the police state" and "oppressors" and "amerika" and "fascist pigs" and all that stuff. Most shootings around town seem to go unnoticed here unless you can find some controversy. My impression was that the author of the post was "hoping" it was some sort of event involving the police so as to have something more to bitch about. If they were sincerely worried about the parties to the shooting, they could just turn on channel 8 at noon or the Sunday Oregonian or something. Let the name-calling begin.

no name calling needed 27.Jul.2003 14:13


The focus on police violence on this site is because there has been such a reprehensible amount of police violence toward the portland community. This is a local news site, and many things are posted, including shooting, and other killings, that have nothing, or very little, to do with the police. But many people already have their pre-conceived notions, which affects how they perceive a story such as this one. It didn't occur to me at all that the police were involved, or that the person was hoping the police were involved. The people that live in, or pass by, that area are probably just wondering what happened.

Boo-hoo 27.Jul.2003 14:57


"You people."

You offended a lot more people than the few here who are "always" talking about the "fascist state" etc.

Stop being such a crybaby. Stop imagining that everyone here is your enemy just because you can't stand the opinions of a few very vocal people.

And why is it that you can't stand them? If you don't agree, you can debate, or you can ignore.

Being just plain nasty is worthless.

Boo Boo's a moron 27.Jul.2003 15:07

Metal Pancreas

Sorry for the name-calling, but if the shin-guard fits...

I was hoping for nothing more than a bit of information and a chance to give a heads up to the people around this area. This occured about three blocks from where I live and is about three blocks from where Kendra James was shot. My neighborhood has bullets flying around it and I'm worried. So Boo Boo, go stumping up some other platform, 'cause this ain't about you.

As far as the ORIGINAL intent goes, I've heard nothing more besides rad doctor's posting. No news on KGAG or whatever the news stations are, nothing on the radio, nothing in the Oregonian. That's what I was expecting and that's why I posted here, hoping someone in the know could let us know what's up.

I must have touched a nerve 27.Jul.2003 19:00



dyers death 12.Nov.2003 08:27

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