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forest defense

With 100 People NOW Straw Devil Would be SAVED

Come to Eugene and Save this ancient forest before any more is logged call 541 684-8977 or come to 454 Willamette St. Office complex
Call CFA in Portland
Desperate Call for activists!!!!!! FORWARD THIS EVERYWHERE

Units 1 + 2 of Straw Devil (2 is the area where the ashes of our comrade Sparrow lay) have been logged.

Forest Defense continues in the rest of the sale, led by the folks at the Women's Action.

With 100 more people we could save the rest of this old growth forest. Can you be one of those people?

Please come to Eugene prepared for direct action.
Videographers also needed.
People with climbing skills strongly needed, even if not arrestable.
People with experience in volunteer coordination or general in-town
campaign coordination also strongly requested.
Graphic design and/or other techy people needed.

Call 541-684-8977 in Eugene for information, also rides from Portland @ CFA call 503-241-4879.

Other Needs:
- $$
- Food
- 5+ Gallon Water Containers
- Batteries
- Call Rick Scott (willamette national forest district ranger) and tell him how you feel about old growth logging at Straw Devil 541-782-5320 or 541-782-2283.
- $$
- Woodland gear of all sorts
- Climbing gear
- Many various other things

phone: phone: 541 684 8977

photo of logging from unit 1 26.Jul.2003 15:54

Cascadia Forest Defenders

Photo by Cascadia Wildlands Project (unaffiliated with Cascadia forest Defenders, the people who put up the treesits)