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imperialism & war

"That's the News." hmm...156 and counting?...I'm beginning to lose track....

The song lyric is from Merle Haggard; The cartoon is from Danziger in the July 9 Oregonian; The body count continues...BBC news reports 3 more GI's killed...
New Merle Haggard Tune "That's the News."

"Suddenly it's over, the war is finally done
Soldiers in the desert sand still clinging to a gun
No one is the winner and everyone must lose
Suddenly the war's over, that's the news."

Politicians do all the talking, soldiers pay the dues
Suddenly the war is over, that's the news."


Iraq attack kills three US troops

Attacks against US forces have continued, despite recent successes
Three US soldiers guarding an Iraqi children's hospital have been killed and four injured in a grenade attack, the US military has said.

The attack occurred shortly before midday in Baqubah, northeast of Baghdad.

All the soldiers were from the 4th Infantry Division, which was involved in an operation on Thursday against Iraqis suspected of being Saddam Hussein's bodyguards.

The casualties - whose names have not yet been released - were taken to an American medical facility, the military said.

The deaths bring to 47 the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq since President George W Bush declared the war was over.

Earlier, the US military said five American soldiers had been killed in attacks since the killing of Saddam Hussein's sons Uday and Qusay Hussein on Tuesday.
Who gives a rat's ass 26.Jul.2003 07:30

Black Flag

Merle friggin' Haggard releases a song slightly song critical of the gub'mnet and the Liberals go all ga-ga over it..

If you want to hear a better song, go listen to Steve Earle who wrote that song about John Walker Lindh the American Taliban--and was predictably blackballed and ostracized for it.

how many iraqi deaths 26.Jul.2003 18:55


where can we get numbers on iraqi deaths (since occupation began)?

162 and counting....who gives a rats ass 27.Jul.2003 00:08

andrea pdx

BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 27 One Marine was killed and one wounded early Sunday in a grenade attack south of Baghdad, after one of the bloodiest weeks in the guerrilla war against U.S. forces since President Bush declared major combat in Iraq over. The deaths brought to 162 the number of troops killed in action since the start of the war, 15 more than in the 1991 Gulf War. The guerrilla attacks on American forces have averaged 12 a day, according to the military

7787 Iraqi deaths and counting....who gives a rats ass 27.Jul.2003 00:42

andrea pdx


This website counts Iraqi civilian dead as being between 6076 and 7787 and counting. They are only counting deaths that are reported in media sources.

A website that documents deaths without distinguishing between civilian and military dead. This site does not attempt to produce a total figure.

Body counts are macabre, symbolic exercises n'est pas? Attempts at precision are ludicrous. The "colateral damage" goes well beyond the effects of any particular military excercise. How does one quantify the deaths from the destruction of the medical and civil infrastructure? How does one quantify the deaths from the years of arbitrary enforcement of a bogus embargo? How will we quantify the future deaths from depleted uranium? and how do you quantify the deaths from the repressive Hussein regime? or how do you quantify the deaths in our own culture from resources being diverted to our weapons of mass destruction rather than to medical resources needed by our citizens (for example the Oregon deaths from people losing their Oregon medical plan)?

but then again who gives a rats ass

military suicides....who gives a rats ass 27.Jul.2003 00:48

andrea pdx


An article on military suicides. "The U.S. military is investigating at least seven cases of suspected suicide by soldiers deployed for the war in Iraq that began in March a week before hostilities commenced and have continued in the months since major combat operations ended, defense officials said. "

"In 12 other cases, the cause of death has been officially listed as "other" and described only as "noncombat injuries."

These deaths are not included in the "official" casualty count.