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Area to Meditate for Peace

Announcing small area layed out in stones on the west side of the river, just north of the Marquam Bridge, to meditate for peace.
Just to announce to everyone:
A few friends and I decided to arrange "stones for meditation and peace" on the beach on the west side of the Willamette River, a little north of the Marquam Bridge (almost directly under). Basically, we created the large stone peace sign as sort of a "Stonehenge"-esque area to meditate and say a small, non-denominational prayer for peace. We invite any and all to visit the spot and use it to find inner peace and, if they wish, send a message to whatever higher power(s) they believe in for peace in the outside world as well. Also, if you decide to, you can make a non-violent "sacrifice" of a small object or objects (we chose a small feather) to leave inside the stone symbol. Finally, we ask that for the continued peaceful environment and sanctity of the area if any portion of the peace sign is moved or damaged, if and when you visit, that you repair it as much as you feel comfortable. My friends and I just wanted to share this information with anyone who is interested in visiting and it would be great if it could be up-kept by the peace community here in Portland for as long as possible, so as the area can be a peaceful spot for everyone in the future. ("up-kept" is used loosely and by no means saying we need 25 people out there every day to guard it).

Peace to all,
Rian Snider