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Critical farce

help needed to contest cycling fine.
just wondering if anyone is willing to give me some advice on how to contest a ticket i received on critical mass this evening. i was given a $175 fine for failing to yeild when turning right or something. i did actually signal, stayed close to the curb and as far as i am aware did not pull in front of a car. at first the officer just warned me but then changed hi mind and decided to give me a ticket. hmm...
I saw something similar 26.Jul.2003 00:39


I was in the ride. I saw an officer pull over a bicyclist and heard him say "failure to yeild right of way. The rider was turning right and in fact had not obstructed the SUV driver who was in the opposite lane of Salmon street heading West. As far as I could see the SUV was in the lane illegally agiainst a red light. I don't know why the officer would cite the bicyclist and not the motorist, I am at a loss.
Perhaps it's a problem of selective attention. The police officers are ordered to focus on the violations of the cyclists. Since they are focused on the cyclists, they are less apt to notice errors made by the motorists. They wouldn't, for example, notice that a car had failed to signal a proper turn. Yes I did see this happen at one point along the ride. In fact I have a story about this.

At Burnside and NW 21st I was waiting behind an SUV. This SUV was not signaling a turn. A bicyclist was attempting to pass on the left hand side of the car, appearantly thinking that the car was going to drive straight ahead. A police officer repeated a couple of times that the driver was turning left. The bicyclist stopped. I said "officer that car is not signaling a turn." The officer didn't seem to hear me. I started to repeat myself, but I noticed that the driver started to signal.
Mind you, this was after the officer warned the cyclist twice, and said nothing to the driver.

That is what is known as selective attention.

It is also known as injustice.

Snorf! 26.Jul.2003 18:04


Selective attention -- snorf, snorf! If I am not mistaken that was the purpose of the ride--to generate selective attention. Bikes want to be treated on an equal footing with other vehicles, then riders piss and moan when they get caught violating traffic laws.

I guess I am just not on a high enough plane to understand your reasoning.


I can try to help 26.Jul.2003 20:46

doctor libco@doramail.com

I can try and help with any violations or citations.
I am not a lawyer but I play one in the community.

Guess what smart ass 27.Jul.2003 01:36


The police were deliberately ignoring auto traffic violations, not only once, but several times. One time an officer claimed up and down that something happen when I saw it happen right in front of him. Not only that but he refused to give me his name when I asked for it. He claimed he couldnlt remember it. Amazing huh?
I asked him how it was that someone who couldn't remember his own name was allowed to carry a gun on his hip.
He asked me if I was trying to intimidate him?

Isn't that interesting? Officer Beefcake who couldn't see a car breaking the law two feet in front of him but who had been handing out tickets left and right to bicyclists for minor infractions, was claiming I was trying to intimidate him.

Hey Bufo Buffoon Snorf this. The riders were better people than the police. They work in the city of Portland and pay taxes. Yes they pay more taxes than the businesses. The businesses don't want to pay taxes at all. Why are the police giving special rights to them?

Oh that's right. They can't remember their own names.

more videocameras 27.Jul.2003 12:47


A lot of people think that I'm completely down on CM, and that's simply not true. I've grown frustrated with the lack of defensive planning and can't see how CM will accomplish anything if many of the participants are unwilling to defend themselves and others from police lies and a biased court system.

Video cameras would be a good start. Video is the only thing which will trump police perjury. Shoot more video and share it with those who are ticketed and arrested. If the popo who forgot his name had been videotaped he'd be in trouble. If he saw the camera, he'd have been much nicer. Give it a try.