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Pink ladies draw a giggle

Clear Channel protestors gobble up free CC burgers.
It was fun to watch--these nice ladies and their teen age kids carried signs complaining about Clearr Channel, then happily stood in line and ate their hamburgers. That's OK, according to my buddy who works there, but it was kinda funny. They were nice people and he hopes they had a good time.
Tickled makes a lot of assumptions 25.Jul.2003 22:22

pink pixie

None of us brought our kids. The young adults that protested came because of the article in the Merc. They were thinking for themselves. I did not eat a burger or any of the food. They can't buy me off with weiners and burgers.

When you report, please have your facts straight and do not make assumptions (wrong assumptions) based on what's going on in your head, or what your buddy tells you. In fact from your post, it doesn't sound like you were even there.

"That's OK, according to my buddy who works there, but it was kinda funny."

We did however have a good time further educating the public on the dangers of media consolidation. It produces people who think like you.

you tell 'im, pinkie! 26.Jul.2003 00:03

code pink fan

i love code pink. sounds like you had a good action tonight. and great response to the person who posted. i think he meant well, but you were right to point out the inaccuracies, and their brain-washed causes. :)

lookin' forward to seein' y'all at the bush protest!!


Code Pink Fan -- 26.Jul.2003 01:05


I very much doubt (though I'm certainly open to correction) that these ladies are going to sleep with you.

Just wanted to let you know before you got your hopes up.

An interesting point 26.Jul.2003 06:28


Tickler makes an interesting point. To which point do we extend our boycotts? Is it enough to protest something and then eat the fruits of their spoils? I think that eating hamburgers in this case was a poor decision. An understandable one due to hungry stomachs but it dilutes the message somewha. Thank you Tickler for calling us on our missteps, we need more of this to keep ourselves honest.

True Colors 26.Jul.2003 08:38


Barb has revealed their vicious nature and underlying motive. Your concurrence with ignorance is very telling.

I was there 26.Jul.2003 09:00

cubicle worker

One of the young male kids who was protesting was, in fact, getting a burger, and he was in the food line near a woman dressed in pink, but whether she was a Code Pink person, I don't know. It was sort of funny to me too, but it didn't make me think any less of the valid point that what used to be a diverse medium is now an Orwellian remote-controlled monolith.

All these people who come to these "free" lunches are filling out entry tickets for raffle prizes, like vacations to Mexico. I wish Code Pink would call attention to the fact that every name is going straight into the junk-mail databases of every business that has a tent at these deals. That's the purpose of the lunches.

Huh? 26.Jul.2003 09:11

Pink Panther

True colors, I have no idea what your response means. Who is the "their" you're referring to as in "their vicious natures?" And the "your" as in "Your concurrence with ignorance is very telling." It's just not clear who you are dissing here.

Cublicle worker, feel free to spread the word yourself! You've got an outlet here on Indymedia, find others. Take up the cause.

Thanks Panther 26.Jul.2003 09:24

cube worker

I thought about doing that, except it seems like this Indymedia site mainly preaches to the choir. And it seems like any views that don't toe the conventional line get slammed. Maybe I'll bring it to OregonLive.com.

To an extent 27.Jul.2003 03:03


Cube Worker -- You're probably right to an extent. But for what it's worth, I know a few people who read Indymedia somewhat regularly (though not necessarily PDX-IMC), and disagree with most of what's here. Most of them are lurkers. Myself, I've been convinced that my opinion is wrong a few times here.

I bet there's a sizeable number of lurkers, many of whom are not part of the choir. (It'd be interesting see site traffic statistics comparing unique visitors with unique posters).

Though in this case, you're probably right that those attending Clear Channel lunches are not reading Indymedia...:)

Cube Worker 27.Jul.2003 14:46


I don't understand why you are so hesitant. You may be hiding opinions that you think are not the norm here, but your idea about alerting people to the fact that when they fill out contest forms they are offering their personal information for the benefit of marketers, is one that would be very welcome here.

I never enter those kinds of contests anymore, myself.

As for any opinions you may be hiding... who cares? Express yourself. It can't hurt. You have as much right as anyone else. Some people will agree, some will disagree. Even if everyone disagrees... who cares? It's just the internet. No one is gonna hit you.

you're probably right 28.Jul.2003 12:54

cubie again

I made the mistake of venturing one of my mainstream liberal opinions in some thread here a few months ago, and was thoroughly and stupidly scorched for being a tool of the police state or something. I don't mind getting flamed, hell, it's the Net and I'm a big puppy. But I do mind the arrogance and closed-mindedness I see here now and then, and I sometimes suspect that the more dunderheaded opinions are actually being planted by the right, to make the left look foolish, like Nixon's old dirty tricksters did.

Cameras are amazing tools 16.Sep.2003 16:27

T n A

I actually have a photograph of a Code Pink protester eating one of the Clear Channel FREE burgers. Hipocrisy at its finest. Who wants a copy of the photo????
Notice the protester in the back with his free burger.
Notice the protester in the back with his free burger.