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Say hi to Rep. Blumenauer @ Kennedy School Tuesday

Earl Blumenauer will be grovelling before local teachers in an effort to gain union support for his mayorial run Tuesday,, July 29 at 4:30 at the Kennedy School. While I'll be the first to say that I'd vote for a turd before I'd vote for "Diamond" Jim Francisconi, Earl is a turd I'd have reservations about.
Earl's record doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

He has voted in favor of all but one Free Trade deal:

Voted against pulling out of WTO:

He voted for the Defense of Marriage Act:

And his son Jon works for Nike in SE Asia, but Earl INSISTS it's not a sweatshop.
he also voted 26.Jul.2003 00:41


He also voted,
to the Iraq War,

to the USA Patriot Act

what's your point anon? 26.Jul.2003 00:51

earl's mom

What's your point anon? He's a cyclist too. And he wears a bow tie.

He's an avid free trader and homophobe and his spawn is apparently a white nike labor exploiter.