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Pepperface Media Hub - Update For The Week Ending - 07.25.03

Pepperface Update For The Week Ending - 07.25.03
Pepperface Update For The Week Ending - 07.25.03

-- -- New Occupation Link: Occupation Watch Website

-- -- Audio News Program Updated at 3pm [+/-] Daily:
Free Speech Radio News [ pacifica - realaudio]

-- Weekly Audio News and Media Analysis Programs:
- Shortwave Report [international news - mp3]
- Counterspin [fairness and accuracy in reporting - mp3]
- Between The Lines [ wpkn - realaudio]
- Working Assetts Media Roundtable [Laura Flanders - realaudio]

-- -- New Media Manipulation Audio Segments:
- Senate Commerce Committee Decides Whether to Allow Massive Media Consolidation [Democracy Now! 06.18.03 - realaudio]
- The FCC's Rape Of The Public Interest [Jim Hightower 06.17.03 - realaudio]
- Tim Robbins speaks to host Stephen Rohde about the danger self-censorship poses to the most fundamental of our civil liberties [pacifica peacewatch]
- Clear and Present Danger: Democratic FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein speaks out on the Media and War [peacewatch 05.30.03 - realaudio]
- MIT Professor of linguistics Noam Chomsky on ongoing media manipulation in the bush drive for global domination [democracy now! realaudio]
- Chomsky on the Media's "Manufacturing of Consent" [peacewatch - realaudio]
- Video: David Barsamian, Author of The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting, on Similarities Between Current American Propaganda Trends and Those of Pre-WWII Germany [realvideo format]

-- -- New Occupation / Invasion Audio Segments:
- Responses to Bush's Retraction of lies about Iraq's Alleged Nuclear Program, as he became responsible for the deaths of over 7,000 people and the maiming of countless others [peacewatch]
- Occupation Watch's Medea Benjamin on the New Governing Council and other circumstances in Iraq
- Post traumatic stress and other illness in us soldiers returning from iraq
- Number of U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq 3X Higher Than Media Reports; Troop Morale Reaches New Lows
- Lies, Lies and More Lies: Intelligence Agents from the U.S. and Australia and a Top U.K. Researcher Outline the Falsehoods that Led to War [democracy now! 07.16.03]
- Government Apologists try to snake an informed population: Verna Avery Brown Interviews Susan Bradley and Melissa Ward from U.S. Aid, these two sluts for US policy assume they're talking to the average tv viewer and insult the intelligence of those who actually think for ourselves. Verna doesn't let them off so easy [Peacewatch 07.08.03]

-- -- New Audio Segments re Bush et al:
- Clear and Present Danger: Should bush be Impeached for lies re Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction? Veteran Intelligence Professional Ray McGovern: Bush administration slanted intelligence info prior to Iraq war; 911 widow Lorie Van Auken speaks out [peacewatch]
- Rep. Dennis Kucinich threatens to expose the lies behind the reasons for going to war in Iraq
-- George Orwell's 100th birthday brings us 2 shows devoted to similarities between his predicted society and where we live now [BTW; as an aside I think it's interesting to note the "war on drugs" officially started in 1984]:
- Democracy Now! : The Two Georges, Orwell and Bush
- Working Assetts radio holds a discussion on "shooting an elephant" Orrwell's tale of empire [realaudio]
- Jim Hightower interview: Theives in High Places; on the destruction of democracy, and the importance of keeping your mouth open in the face of the Bush Regime [realaudio]
- Worse than Watergate? Nixon's Chief Counsel on why Bush Could be Impeached Over Iraq [Democracy Now! - realaudio]
- Harvey Wasserman in Reloading to Fight the Bush Matrix [peacewatch - realaudio]
- The Bush Dyslexicon: Mark Crispin Miller on the Media & George W. Bush [counterspin realaudio]

-- -- Domestic US Audio Information:
- 9/11 Report: "Incontrovertible Evidence" that Saudi Gov't Supported Hijackers; CIA and FBI Face Scathing Critique
- Code Red: Status of the Constitution [making contact]
- Article: U.S. prison population largest in world [The Baltimore Sun ]
- Protesting the War on Women and the "War on Terror" in New York today at the Bush Fundraiser; a conversation with Carla Goldstein, Vice President of Public Affairs of Planned Parenthood, and Leslie Cagan, organizer with United for Peace and Justice (includes an insertion from Lisa Martens, Christian Peacemaker Team member whojust returned from Baghdad) [democracy now ]

-- -- Patriot Act Related Audio and Downloads [all pdfs are cross platform; mac or pc - click below to download]
- Audio Segment: House Votes 309-188 to Scale Back Patriot Act; FCC Rules May Be Overturned Too
- Sketch of Patriot Act 1 [pdf]
- Legal Analysis of Patriot Act 1 [pdf]
- Multiple analysis of Patriot 1 at: Center For Democracy & Technology [weblink]
- Audio Segment: Arcata City Council Criminalizes Compliance with USA Patriot Act [Democracy Now 05.29.03]
- Audio Segment: Jerrold Nadler, congressman from New York and member of the Judiciary Committee speaks on expansion of the Patriot Act
- Patriot Act 2 entire document [ pdf *very large download] - OR - click here to view as webpage
- ACLU analysis of Patriot Act 2 [weblink]
- CDT information page on Carnivore: [computer program designed by the FBI to intercept Internet communications]

-- -- Also:
- New Media Manipulation Articles:Theresa Mitchell's Weekly Presswatch Transcripts

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