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idea for bush visit

just thinking...
...hey what do you all think about getting local musical talent to do a big ass show the weekend before the bush protest to get the word out? Does anyone know if any large-ish stars are coming through? I'd like this to be as big as possible and it would be great to get more middle of the road anti-bushies out there with us more aggressive folk. keep the brainstorm rolling....
Let's ID and shutdown all of Bush's portland financial sponsors. 25.Jul.2003 19:52


I like the idea.

I wanted to propose that we identify corporations and organizations in the Portland area that have made donations to the BUSH CAMPAIGN and completely shut them down the days that Bush is here through good old fasioned Affinity Group Direct Action.

They are the ones who are destroying our world. A good financial shutdown would be clear.

Just an observation 25.Jul.2003 20:05


Last year, when the dope visited, MANY of the people who were out there, and MANY of the people who organized, were "middle of the road" anti-bushies. In fact, a great many people were actually radicalized by that event -- they started out "mainstream," and they became radical when they saw what America is really all about.

So yes, I support any effort to organize everyone, including the "middle of the road" people. I think too much has been made of the rift between the radical community and liberals, and we've gone to great lengths to alienate each other over the past year. Perhaps we will do better from here on. We would do well to remember that the reason August 22nd made such a big difference in the dynamics of this city is that so many of the people who were beaten, pepper sprayed, and silenced (albeit briefly), were "mainstream people," and the reason we still have the right to be in the streets at all is because so many radical people have been holding it open all this time. We need each other, we learn from each other, and we are unbeatable together. Viva la diversity of tactics.

List of 2000 oregon $$ for shrub at site below 25.Jul.2003 20:31

pink pixie


just select Oregon from the state list and click Go.

How's the Cabal doing? 25.Jul.2003 21:50


Right Track/Wrong Track Poll:

"Generally speaking, would you say things in this country are heading in the right direction, or are they off on the wrong track?"

Right Direction- 40%

Wrong Track- 54%

Not Sure- 6%


lots of opportunities 25.Jul.2003 23:06


I agree that exposing and disrupting business for Bush's contributors will be a good, highly visible and effective set of actions. In addition, though, motivating thousands of disgusted Portlanders (radical, liberal and middle of the road) to venture up to UofP for a mega demo needs to be organized NOW! I'll wait for a while to see if anyone else steps up to call a meeting, and if not, begrudgingly do so myself. I really don't want to work on any action planning because I'll be working jail support and don't want the appearance of a conflict of interest ;-)

Jail support is taken care of. We're ready to go at all times with a couple hours notice.

negative donations? 26.Jul.2003 02:27


at the open secrets site towards the end of the list of people who donated to dubya it runs into the negatives
HERMISTON, OR 97838 SWAIN MOTORS INC 8/3/1999 -$1,000 Bush, George W

does that mean that mean bush owes them...they owe him? A bad coke deal?

Save me from the insanity of negative donations!

realize rebel revolutionize

Heh, cool 26.Jul.2003 02:35


Can we all donate -$1,000 to Bush? That'd certainly make a luncheon worthwhile.

Protest 26.Jul.2003 14:13


It would be amazing if we did a completely silent protest. No talking. No yelling. No chanting. Just tons of pissed off people demonstrating in the streets downtown. Now that would freak everyone out!

NO MORE TYRANNY 26.Jul.2003 15:26


I think that it is important that whatever we do is a vehicle to channel all of the anger that most people feel.

Following the SF model:
We should ask people to take to the streets rather than go to work.
We could offer a "menu" of sites and intersections to shut down.
It doesn't have to be where bush is, it can be whereever.
The police will be expecting a mass congregation at Universtiy of Portland, but having decentralized groups all over would completely overwhelm them.

Maybe we could call for a "Rise up against tyrannts" day. Have more mainstream marches, overwhelm the local media.

Will not be silent, ever! 27.Jul.2003 00:19


Why be silent, when our voices mean so much? Why stay silent? I am confused. Could'nt we be more effective if we just stayed at home and put out bad vibes? Maybe the Bush regeim will go away. George vibes...go away...we are silent...go away.. bad facist dictator..go away...ohmmmmn...Has that ever worked? Why stand in the streets in silence? If that is your bag, go for it, it's just not very effective. It's bad enough we yell at empty buildings, but to stand in absolute silence, we might as well be dead.

Double Feature 27.Jul.2003 13:24

Canada lynx

a call for some background, off-list brainstorming (maybe)...

the early indications are that the Seattle/Portland stops are back-to-back...

any thoughts on some kind of welcome coordination...or just let each community remain autonomous?

can there be planning around a *two day event* with shuttle coordination? would be great to get consolidated numbers out in both places. but logistics are formidable: possible need to arrange overight stays and potential needs for post event solidarity and support.

nevertheless, getting folks from both places to turn out together would send a message...chase his ass!

How about a river protest? 30.Jul.2003 11:07

LouisJordan_50 louisjordan_50@yahoo.com

My partner and I are planning on attaching signs to each side of her sailboat reading Impeach Bush, stretching from fore- to backstays, and have a little river parade on the visit-day. Anyone want to join us? Either as crew or with their own (hopefully) sailboat?

Navel Gazing 31.Jul.2003 00:37


---some thoughts for planners

recall that a bush visit to Portland about two--two and a half years ago was to have been in two stages: first appearance was scheduled for a community employment center on MLK jr., and from there he was to go to a high school out at the NE fringes (near outer Sandy Blvd., near PDX). well, you'll remember, it was a diversion. we danced with the mercs for a couple of hours, when word came out that all had been diverted to the HS, and there was a scramble to set up rides by megaphone to get the hell out to the school. hell, the pony popos were there all the time! what i'm getting on this web site about the 'complications' around the UP venue, brings up the possibility that UP is a feint.

*HOWEVER*, given that this is being billed as a bribe-raising/tax refund kickback collection junket, it would be impractical, if not unmanageable, for the bush team to play some kind of shell game with where the faithful and wannabes are to show up at the last minute to cough up. that would take a degree of finesse that even this junta of control freaks would find a challenge--not that they wouldn't love to pull it off.

i suppose city street and road closure schedule public information is being checked regularly. anything of unusually short duration over those days should be examined--is it for public works, or public jerks?

might look at regularly scheduled meetings (public and private orgs) normally held in the PU area , where a meeting that would normally be held around 8/20-8/23 is canceled, postponed or rescheduled. finding a couple of such revisions for the same meeting day could raise confidence as to where and when.