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Critical Mass riders to take to Hwy 26

Once again, corporate media takes they're reports from indymedia....
TRAFFIC: Critical Mass riders to take to Hwy 26

HILLSBORO - Cycling advocates with Critical Mass plan to Hwy 26 during rush-hour traffic this afternoon to "demonstrate that bicycles belong on the road too."
Critical Mass riders plan on riding Hwy 26 east from Hillsboro Stadium. Ride organizers say the riders will exit on Cedar Hills Boulevard and head south for an after-ride celebration.
Ride organizers expect as many as 200-300 cyclists to participate in the ride.
huh? 25.Jul.2003 16:01


Ride organizers? As many as 300 people? ovbiously written by someone who knows nothing about critical mass

as long as you stay out of Portland... 25.Jul.2003 17:54

Lt. Meyers

As long as you stay out of Portland we won't have any problem. I just had my hair coiffed and was planning on a quiet evening watching "Cabaret" on DVD, don't make Rosie call me in to work.