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There is a nationwide effort to bring Kucinich supporters together in each community. A website has been developed to help this organizing effort. Check out the MeetUp Website to find local people who are willing to work on the Kucinich campaign.

The Kucinich for President campaign is launching a new effort, urging
all volunteers to use the MeetUp website to organize with their friends
and neighbors. MeetUp is a website that allows you to plan monthly
meetings at restaurants in your city. Planning for the August 7
Kucinich meetings is already underway.

Please go to this site right away to sign up:

Voting has already begun on venues at which to hold Kucinich Meetups on
August 7 at 7 p.m. Cast your vote right away. There must be at least
five votes and, later, five RSVPs for any meetup to take place.

Voting is also underway on the agenda for the meetings. Cast your votes
right away.

Meetup Agenda:

Notebook With Additional Information:
a point 25.Jul.2003 12:48


People who are wanting to support a candidate must tackle the problem of unaccountable electronic voting which is easily manipulated. Kucinich could garner 58% of the national vote and Bush will still win cause the machines will tally whatever Bush wants. The 2002 results indicate that voting is a rigged game. No offense, but unless this is changed, supporting a candidate you like is meaningless.

Yeah, but 25.Jul.2003 13:51



I understand and agree with about the elections being rigged, but... that does not mean we should forget about trying to get the word out about Kucinich.
There are MANY things that need to be fixed.

re 25.Jul.2003 14:13


Not suggesting word not get out, however, the biggest issue facing all candidates is election fraud and I barely hear it being talked about, as if it is going to somehow go away on its own. If a solid system of accountability is not in place by 2004 election, then Bush is likely re-(s)elected regardless of how the nation votes.

accessibility? 25.Jul.2003 14:20

Her Pinkness

Does anyone know about wheelchair access at these places?

Proposed venues for the Aug. 7 meetup are:

Fireside Coffee Lodge
1223 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR map

Red & Black Cafe
2138 SE Division St, Portland, OR

Burgerville USA
1135 NE M L King Blvd, Portland, OR map

Meetup+ members can nominate venues.

Election fraud not being talked about ??? 25.Jul.2003 15:02

Her Pinkness

Rain, you said: "the biggest issue facing all candidates is election fraud and I barely hear it being talked about..."

Recently election fraud has been a *huge* topic of discussion on the Kucinich4President list serve. And everywhere I go, progressives and activists are talking about it, brainstorming, writing letters to newspapers and government officials, stirring the pot.

Your concerns about another election stolen by the Bush crime family are valid and important. Yes, we should all be very concerned about this - or at least those of us who hope to DUMP BUSH IN 04 OR BEFORE (see  http://www.impeachbush.org).

A huge outcry about election fraud is urgently needed. Some people are acting on this now, with the urgency it requires. More are needed. Act now.

re: Her Pinkness 27.Jul.2003 13:53


It may be talked about in certain circles but it is not very widespread. I recently looked at the magazines in the Nature's food store and I did not see one obvious article about election fraud amongst all the liberal progressive and radical magazines displayed there. There may have been something inside some zine, but nothing on the covers or obvious.

Some talk about it on some lists or amongst certain groups is not going to stop Bush from fixing the election. Unless there is a concrete and realistic plan to insure that vote fixing does not happen, then your well intentioned vote may get tallied in Bush's column. Unless something is in place to deal with vote fixing, I have no intention of adding my vote to Bush's ledger. I saw what happened in 2002. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

an idea 27.Jul.2003 13:56


The Democrats, if they had any spine, would refuse to participate in any elections until the issue of election fixing is addressed. That would stir the pot!