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9.11 investigation

America's Ugly Side

Commentary of current events regarding the bigotry and prejudice behind the preemptive war policy.
Artists get rich after their dead

I am, and have always been an artist. I also have never made any money from making art, although I do like to think I will someday before I die. Unfortunately others have always told me, however that I'll be rich after I'm dead. Now, as I approach the age of 40 still dedicated to my art, I begin to believe the 'when I'm dead' explanation more and more. My art just piles up mainly because I don't try to even show it to people. I'm not interested in marketing, and I'll be damned if I'm going to waste my time making art to please other people. I'm the artist and all I know to do is to make more art from my personal artistic vision. Of course I'm older, more jaded now and think the reason I may have to wait until I'm dead is that I have never lived in a fortunate class. I've always been lower class, and although I have a pretty good job now, my art won't be recognized for its genius as long as I'm never recognized as much more than white trash. This doesn't bother me and I get a lot of integrity from not selling out my art. If I got anything from my two years studying toward a B.F.A degree, it was the fact that I'm in the company of many great artists from similar humble beginnings. The point I'm trying to make will now be emphasized by another example. I harbor strong opinions about the fate of my beloved Rock music. I watched as privileged children of Christianity and upper class families infiltrated the music industry. Now I get to be made sick by barf-music cranked out in a factory and sang by fortunate children of upper class Hollywood who can't handle real work. I have a theory on what's happened here. Rock & Roll is no longer the hard-edged revolution it once was because it is no longer sang by the same class of person. In the late 60's and early 70's people of my social stature pioneered Rock music. Real artists who followed their vision by scraping themselves off of societies barrel bottom to soar the skies of fame and fortune. Like the shooting stars great musicians are compared to, the heroes of early Rock & Roll often fell to their demise not belonging in the Lower class they came from or the Higher class they became worthy of. Some say that there can't be real art without suffering and perhaps that is what the spoiled kids of Hollywood lack in their handling of the music industry. I'm obviously just not recognizing the fact that real genius is rare and has always been mixed in with the crap like a diamond in the ruff. I'm inspired to make these self-indulgent points because I see a similar problem rearing its ugly head in our own Government.

A Mordred to a Previous King Arthur

The Modred/King Arthur analogy only really works if I compare the first President Bush to King Arthur, which is way too flattering to a Presidency I also found contemptuous and scandal ridden. The analogy seems easier, however when I compare Bush I's administration to the present Bush II. Whatever shady espionage intrigue involved with tricking Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait was available to the inquiring mind willing to dig at the time, but for the most part 1992's Iraq war was smooth and professional. Hussein was angry over Kuwait slant drilling into Iraqi oil and the female ambassador to Iraq (the only female ambassador to a Muslim country), at the time assured Hussein that America wouldn't really care if he invaded. There was a quick congressional inquiry into this event and then it was over. The war went smooth and the mission was quickly accomplished. The King Arthur point comes by understanding that the first President Bush performed his duties in old school style. He meticulously and patiently laid out the direction of his foreign policy, probably over years, and diplomatically acquired support from the rest of the world all in the style of professional leadership. Granted the first Bush was as scandalous as the present Bush, (Iraq, Iran/Contra, BCCI, Noriega, "read my lips"), but it seemed to have been accomplished in style by an accomplished career politician. Then along comes his son after the same office of the Presidency. Like his father, he is not much more then a shallow figurehead manipulated by shadowy right-wing ideologues that are obviously up to no good. The best argument against his impeachment at this time is the frightening thought of a President Dick Cheney. I'm sorry but I still think of Uncle Fester of the Adams family every time I see that guy. What we seem to have here is a spoiled rich kid, who is given the Presidency like a gift to a fortunate son. He still can be caught looking lost and doe-eyed if he doesn't have something hateful to say or a teleprompter helping him out. The other day a couple of administration officials released to the press that Ambassador Wilson who challenged the President on his State of the Union deception was married to an undercover CIA operative. This is just another case of this administration using subtle threats and intimidation to get revenge. A CIA asset has been exposed and had their career ruined just to get back at America's version of David Kelly, but this isn't just petty, it's treason. Heads should roll over this one, since it is not just unpatriotic to betray a CIA operative like that but it's also a crime. I look forward to 1 or 2 unknown administration patsies to be charged for treason over this soon. I'm sick of watching my government run by a bunch of thugs like the Godfather's Mafia. President G. W. Bush appears to this writer to be nothing more then a puppet whose strings are pulled by his own cabinet instead of the President controlling his cabinet as it probably should be.

The Cabinet that pulls the Strings

So what is this cabinet pulling Bush's strings? It's a classic extreme right-wing collection of corporate cronies reminiscent of the corporate influence on Hitler's Nazi Germany to include a couple of the same corporations not the least of which is the Bush family businesses. Its pretty obvious that the war on Iraq was the brain child of a right-wing think tank known as the Project for the New American Century, who wrote a paper called, "Rebuilding America's Defenses" being implemented today to the letter by this administration. That influence in this cabinet gets a voice through the Vice President, Rumsfield, and Wolfowitz to name the main three. Speaking of right-wing think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, most everyone in this Whitehouse is a member of one or another. Then there are the energy companies like Cheney's Halliberton, or his wife's company, Lockheed Martin to only name a couple directly profiting from our everlasting war. An ongoing investigation into the Vice President's secretive energy taskforce has recently released some papers showing that as early as March 2001, the energy taskforce was very interested in Iraq's oil fields. When that investigation finally comes to light we are likely to find out that this war in Iraq was talked about in those meetings. I'm also waiting for the story to break regarding meetings with the Taliban that began January of 2001 and went sour August 2001 just before the 9/11 attack. Talk about evidence of complicity! That's probably what this administration has to hide as it resists the 9/11 investigation if that is not just the tip of the iceberg. This list of administration influences wouldn't be complete without a mention of the Christian Coalition best represented by the devout John Ashcroft. Ashcroft is sure to be remembered by the tyranny of his Patriot Act if not for the fact that he lost his 2000 election bid in the Senate to a dead man conveniently killed just before Election Day in a Wellstoneian (new word, be patient, "Orwellian" still isn't in the dictionary) plane crash. Perhaps police state oppression is a Christian blessing but the Patriot Act is the most un-American thing my congress has perhaps ever done. I'm only slightly relieved that currently, three states and hundreds of cities agree with me and have passed legislation effectively making this passed bill illegal.

That right-wing coup us liberals have been
warning about for years

I used to write about what I called the Republican desperation during the Clinton years. That was what I saw behind the relentless investigation of then President Clinton who couldn't even tell a little lie about a personnel indiscretion without a full-blown multi-million dollar investigation by a special prosecutor. Funny how the same crabby Senators and Congressmen can't get as worked up over a President misleading Americans into a war crime. I think this is linked to the same desperation I was seeing. This desperation came to a head when it became obvious that their puppet was loosing his election in Florida. It was as if a window of opportunity would be lost if their man didn't win. I'll never forget the fact that Al Gore was announced on TV late November 5th 2001 as the winner only to concede to Bush a bit later and then have the whole situation spiral into what it became. I've always understood that in America, when elections are as close as Florida was, it is standard procedure to conduct a re-count. If Florida wants to quibble over an election with a margin of only a couple hundred votes for the state it is perfectly justifiable. In fact, legally a recount is required. I have to interject here that with the new Republican owned computer voting machines, re-counts are soon to become obsolete. In light of the subsequent crime committed by the US Supreme Court, that election can only be considered a coup, not an election. The facts compiled later that Gore actually won Florida would have been my obsession for the last couple years had the largest terrorist event of all time not occurred to legitimize this Presidency a week after those results were released. Did that story slip by you? So the rules for a fair and honest election in this country are now merely formalities. The window they seem to have been obsessed with was probably the war in Iraq, which Dick Cheney and is ilk have been outspoken for since Iraq's defeat in the last war. France had already pulled out of support for the no fly zones and now we have occupied the country only to learn that Saddam Hussein was actually in compliance with weapons inspectors and that inspections were working effectively. More than likely Iraq would have been declared "disarmed" soon and the country could have sailed off on its ocean of oil had Bush and his war-hawk agenda not taken control of American power just in time. Then Bush ordered the war suddenly in March against historic opposition and international reservation as if waiting would have meant the closing of his precious window of opportunity. The hype now recognized as bullshit was wearing thin.

Conspiracy theories

If the reasons we invaded were all just a bunch of lies and prejudice, then it begs the question of why we did go to war? Here are some suggestions by this devout conspiracy theorist who has never had more material to work with. There is the reason of Oil, and given the blanket denials as well as the underlying greed driving this agenda I find this reason the best one. I caught a news item a week or so ago about current satellight photos revealing major construction work between Iraq's southern oil fields and Kuwait. They went right for the oil fields, secured them, got them working and let the museums, culture, and the society itself just rot in anarchy bombed into the stone age. I'd love to know what business ties the Bush family has had with Kuwait since before the first war. Wasn't Kuwait stealing Iraqi oil the problem that started all this in the first place? I also like to mention Israel, which was involved in a yet to be revealed on primetime spy operation in the United States during 9/11/2001. No doubt that story slipped by you. The FBI is still uncovering all this and just like all other Israeli espionage mischief, it's yet to be mentioned. Israel has an interest in Iraq becoming America's own kind of Palestinian territory. It's no secret that Saddam was actively supporting Palestinian resistance by sending money to families of martyred terrorists. Let's not forget that the PNAC, does mention in, "Rebuilding America's Defenses" that we should occupy Iraq in the establishment of the 21st Century Empire known in the document as Pax Americana. This implies, however that the war on terrorism is only the orchestrated justification for the imperialist ambitions of our own right wing war hawks. Terrorism certainly has shown throughout history to be better at attaining these types of goals then it is for getting thugs a plane ride to the country of their choice, or having their buddies released from prison. What did 9/11 actually do for the Taliban? There is also the New World Order vision made infamous by the last President Bush. This reason may explain why our economy seems to be thrown out the window and our troops stuck in a quagmire. America may be getting set up for a USSR-like fall from dominance, when we will have our social services liquidated and privatized in some new WTO deal to place America humbly among the other countries like just another state wage-slaving in the new New World Order. I must admit this reason contradicts the Pax Americana reason, but this is just a list of hypothetical reasons by a conspiracy minded individual. I'll also mention that the President had a vendetta against Hussein for trying to kill his father and we've probably figured out from his style that this would be right in character for the vindictive rich kid who now gets to play President with his new toy country. "Now play nice with your toys Georgie, you don't want to break it like all those other toys of yours". This Iraq war is conspicuously similar to Bush I's invasion of Panama to end the reign of Noriega. Is the Bush family who are already known for their CIA ties, determined to replace the CIA-installed dictators around the world? It must have been hard for these crabby war hawks to see Saddam Hussein thrive in the face of sanctions and endless bombings from Briton and America. To rub our face in the fact that his country is the 2nd largest oil reserve on the planet he would build his hundreds of palaces in the 1990's now found out to be not as luxurious as first thought. His people were also still effectively fed, housed and employed through the sanctions.

The face of death

I wouldn't be true to my love for conspiracy if I didn't mention one final reason for all these wars lately. In the summer of 2001, Secretary of State Powell brought twenty million dollars to Afghanistan to reward the Taliban for their successful efforts to eradicate the poppy crop there. Afghanistan supplies much of the world's heroin. Not four months later the Taliban is bombed into the crannies and Afghanistan's heroin crop is back in business. Now Iraq is liberated and for the first time since before Saddam took power, heroin is back on the streets of Baghdad. It is also an under-reported fact that this heroin finds its way into Europe through Bosnia, recently occupied by American forces, and our ally Kosovo, ruled by a heavy Islamic Fundamentalist regime. The oil pipelines are still a long way away and democracy has yet to thrive in either of Bush's two invaded countries, but heroin is going to be the next big thing thanks to Bush's wars. I'm old enough to remember the way crack cocaine was dubiously allowed to sweep this country during the Reagan/Bush years as a pretext for the level of police state oppression we now get to enjoy. This current Bush is only using old tricks as he awaits the tax cut trickle-down idea to work, and there may exist similar plans for a heroin epidemic not unlike our introduction to crack cocaine. I know I'm really getting the 'you're a conspiracy nut' fingers pointing at me for this one. Let me just mention, however that Bush is conspicuously loyal to the Scull and Bones, which is an infamous Yale fraternity he belongs to, started by a man in charge of the British Spice Company way back at the beginning of our nation, which specialized in opium. This was legal at the time, but does the Scull and Bones fraternity still have its ties to the heroin trade? Huffman Aviation, the same company involved in the Mena airstrip controversy in Arkansas, instrumental in bringing Iran/Contra cocaine into the US, was also involved in training the 9/11 highjackers. Huffman aviation of Florida enjoys special DEA immunity for flights in and out of Florida. Can you say CIA heroin smuggling front company?

Reasons are formalities

My well-read ears weren't fooled for a second by the State of the Union lies. Niger/Iraq Uranium connections being forgeries was old news at the time on the Internet, and it blows my mind to watch them act surprised to be finding this fact out in the summer of 2003. I can't believe the ignorant void our politicians want us to believe they live in up there. I can believe the void they create through television and churches, but they're supposed to know more than us. The Internet is an awesome force changing our future and sometimes I ponder how ignorant I'd be if ABC news was all I had to learn about this stuff. Then I shudder at the fact that there are people out there without computers who are that ignorant. For those people, reasons are just formalities and the President put on a good show for them. I personally just thought he was full of shit as usual. Part of the problem with reasons was that the CIA experienced an intelligence vacuum after our bombing campaign in 1998 forced inspectors to leave Iraq. Now let's not let the President get away with his recent lie the other day in defense of his State of the Union lie where he claimed that Hussein kicked out the inspectors and so we invaded. When did Hussein kick out inspectors? We kicked out the inspectors in 1998 in order to drop bombs. That event led to an intelligence vacuum and then this President comes along after 2000 demanding reasons to attack Iraq. With no new data, we relied on old data made obsolete by bombing, inspections and the last war in Iraq. We used out of date school papers downloaded from the Internet as well as forgeries and flat out indefensible lies. On top of all that, we used old-fashioned American bigotry to justify a pre-emptive war on Iraq.

They are either liars, bigots, or both

I'm bound and determined to never forget Representative Cynthia McKinny. She was the outspoken Congresswoman who spoke out first of the obvious complicity this government was guilty of in allowing the 9/11 attacks to occur. It was political suicide and she made herself the target for the viscous and rich party to over throw her in her next election. She didn't go down quietly and made a point at one of her last moments in office to refer to several members of the House of Representatives as the "Good ol' boys club". She isn't the first or the last liberal politician to be crucified by, "the club" (liberal was a problem they had with Clinton too. Remember when the media was "liberal"?), but she quickly became my hero by being the only voice in congress that remotely sounded like me at the time. Wag the dog was the first thing I thought of when the stories of heroic exploits on Flight 93 were first being pitched on my television to explain why it just crashed. Honest it just crashed. It's later revealed that fighter jets had intercepted it but then it just crashed by itself. It's the darndest thing. Speaking of attacks on liberal politicians there was the plane crash last November of Senator Wellstone who was sure to win his bid. No wife to run and win for this one either since she was also in the plane. I don't blame Mondale's lack of charisma for loosing in Wellstone's stead, I blame the next big Watergate-like story, election vote tampering. The Good ol' Boys club is very real, hell I could smell it from way down here ever since Bill and Hillary marched victoriously into Washington only to confront principalities angry that the wrong person had won in 1992. Recent republican takeover of the Senate had a wrench thrown into "the club"'s victory when Senator Trent Lott, at the 100th birthday of Senator Thurman, made a racist remark about Thurman's racist bid for the Presidency in the 1940's. Senator Thurman is infamous for conducting the longest filibuster in government history in a failed attempt to stop the 1968 Civil Rights Act. The public outrage over Lott's remark was so impossible for them to ignore that Trent Lott was forced to step down. I got a kick out of that. The club's reputation is of racism but I've long regarded that as just a smoke screen hiding the true nature of our struggle. That struggle is between those that have and those that have not. Has that become obvious yet? The rich stay conveniently above it all as the poor are duped into fighting amongst themselves over racial lines if they can't be killed off in some war. The bigotry that fuels this is reflected in the faces of a lot of old crabby politicians.

Our ugly face

I'd like to coin a new word here. Scareorism- (n) scare-or-ism: The act of using terrorist events to manipulate a population through the use of horror stories in order to frighten the people into compliance. Not a new trick, Hitler used it after the Richstag Parliament fire caused by mysterious Polish (honest Polish), terrorists. I accuse my own government of using scareorism on the American people who have been told horror stories around the television campfire to scare us to insecurity and fuel our blind rush to war. We have just fought a war because of our own bigotries and prejudices regarding a country full of foreigners. This is the ugliest aspect of American culture and we haven't yet cured our racist tendencies. Now we have just displayed the ugly face of American racism and prejudice to our shame for the whole world to see. Now the world has to live with the new face of America, once generous and full of the promise of hope, now ugly, vindictive, accusatory, and undiplomatic with even the closest of allies. Don't blame this artist if ugly is all there out there to paint. Scarrorism won't sell this administration's pre-emptive policy for much longer. Our very first pre-emptive strike has now become a really good argument against preemptive strikes in light of our incorrect intelligence. A pre-emptive war strategy should have a higher standard of justification then bigotry and prejudice. We always used to have more than that to offer the rest of the world. What on the face of America has changed? Today the ignorant amongst us wonder why they all hate us when they used to love us.

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Dan Whitehead

Good article, very articulate. Makes a good point, that America's oldest problem of bigotry is what's at the heart of all our problems today during the "War on Terrorism". Our bigotry hasn't been this out of control since slavery was legal. You should write more of these.