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Oregonian--BUSH VISIT!

Bush's local reelection chair confirms He's coming in today's Oregonian. (Buried on page D-9, Friday, July 25, 2003)
Here is the article that ran in today's paper. Other recent postings have added prospective details of Bush's visit--including that he will attend a fundraising event at Portland University.



President Bush plans to visit Oregon next month, Molly Bordonaro, regional chairwoman for Bush's re-election campaign, said Thursday.

Details of the Aug. 21 trip have not been worked out, said Bordonaro, a campaign consultant with the Gallatin Group in Portland.

"There will be fund-raising component," she said. "Beyond that, it hasn't been determined."

Bush will stop in the state before traveling to Seattle the next day, Bordonaro said.

The president has made several trips to Oregon since he was elected. The last visit was about a year ago when he visited the Squire Peak fire site and flew over the Biscuit fire during a Southern Oregon trip to unveil his Healthy Forest Initiative.

High-level members of the administration, including Attorney General John Ashcroft and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, have been visiting West Coast cities this week and last, suggesting the Bush campaign's strong interest in the region. -- Harry Esteve


And, here is a link to the article from the Oregonian's web-site.

 link to www.oregonlive.com
On coming out day for fascism 25.Jul.2003 12:00


He's coming back to the NW 1 year after A22? He must be a complete idiot. Oh wait...what am I saying. Of course he's a complete idiot.

whoa 25.Jul.2003 14:08


"...confirms He's coming..."

What, did he declare himself Jesus? Damn

Welcome back to LB 25.Jul.2003 15:39


If he actually has the nerve to show his face in portland again then we better remind him why his daddy named us Little Beiruit. We've got a reputation to uphold.

Need poster 25.Jul.2003 17:25


Could someone with the ability, design 8 1/2 x 11 poster anouncing the protest. (pdf) I am determined that we have a large turnout, so plan to print and distribute. Heck, if just a small percentage of the recently unemployed in this Bush Economy show up there will be thousands. Thanks

Double Feature 27.Jul.2003 13:37

Canada lynx

a call for some background, off-list brainstorming (maybe)...

the early indications are that the Seattle/Portland stops are back-to-back...

any thoughts on some kind of welcome coordination...or just let each community remain autonomous?

can there be planning around a *two day event* with shuttle coordination? would be great to get consolidated numbers out in both places. but logistics are formidable: possible need to arrange over night stays and potential needs for post event solidarity and support.

nevertheless, getting folks from both places to turn out together would send a message...chase his ass!