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Critical Mass Tonight

Critical Mass rides the last Friday of every month, leaving from the North Park Blocks around 6pm.

The last Critical Mass was a memorial mass dedicated to Orion Satushek and Angela Lazenby who were mowed down by a drunken driver on SE Belmont near 39th. Riders asked police to allow us a memorial and it was turned into police riot porn. The mass was broken up by the police, the police were rude and disrespectful, they were the Portland Police Department.

There are no expectations that this month will be different. However, the cycling community must keep the pressure on so that we arent lost in the shadows. All people passionate about cycling should attempt to attend tomorrow's Critical Mass, which will be leaving from the North Park Blocks around 6pm. If you get there early you can get some tasty vegan fare from Friday Food Not Bombs.

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