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News Shocker: Uday was Negotiating Surrender to US military!

IF this is true, it throws into question What Really Happened at that shootout where he and Qusay were killed.

Uday was negotiating surrender: newsman

By Paul Michaud

PARIS, July 23: A journalist preparing a story on Saddam Hussein and his two sons Uday and Qusay for the French national news weekly magazine Le Point says that Uday was in the process of negotiating his surrender to the US occupation authority when he was killed on Tuesday.

According to Jean Guisnel, who is considered an authority on the Saddam family and Iraq and who was speaking to a reporter for French public TV channel France 3 on Wednesday, "Uday was in the process of negotiating his surrender because he had let it be known that he would prefer being handed over alive to US forces than being discovered by Iraqi nationals whom he feared might lynch him instead of turning him over to US authorities."

Although Mr Guisnel would not divulge the source of his information, he has often based his stories on Iraq on French intelligence sources.

homepage: homepage: http://www.dawn.com/2003/07/24/int2.htm

Wow... 25.Jul.2003 04:07


This from the man who wrote "The Horrifying Lie"...

Who would've thunk it?

What intelligence? 25.Jul.2003 07:00


"French intelligence" is an oxymoron.

French Intelligence an oxymoron ? 25.Jul.2003 08:10

Ze frenchtroll

That's exactly what the CIA guy said to the french "intelligence services" when they warned him about the 9/11 treat ...

Fuck you Alf ...

Freudian slip? 25.Jul.2003 08:39

Arnold the Pig

"... when they warned him about the 9/11 treat ... "

Wouldn't be a complete surprise 25.Jul.2003 09:03


Monsters like Uday and Qusay are often cowards at heart, willing to betray their causes when their own ass suddenly is on the line. And it always looked to me like the rationale for the shoot-out was on the weak side. Neither of these two points proves that the shoot-out was unnecessary, but it does make Michaud's claims consistant with reality as I see it.

And it's not that I feel particularly sorry for either of Saddam's brothers: as much as I dislike violence, it's kind of hard to feel many regrets at the death of such individuals; I'd have a similary difficult time feeling sorry if I learned that Bush and Cheney had been shot. It's more a question of international norms of justice (not that the US has been particularly interested in that in recent years): you arrest and prosecute people, you don't just shoot them.

And from a purely tactical standpoint, capturing someone who's likely a coward at heart is much more useful than killing them, since such individuals usually sing like canaries under interrogation. I guess it's in a bizarre sense logically consistant that they'd just kill him then: a counterproductive (but propagandistically useful for domestic purposes) battle being fought in the context of a larger counterproductive (but propagandistically useful for domestic purposes) war.