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Public Meeting on OHSU's Proposed Bio-Terrorism Lab

OHSU has applied for grants totaling $200 million dollars of federal tax money from the National Institutes of Health to build a biodefense lab at their primate research center in Hillsboro. This would be a Biosafety Level 4 laboratory, the highest level of biological security, which would house the most virulent contagions such as Ebola, anthrax, smallpox and Hantavirus. Some of these deadly diseases can be transmitted by air and have no available vaccine or treatment.

We need to make it known that Oregonians do not welcome this project. Please join other concerned citizens at a public meeting to speak out against the proposed lab.

What: Community Planning Organization (CPO #9) July meeting
When: Monday, July 28th at 7 PM
Where: Public Services Building 155 N. 1st Ave., Hillsboro, OR 97123 - Cafeteria (go in through the back door)

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OHSU's primate center (also called the Oregon National Primate Research Center) is a candidate for the Biosafety Level 4 lab because of their abundance of research monkeys. They currently have approximately 3,200 monkeys as well as other species of research animals and are in the process of expanding. An increasing number of doctors and scientists are questioning whether studying other animals is a valid way to investigate human disease. The history of vaccine research is full of examples of people dying from vaccines that had been found to be safe in animals. According to Dr. Ray Greek of Americans for Medical Advancement, during the anthrax attacks of October 2001, people were mistakenly told they were safe after exposure to the disease based on misleading monkey data. The amount of anthrax needed to kill monkeys is much higher than the amount needed to kill humans. OHSU's primate center has been around since 1962, sucking up hundreds of millions of dollars without curing any diseases.

OHSU's community relations plan to sell the lab to us states they will "provide full disclosure" and also "An open line of communication is necessary to establish public trust and value of the center... Both achievements and problems will be communicated to the public to ensure continued confidence ... ". This claim is ridiculous considering OHSU's history of avoiding public accountability and transparency. After years of requests, they still refuse to publicly debate questions about the validity of their animal based research. Citizens have had to sue OHSU to receive public information about the research we pay for. In general our legislators are too deferential to OHSU's financial power to criticize them, but State Senator Kurt Schrader was brave enough to speak the truth stating, " [OHSU President] Peter Kohler is a liar... a poor steward of the medical community." Yet we are to believe him when he promises full disclosure.

According to Matt Rossell, former OHSU Primate Center employee, OHSU has ignored safety protocols in their existing Biosafety Level 3 HIV lab. During his time there he witnessed monkeys moved from the Level 3 lab and returned to the main monkey population. (Safety protocols require that animals never leave the level 3 labs alive). He also saw calves infected with cryptosporidia, a deadly waterborne bacteria, secreted out and given to a technician to take home. Monkeys have repeatedly escaped from the center. Can we trust these people with even more dangerous viruses?

The Portland area's silence on the proposed biodefense lab makes us very good candidates for it. The NIH is taking into consideration public response in their granting decision, which should be made this September. The University of California, Davis, is one of the institutions that applied for these grants. Because of overwhelming public outcry, Davis Mayor Susie Boyd reversed her original position and will oppose the project. Boyd drafted a letter to the NIH stating the lab would be unwelcome. The opposition to the lab was fueled by the recent unexplained disappearance of a monkey from their facility, fears that the lab could become a terrorism target or that a deadly virus could be smuggled out.

Contact the following and tell them that we will not accept this dangerous, wasteful project.

Grants Management - NIH
Linda Shaw

Rona Hirschberg, Ph.D.
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
6610 Rockledge Drive
Room 5007, MSC 6603
Bethesda, MD 20892-7630
E-Mail: rhirschberg@niaid.nih.gov
Phone: 301-402-4197

Locally contact:

Governor Kulongoski
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047
GovernorĀ¹s CitizensĀ¹ Representative Message Line
Phone: 503-378-4582
For email go to this link:

Portland Mayor
Office of Mayor Vera Katz
1221 SW 4th Ave., Suite 340
Portland, Oregon 97204-1995
Phone: 503-823-4120

Hillsboro Mayor
Office of Mayor Tom Hughes
123 W Main Street
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: 503-681-6113

"Far too frequently animal models have been used to develop vaccines that are effective in animals but are ineffective or worse, harmful in humans... Using an archaic methodology like animal models to combat a 21st century disease is more than foolish, it is immoral". -Dr. Ray Greek.

Quotes From Scientists Critiquing Animal Research 24.Jul.2003 23:07

Elaine Close

"What good does it do you to test something [a vaccine] in a monkey? You find five or six years from now that it works in the monkey, and then you test it in humans and you realize that humans behave totally differently from monkeys, so you've wasted five years."
Dr. Mark Feinberg, AIDS researcher, as quoted in Atlanta Journal Constitution September 21, 1997

"The fact that most of the existing animal models in vaccine potency testing are artificial, poorly understood, and in fact do not always reflect vaccine-induced protective immunity in humans is all too often overlooked. Many of the traditional [animal] tests are highly variable, despite the use of a reference preparation, and the relevance of these tests may be questionable."
Dr Coenraad F M Hendrickson of the Institute Centre for Alternatives to Animal Testing, at the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection in The Netherlands, writing in the journal Lab Animal, p 24 - 30, March 1994.

"Up to this very day, all infectious diseases affecting humans are far from having appropriate animal models and, even in those cases where such infections are possible, the symptoms observed in animals and the course of the disease are often very different from those encountered in humans."
Handbook of Animal Models of Infection Academic Press 1999 P7

Quotes From Americans For Medical Advancement, www.curedisease.com :

"Researchers thought another polio vaccine was effective based on research with NHPs (non-human primates), but the vaccine went on to infect and kill children. In 1934 Dr. Maurice Brodie ground up the spinal cords of monkeys infected with polio and made a polio vaccine. He tested the vaccine on monkeys and found it effective. When given to children it actually caused polio. Some children died while others were paralyzed. Dr. John Kolmer repeated this mistake when he made a polio vaccine. He tested it on monkeys then gave it to children who then went on to develop polio, die or were left paralyzed.
The inventor of the polio vaccine, Dr. Sabin stated under oath before the US Congress, that the polio vaccine was long delayed because of misleading results in nonhuman primates: "...the work on prevention (of polio) was long delayed by the erroneous conception of the nature of the human disease based on misleading experimental models of the disease in monkeys."

"... many AIDS vaccines have been shown effective in chimpanzees but went on to offer humans no protection."

"Infecting different species with viruses is asking for an accident that is infinitely easier to prevent than contain or cure." (Referring to the fact that viruses mutate unpredictably when swapped between species and can become more deadly and infectious)

feature image 24.Jul.2003 23:28


photo of Ebola Virus
Ebola Virus Photo
Ebola Virus Photo

bad pork 25.Jul.2003 07:01


bad pork

federal priorities for helping the people are deranged. Investment in defense produces services of no value. No value except to maintain a system fixated in paranoia.

8.5x11 pdf flyer for bio-terrorism lab public meeting 25.Jul.2003 21:01


8.5x11 pdf flyer for bio-terrorism lab public meeting