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Bush in Portland on Aug 21

According to KGW Channel 8 News at 5:00, President Bush will be in Portland on August 21.
I'm watching the news on channel 8, and they just said that Bush will be in Portland on August 21. Unfortunately, I won't be in town that day, so I cannot participate in any demonstrations, but I thought I'd pass this information on to y'all so people can start planning for it.

address: address: SE Portland

KGW web coverage uses and abuses Indymedia 24.Jul.2003 23:29

not an anarchist who the police attacked last a22

1. KGW's web site seems to have only one source about where in Portland Bush is going to be on a21 -- Indymedia! (not they dare say the name)

excerpt from:

President Bush coming to Portland, Seattle in August


By ABE ESTIMADA, kgw.com Staff

"Details of the visit are still scant, but Bush will be in Portland in late August, said Molly Bordonaro, northwest regional chair for Bush's re-election campaign and a former Republican candidate for Congress.

"Yes, the president will be here Aug. 21," Bordonaro said. "No other details of this visit can be released at this time."

**** Local activist Web sites said Bush will speak at the University of Portland for a fundraising luncheon. **** But university spokesman John Furey would neither confirm nor deny to KGW on Thursday if the president will speak on campus.

2. So they read Indymedia to get this info. But then here is what they say about a22

"The protest was marred by clashes between anarchists and police in riot gear. Violent demonstrators threw water bottles at police, sprayed graffiti on downtown buildings, bullied Republican donors, and damaged police cars.

"Officers eventually used pepper fog, sting balls and rubber bullets to disperse unruly crowds of demonstrators who refused to leave the streets around the Hilton."


Why not give kgw and ABE ESTIMADA some [polite] tips about how to use the indy search features so that next time he visits he can figure out what really happened August 22nd of last year?


Give 'em a chance 25.Jul.2003 00:14


Maybe they're coming around. Look at it this way, Abe took something written here seriously. There might be a lot more that he takes seriously here. Let's see.

Bush visits the Rose City 25.Jul.2003 01:08

Ally allyzpieceofmind@yahoo.com

I'm from Portland, but I'm living in San Diego at the moment. In support of the demostrations, I'll be heading home just to stand next to my fellow Portlander's against Bush. He's wasted billions of dollars just so he can go on a witch hunt for Saddam. It needs to end. Rise up Portland!

make this a feature! 25.Jul.2003 09:45


Yo, editors, make this a feature! It's going to get pushed down the newswire in no time and we need to start organizing NOW! EVERYONE needs to know about this!!!!!

This should be the top feature for the next month... 25.Jul.2003 11:08


Goal: 3000 - 5000 people protesting near the venue. No police violence, and if there is violence, sure documentation and swift and strong legal action against the perps.

Double Feature 27.Jul.2003 13:41

Canada lynx

a call for some background, off-list brainstorming (maybe)...

the early indications are that the Seattle/Portland stops are back-to-back...

any thoughts on some kind of welcome coordination...or just let each community remain autonomous?

can there be planning around a *two day event* with shuttle coordination? would be great to get consolidated numbers out in both places. but logistics are formidable: possible need to arrange over night stays and potential needs for post event solidarity and support.

nevertheless, getting folks from both places to turn out together would send a message...chase his ass!

Something Fishy 28.Jul.2003 07:35


The President, and other "high-ranking" officials don't normally seem to allow this much notice about their itinerary. Why are they saying where the pResident will be so far in advance? Are they trying to provoke something?

I'm sure that adequate protest can be organized without giving the Police the excuse they need to get violent.

We can't take 4 more years 18.Aug.2003 23:58

Gene Tschantz II

President Bush has done so much damage to the economy and is trying his hardest to break unions and the working class spirit. God only knows what kind of shape Oregon and the United states, not to mention the world will be in if President Bush gets 4 more years. I gave President Bush a chance and all I received was a big let down, I didn't vote for him but gave him a chance. I urge each and everyone of you , PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE TWICE-WE CAN'T TAKE 4 MORE YEARS.