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Old-growth trees on the Willamette left for dead

This photo is from Unit 1 of the Straw Devil Timber Sale, cut July 23, 2003. Word at CFA is that units 1 & 2 have been logged. The ashes of the forest defender Sparrow are scattered in unit 2.

If you want raise a stink, you can call these people:
Dallas Emch, Supervisor Willamette NF (541-225-6300 -- call back if you get the recording)
Linda Goodman, Regional Forester (503-808-2200)
Senator Ron Wyden (503-326-7525 or 541-431-0229)

Or, visit Straw Devil:
Take I-5 south from Eugene to exit 188A, Hwy 58 east. Stay on Hwy 58 through Oakridge and follow it for another 9 miles.
Turn right after Blue Pool Campground on FS Road 5875.
Here's a map.

You can get the full skinny and information about what other armchair activism you can take part in from this previous feature.

Call Rick Scott to protest 26.Jul.2003 19:50


Cascadia Forest Defenders informed me that the best person to call is Rick Scott. 541-782-5320, or 541-782-2283.



Please DO NOT go to straw devil looking to get involved in direct action without talking to us first - you could bring danger upon yourself and the forest defenders there!!!!!

Stop by our office in Eugene anytime - we're there almost 24/7 lately

454 Willamette St.
Eugene, OR

or call 541 684 8977

541 684 8977
454 Willamette St., Eugene, OR

To cut or not to cut, that is the question....YES/NO? 01.Aug.2003 19:41

Guenther S. aubry_wabos101@hotmail.com

I can understand that people (activists) want to protect olf growth forests for the sake of future generations, but does the idea of sustainability not come into question. I see the pictures for this article and all I see is a few tree's removed and a substantial amount of residual timber left. What is wrong with harvesting some of the tree's and leaving the rest for asthetics and seed for regeneration. If forestry companies don't harvest tree's then where do we get the wood to build houses, or the pulp used to make toilet paper. Until a better source of natural fibre is found I plan to keep on using wood as a primary building material and paper component. Also, what happens to all the men that work in the forest if all logging is prohibited? Face the facts, harvesting timber is a crucial part of the economy, we can't just decide one day that this is one factor in the equation that we can do without. So long as logging is sutainable I se no problem in harveting old growth timber, remember now that old growth is only old for so long then it rots and blows over, should we not try to make some use of this resource rather than let all of it go to waste...not all but some?

What do you think of this?