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Bush will be in N. Portland on the Univ. of Port. campus on Aug. 20th. He will be having some sort of fundraising luncheon. I'm pretty sure this info will be kept hush hush until the very last minute, but I was informed about it through a reliable inside source. I'm a student at UP and I have been involved in a lot of protests on campus, I know the heirarchy of this private school, but I need help to get the info out to the greater Portland area, and I need help planning actions.
Up is a private Catholic shcool that thrives on rich republicans to send their students here. This will most likely be a celebration on our campus with very little resistance (we only have about 2500 students and about 10 active liberals that I know of). So, I need help to get people here. I have a contact in the department that is planning his arrival, and I'm well aware of the inner workings of this school's administration, but I've never planned such a big event before. Anyone interested in helping?

phone: phone: 503.348.2335

help 24.Jul.2003 12:29

Pink Panther info@codepinkportland.org

I'm pretty sure you can count on Portland to give mr. bush a hearty welcome, much like we did mr. ashcroft last week.

Code Pink will confer and get back to you about planning, etc!

!! 24.Jul.2003 12:31


>>I'm pretty sure this info will be kept hush hush until the very last minute,<<

Not anymore it won't!!! The rat is out of the bag.

what 24.Jul.2003 12:52


what happened with ashcroft he was in town?!?!? damn you secretive anarchists damn yoouuu
realize rebel revolutionize

asscroft greeting 24.Jul.2003 13:15


Yeah, not a bad showing for 24 hours notice. Think what we can pull together in a month!

Contact Info 24.Jul.2003 14:45

Firetruck abelo@earthlink.net

E-Mail me

He will be on campus 24.Jul.2003 15:10


I can confirm George Bush will be on the UP campus. I have friends in the Events Office there confirm this for me. They were under the impression it is August 21st though.

true? 24.Jul.2003 15:37


I want more proof.

More proof 24.Jul.2003 15:48


From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer yesterday:

"The Bush administration's warm-up acts are basking in Northwest sunshine this week, with Attorney General John Ashcroft's appearance yesterday at the Seattle waterfront, and a Boeing Field visit tomorrow by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge.

According to well-placed sources in both Washingtons, President Bush will follow his Cabinet Sherpas into the Puget Sound region on or about Aug. 22, making his first trip as president to a state that resisted his courtship in 2000."


They'll have to announce soon if it's a fundraiser. Their crowd of business titans will need a bit of notice to fit the event onto their busy schedules:P

If it's not too expensive, I might go hear what he has to say myself. Might be entertaining.

A Ready-Made Anniversary Protest 24.Jul.2003 15:58

Lars the Infidel

What a great way to mark the one-year anniversary of the infamous downtown Aug. 22, 2002 Bush Protest. Can't wait to see everyone at the barricades!

Bush Is A Fugitive In His Own Country 24.Jul.2003 16:25


What a joke Bush is. He's a fugitive is his own country. The only places he visits are military bases, military contractors, and luncheons held in the palaces restricted to the elite. He's too chickenshit to face any real citizens or criticism, hiding behind legions of Secret Service goons who move anyone dissenting from his lying agenda to a protest pen a mile away. As pointed out from day one, he's shamefully an appointed resident of the White House, without a Presidential bone in his body.

medea's visit 24.Jul.2003 16:50


Medea Benjamin will be speaking at PSU on August 19th, one day before this maybe visit from Bush. I wonder if there's a way we can get her to stay?

they do exist... really... 24.Jul.2003 17:29

Bob Ross

If you only know of 10 liberal minded people at University of Portland, keep looking. Yeah, sure, there are some of the most conservative people I have yet met there, but I'm sure you can round up a few more people on campus. Even though the University tends to lay off anti-war faulty, don't give up hope. You might be surprised by some of the people that come out of the woodwork.

As I recall there was a nice group of student workers in the basement of BC that would love a good Shrub protest. I know a lot has changed at the University in the past year, but hopefully there will be a few left in that area.

If that fails, you can always post a volunteers wanted ad for free in the Portland Mercury, or pay $10 or less for a back page spot. They dislike Shrub as much as any good Portlander should. By the way, they are not paying me for this and I do not work for them... I just like their paper. :-) Good Luck!

move over 24.Jul.2003 22:54

citizen x

maybe the SS will cut down all the trees and move out the UoP students to a stadium for the duration of the visit (recalling the photo op in Senegal--Bush Inc's African safari).

Don't worry Molly 24.Jul.2003 23:06

inside the system

there are some foks inside the catholic community that will be quite pleased to help you get out the information that bush will be on campus... we need an effective presentation that will counter the radical right's ability to co-opt our faith by playing the abortion card and neglecting all the other important issues...
keep us posted as to time and place...

moshcore to the rescue 25.Jul.2003 00:30


dont worry, the straight edge kids will be out en masse. ever seen what happens when you get 15 sxe kids together at a kkkop line and the kids start to 'danse'? see, once again, punk rock being used for practical use!!!

XXmosh hog affinity group for the destruction of capitalism to be replaced with playgrounds and slip-n-slidesX

Holy shit, straight edge is still around ?!? 25.Jul.2003 07:43

Mayor McCheese

I was straight edge when straight edge wasn't cool...wait, straight was never cool. Anyhoo, I don't really know what you said, but I reckon you ought to run with it. Party on...or not!

Gathering protesters. 25.Jul.2003 09:20

I. M. Down

That liar is going to get a eyefull of protest signs. I'm gathering the posse now. Let's tell Satan just how much we disapprove of his evil ways.

President Bush set to return to Portland 25.Jul.2003 12:43

From KXL

President Bush set to return to Portland
The president will spend the night in Portland after a speech and fundraiser at the University of Portland.

Downtown businesses will have to put up protective barriers on their store-fronts next month. A Republican official confirmed that President Bush would be back in Portland August 21 and 22.

Expect another circus in the streets and outside whatever hotel the president and his staff choose to use. The president will spend the night in Portland after a speech and fundraiser at the University of Portland.

Adrienne Graf protested the president when he visited Portland a year ago and said she would protest him again. "I feel that Presient Bush is doing a lot of foreign policy in interest of money and power and now in the interest of the people, either the Iraqi people or the people here in America."

Graf will also protest what she calls heavy-handed tactics by the police at last year's event.

Sergeant Brian Schmautz said police will be ready. "How we take action, when we take action are basically up to officer safety and community safety. It's when protestors cross the lines and begin committing crimes that we find ourselves in a position where we have to take action."

The visit will likely cost the city more than $100,000 in police overtime.

Cost to "police" the events 25.Jul.2003 13:53

money bags

That $100,000 dollar figure in the KXL article above sounds low. How do we find out how much it really costs? Can we get this story to the people who are tired of wasting money in this state? How about $100,000 for Oregon school?

Gee if KXL has a problem with spending money on protests 26.Jul.2003 01:12


They can complain loudly about the obvious waste in funding that occurs during the critical mass rides. I'm sure all of those officers are getting over time pay.

Why not just cut the crap Vera.

Stop wasting payroll tax money (at least 90% of the money funding the city comes from payroll taxex, not business taxes.) Stop wasteing it on harassing cyclists. Spend it on train officers better. Spend it on improving the quality of the officers hired.

Vera, really, if you want to leave a positive mark on the city of Portland, forget about the big business people who don't want to pay the taxes anyway. Think of the people who really care about the future of the city of Portland, not those thinking only of their bottom line.

America's most bicycle-friendly city 26.Jul.2003 01:58


I almost choked when I read this excerpt from an Oregonian article:

"Clark, who as mayor routinely pedaled to work at City Hall, rode into view again this week to help promote Providence Rose Pedal, a five-week series of cycling events here in America's most bicycle-friendly city."

Maybe once Vera is gone, the harrassment of bicyclists will stop?

Link to full article:

Schmautz = Lying Sack of Shit 26.Jul.2003 09:03


Tell me, what "crimes" were committed by the protesters at 5th and Taylor who were attacked by cops with clubs and pepper spray last time Bush came to town?

What "crime" did Channel 12 camerawoman Beth English commit when she was brutally attacked by our friend Sgt. Mark Kruger with pepper spray?

What "crime" did the 10-month old baby commit when he was pepper-sprayed by Officer Brian Kelly when the baby's parents tried to leave an escalating situation at 2nd and Alder?

It's when the police disregard the law and assault citizens exercising their Constitutional rights that the citizens must take action, such as lawsuits against the city and the police for their brutal and unconstitutional attacks.

go for it! 04.Aug.2003 20:16


Hi guys, reading you from far away but hoping you'll show the big idiot what he deserves.
Kick some cop ass for me too.

Dont give the cops to much crap. 06.Aug.2003 20:36


My cousen was a peacfull Portland police officer who was killed in a car accident on duty one night last year on labor day weekend. He was well respected and well loved. The Portland police were there for my family 100% after his death. So I ow them the respect of not fighting with them. But I do say go after Bush's goons. There the ones trying to protect and asshole that doesnt need to be protected. Hopfully there are some good officers that arent assholes. I will miss him, so to all the anarchists and protesters, im there to riot with all of you for the cause. Love all of you people who are against Bush and against the inocent killing of people.

Does anyone know of firm Portland protest plans for this latest Bush invasion? 08.Aug.2003 20:26


And/or a website other than this one &
 http://www.geocities.com/cascadiac/ for protest

We, in Seattle, would like to partner with the organizers
in Portland...if there are any.

I hope the draconian police tactics of the past
haven't scared people out of exercising their
first ammendment rights. No doubt the intention
of attacking those at rallies is to keep them off the
streets (Who'se streets? Our streets!) the next
time the regime invades the area.



Well hello friends down in Portland...We have much in common...We will both be hosting a Bush visit in a couple weeks...Here is the official agenda for the Seattle visit and the day after...

___________ _________________
___________ THE PEOPLES' RECEPTION(S) FOR BUSH _________________

2 EVENTS ON FRIDAY, 8/22/03 (Bellevue & Seattle)
1 EVENT ON SATURDAY, 8/23/03 (Seattle)

DATE/TIME: Friday, August 22nd 11:00am - 2:00pm
LOCATION: The intersection of Bellevue Way and N.E. 8th Street
WHAT: Family-friendly, legal demonstration on the sidewalks on this intersection. Bring signs expressing your sentiments!

DATE/TIME: Friday, August 22nd 12:30pm - 3:00pm
LOCATION: Victor Steinbrueck Park Seattle (North of Pike Place Market)
WHAT: Rally "Beat Back Bush" "Protest in the Park" and "Join the Rally against Right-Wing Policies"
Entertainment, fiery speakers, slam poetry and music...

SEATTLE (8/23/03)
DATE/TIME: Saturday, August 23rd Noon - 3:00pm
LOCATION: Myrtle Edwards Park (on the Seattle waterfront, next to pier 70 on Alaskan Way)
WHAT: Rally/March, music and fiery speakers. Featuring speach by William Rivers Pitt co-author of "The War on Iraq, What Team Bush Doesn't Want You To Know" (with Scott Ritter, former U.N. arms inspector)

all info can be obtained at website

What day is he comming? 11.Aug.2003 19:17


I havent been informed yet on wich day he is comming. iv heard the 20th the 21st and the 22nd. HELP!! does anyone know for sure?

bush 19.Aug.2003 11:55

hmr25dmb HMRussell25@netscape.net

I actually read somewhere that Bush will be here the 21st, not the 20th. Not sure if my source is accurate, but just wanted to letcha know.

bush sucks 19.Aug.2003 22:57

orangerabbit1@hotmail.com orangerabbit1@hotmail.com

the news here in portland is saying that bush will be here on the 22nd but protests have already begun. Bush supporters are sadly planning to line the streets with little american flags.

You would be happier to welcome bin laden 21.Aug.2003 14:13

Peter Hanley, conseritive

1. All you socialistic nuts out there have no love for this country nor respect for those who died for it.
2. All you do is complain about everything but never have any solutions.
3. If it's so bad here, find another place to live and spew your garbage there and see how long you would last.
4. Help fight terrorism, lock up all liberal's, do away with diversity, build more Prisons.

learn what being a conservative means 21.Aug.2003 14:38

true conservative

Peter, you're yet another example of why people think conservatives are dumb and racist. You are obviously both, but you are not a conservative. A conservative would never support the biggest increases in governmental spending in the history of this country. A true conservative would support tax cuts that benefit the economy, not harm it. A true conservative supports the Bill of Rights, and the right of people to protest. If you want to remain hateful, racist, and ignorant, that is your choice, but don't disparage true conservatism by labeling yourself as a conservative (assuming that that's what you meant with your misspelling).

As for who welcomes Bin Laden... Considering it is the Bush Family that does business with the Bin Laden family and members of the Bin Laden family do business with Osama Bin Laden (despite his black sheep status) I would say it is Bush who welcomes Bin Laden, or at least his money into such financial ventures as the Carlyle Group. If you want to stop terrorists it would be wise to stop doing business with them, don't you think? Maybe we should tell that to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the rest of the administration that have known business ties to terrorist organizations.

u stupid, naieve, hypocritical shit box!!! 21.Aug.2003 19:59


Ca not you see that the whole United States population save a few, is so naive that we could never have a decent
rebellion here? My dear father, may he rest in peace, said that there will never be a "revolution" in America, because it is "against the law"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most people don't give a shit about "politics" and if they do register a comment it is full of crap that they heard from some other dim wit. We don't study history, we don't know even what to call ourselves!!!!!!!

So far as culturally aware...If you speak three languages you are a llnquist, two, you are from a foreign country, but if you speak only one, you are from the USA!!!

Santayana said (and I paraphrase). Those who forget the past are doomed to perish by it.

Stop wasting your time worrying about Bush and start changing the way YOU LIVE. IF WE WOULD

legitimately complain. Until then...SHUT THE FUCK UP, DAMN IT