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Bush To Visit Northwest Next Month

"According to well-placed sources in both Washingtons, President Bush will follow his Cabinet Sherpas into the Puget Sound region on or about Aug. 22,"
In The Northwest: Bush's scouts pave way for a presidential visit
Wednesday, July 23, 2003


The Bush administration's warm-up acts are basking in Northwest sunshine this week, with Attorney General John Ashcroft's appearance yesterday at the Seattle waterfront, and a Boeing Field visit tomorrow by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge.

According to well-placed sources in both Washingtons, President Bush will follow his Cabinet Sherpas into the Puget Sound region on or about Aug. 22, making his first trip as president to a state that resisted his courtship in 2000.

A Bush trip would display two legs on which stand his 2004 re-election campaign.

Security against terrorism in the post-9/11 world is one foundation. The White House is looking at the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma and a variety of other settings for a "public" presidential event.

Massive early fund raising -- the Bush-Cheney campaign already has taken in $41 million -- is the campaign's other pillar. Billionaire cellular telephone magnate Craig McCaw and wife, Susan, are likely hosts for a luncheon that would be Washington's second million-dollar-plus political fund-raiser. The first was a Bush dinner in May 2000.

As well, the president is being called on for persuasion and arm-twisting to recruit Republican candidates in Washington. The GOP "bench" here is sparse and the state has not elected a Republican governor in 23 years.

The White House is already working -- hard -- on GOP Rep. George Nethercutt.

After getting cold feet on previous statewide races, the Spokane congressman is leaning toward a challenge to Democratic Sen. Patty Murray. No U.S. senator has been elected from Eastern Washington since C.C. Dill retired nearly 70 years ago.

Bush also might be called upon to persuade semi-retired Microsoft Corp. Executive Vice President Bob Herbold to run for governor. Herbold is looking at the race, but earlier demurred, in the words of his wife, because "he is not cut out for the political life."

The four-day tour that took Ashcroft to Portland, Anchorage and Seattle shows that Republicans face problems -- even on the anti-terrorism front.

By appearing at the Coast Guard Integrated Support Command, the attorney general was insulated from Seattle's noisy protesters by at least 300 yards of federal property and several gray buildings.

Still, as in his other Northwest appearances, Ashcroft was peppered with critical questions about the Patriot Act, the post-9/11 law that permits government prying through business records, library checkouts, business files "or any tangible thing."

Ashcroft delivered a spirited defense of expanded government snooping. He argued that the Patriot Act should be expanded -- "refined, made additionally sophisticated" -- and not pulled back.

"With these tools, we are able to draw associations, connect the dots," Ashcroft said.

He noted that the Patriot Act requires that such acts as examining book checkouts and other library records take place under supervision of a federal judge.

But the West has traditionally distrusted bossy federal intrusiveness. The attorney general has had a hard sell.

Demonstrators outside the Coast Guard facility carried signs reading: "Defend civil liberties, repeal the Patriot Act."

In Alaska, the Republican-run Legislature passed a resolution requesting local and state law enforcement to refuse assistance to federal agencies using provisions of the act.

Both in Anchorage and Seattle, Ashcroft argued that it would be "difficult if not impossible" to prevent terrorism without provisions of the Patriot Act. As Ashcroft spoke, however, the inspector general of the Justice Department announced in Washington, D.C., it is investigating complaints from Muslims that federal employees, enforcing the Patriot Act, have violated their civil liberties.

One claim is that an immigration officer held a loaded gun to the head of a detainee. In another complaint a Muslim detainee was ordered to take off his shirt so a prison guard could shine his shoes with it.

A federal prison doctor was reprimanded after reportedly telling an inmate during a physical exam, "If I was in charge, I would execute every one of you."

In a report to Congress the inspector general, Glenn Fine, said that during the six months ending June 15, his office received 34 complaints of civil rights and civil liberties violations by Justice Department employees that it considered credible.

Hard questions are also being asked about how the Bush administration will provide money for new security mandates faced by state and local governments -- at a time when the government is running a $455 billion deficit and spending $3.9 billion a month on the occupation of Iraq.

In the spring, Ridge tried to raid $28 million from a $58 million fund set up by Congress to protect U.S. ports. He wanted to divert the money to cover a "structural shortfall" in the Transportation Security Administration.

Murray held up confirmation of the deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget until about $30 million was released under Operation Safe Ports. The Ports of Seattle and Tacoma received $14.2 million, New York-area ports $13.8 million and Los Angeles $13.7 million.

The dough is needed.

Ashcroft had a gorgeous backdrop at the Seattle waterfront yesterday, with a Coast Guard cutter and gunboats arranged in the background -- and majestic 7,743-foot Mount Constance looming in the Olympics.

Beneath their beauty, however, America's working waterfronts are the nation's most vulnerable transportation system: Only 2 percent of the 6 million containers entering the United States each year get inspected.

homepage: homepage: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/connelly/131914_joel23.html

I'm up for a visit to Seattle 24.Jul.2003 11:23


Let's all get our weeding tools and head on up.

Let's make the WTO protests look like a tea party.

A Boston tea party.

Bush a fugitive in Amerika 24.Jul.2003 11:53


What a joke Bush is. He's a fugitive is his own country. The only places he visits are military bases, military contractors, and luncheons held in the palaces restricted to the elite. He's too chickenshit to face any real citizens or criticism, hiding behind legions of Secret Service goons who move anyone dissenting from his lying agenda to a protest pen a mile away. As pointed out from day one, he's shamefully an appointed resident of the White House, without a Presidential bone in his body.

He's Coming To Portland, Too! 24.Jul.2003 14:49

Molly Malone momalone@up.edu

He'll be in North Portland on the 20th of August, at least that is what's scheduled right now. He'll be hosting a fundraiser lucheon at the University of Portland. Interested in helping with actions? Check out the Open Publishing Newswire article, "Bush is Coming to Portland!! Help Needed!!"

You show me your Bush I'll show you mine 24.Jul.2003 21:06


Why not do both? Let's maximize our sign paint dollar (a capitalist like Bush will surely appreciate our cost-savings measures) and the crowd impact!

If we're prepared to go on short notice, it doesn't matter where it is. Let's pick the least sheltered place...the place where he and his henchmen can't help but see us...and make our case there, be it PDX or SEA.

Let's send the fake Texan cowardly lion packing when he comes to Cascadia!

President Bush coming to Portland, Seattle in August 24.Jul.2003 21:19



By ABE ESTIMADA, kgw.com Staff

President George Bush will visit Portland for the third time in two years, arriving in the Rose City later this summer, said a top Oregon Republican official.

Details of the visit are still scant, but Bush will be in Portland in late August, said Molly Bordonaro, a former Republican candidate for Congress.

"Yes, the president will be here Aug. 21," Bordonaro said. "No other details of this visit can be released at this time."

Local activist Web sites say Bush will speak at the University of Portland for a fundraising luncheon. But university spokesman John Furey would neither confirm nor deny to KGW on Thursday if the president will speak on campus.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper, citing "well-placed sources" in Washington state and Washington, D.C., also reported that Bush will be in the Seattle area on Aug. 22 to raise funds for the 2004 campaign and rally support among constituents.

It would be Bush's first visit to Washington state as president.

A Bush visit underscores the importance of Oregon to the Republicans during the 2004 presidential campaign, Oregon Republican party chairman Kevin Mannix told the Associated Press last month.

Republicans view Oregon as one of a dozen, middle-sized swing states where a Bush victory could help offset expected Democratic victories in larger states such as Illinois, Pennsylvania and Michigan, party officials told the AP. Top Republican strategists also visited Portland last month.

Bush's father, former president George Bush, referred to Portland as "Little Beirut" because of the demonstrators he encountered during his visits there.

Indeed, his son's last visit in August 2002 lived up to its nickname. Bush's stop touched off a protest involving more than a thousand demonstrators outside the downtown Hilton, where Republicans held a fundraiser for Senator Gordon Smith.

Demonstrators expressed a cacophony of grudges against Bush, including his environmental policies, civilian casualties in Afghanistan, Israeli transgressions against the Palestinians, and restrictions on civil liberties in wake of the war on terror.

The protest was marred by clashes between anarchists and police in riot gear. Violent demonstrators threw water bottles at police, sprayed graffiti on downtown buildings, bullied Republican donors, and damaged police cars.

Officers eventually used pepper fog, sting balls and rubber bullets to disperse unruly crowds of demonstrators who refused to leave the streets around the Hilton.

Following the protest, some activists demanded that Portland police chief Mark Kroeker resign because of what they perceived as heavy-handed police tactics to break up the demonstrations.

kgw article 24.Jul.2003 22:24


"The protest was marred by clashes between anarchists and police in riot gear. Violent demonstrators threw water bottles at police, sprayed graffiti on downtown buildings, bullied Republican donors, and damaged police cars."

Hunh? Talk about onesided reporting. I think the police car that was damaged was the one that plowed into the crowd. It's amazing how much damage a human body can do to a car when you drive into it.

Bush Is The Modern Hitler: 26.Jul.2003 12:31

Mr. J. Grimes joanne_parker20@hotmail.com

We (United Fasc. Union) believe Bush is the worst of a bad lot of very BAD men, it will only get worse for the USA until the elite of the old landed gentry, like the dirty Bush's from TX have gone. I came here originally to post an announcement about my own candidacy in the 04 election, then I see this shitface Bushs' ugly mug syairing back at me, so I'm thinking it's more important we be rid of this gutter rat than I blow my own horn, if the Gods & Goddesses of this world want you to vote for me in 04, then you will. The reason, we( UFU people) hate Bush, him & his dumber brother Jeb stole the election from Gore (not that it matters, all these assholes who represent the capitalist democracy are cardboard cutouts of one another, all part of the same EVIL Hitlerite agenda) staged the "PHONY TERRORIST ATTACKS OF 9/11/01" and if we're right about 9/11 being staged, this Hitler clone attacked Afghanistan for no reason, then established an Orwellian style Thought Police -Department of Hmld Sec. & began subjecting AMERICAN CITIZENS to SA & SS style searches at airports everywhere. Just wait, gosh-howdy, folks, by the time this 2nd coming of Adolf Shitler finishes with America, you'll be living in a bad Hogans Heroes rerun with a guy in a box saying, PAPPERS PLEASE, when you drive down the street. Therefore, the UNITED FASCIST UNION urges you, if you love freedom and liberty, give this poor mans Shitler, the JACKBOOT to the ass in 2004!!!! VOTE FASCIST 2004!!!!!

(570) 779-5679
UNITED FASCIST UNION:POB 5214;Wilkes-Barre, Penn. 18710

Double Feature 27.Jul.2003 13:49

Canada lynx

a call for some background, off-list brainstorming (maybe)...

the early indications are that the Seattle/Portland stops are back-to-back...

any thoughts on some kind of welcome coordination...or just let each community remain autonomous?

can there be planning around a *two day event* with shuttle coordination? would be great to get consolidated numbers out in both places. but logistics are formidable: possible need to arrange over night stays and potential needs for post event solidarity and support.

nevertheless, getting folks from both places to turn out together would send a message...chase his ass!

Lets point to the right person to be in office during the protest as well 30.Jul.2003 17:26


I'm going to show up and protest bush... however for the first time in a long long while we have a viable democrat for the white house. I'm going to be at the protest with my Howard Dean sign waving. I hope you all will join me.

Howard Dean will also be coming to portland August 24th or 25th. You can get more infor at www.oregonfordean.com.

Side note: I don't know how to fit this on a sign however I think one thing that might stick with people is this huge support our troops movement we are seeing translates to support Bush's war in peoples minds. I think we need to show the world what a hypocrit Bush really is by pointing out that he does NOT support our troops when he cuts veterans benefits.


Keep me up-to-date! 31.Jul.2003 11:24

Meg irishreb@earthlink.net

Oh, let me know if protests are scheduled in Portland and/or Seattle. I need to represent the environmentalists out there who can't believe how much s*** this administration has been able to pull off in full sight of the American public. A two-day protest would be great. Do add me to the list of interested parties.

Indigenous Peoples 12.Aug.2003 08:58

dacajeweiah aimggc@worldnet.att.net

Today's Navaho and Hopi Peoples are the latest human-sacrifice for the United States of Amnsia.
Their lose of life, love, pride, happiness, land and spiritual defense of all the peoples of the world
has made the few surviving Peoples the poorest minority in all known Amnesia. The rape and pillage of these indigenous Peoples of their God Given oil, natural gas, coal and uranium has enriched the
US of Amnesia. The indigenous Peoples are happy to live in darkness so that, electricty can be sold to large cities and power telvisions of Amnesia.
"Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord."
Dear Lord, is revenge for rape vengence?

Hmmm, I thought you said we were about "Peace" 12.Aug.2003 12:30

Jordan Sardo-Tacoma

People: I'm getting really frosted at the tone of some of you. Now, lest you think I'm a counter-revolutionary, I've been an activist for 40 years, long before most of you knew which end of a skate board you point down the fall line.
There are counter-revolutionaries in our midst. They are the one's who crank up the rhetoric to include "Facist" and NAZI ( and eithe rthrough ignorance or bliss exclude "Maoist" "Fidelista" or the like.

1) Anyone, but anyone ,who calls for civil disobediance is a counterrevolutionary at worst, and just anignorant thug at best.

2) Many of the people in the National Lawyers Guild ( coaching some of you on the law for coming actions) are FBI and Portland Police
moles. Stay away from these people. They talk a good talk, but they are rife with people who WANT you to get arrested ( an arrest takes one
Progressive off of the street. and acts of "Civil Disobediance" are NOT warrented anymore) and this just builds the RIght bigger and stronger.

2a) On the topic: Police infiltration of Progressive Groups is massive, and if you WANT to be arrested, then do so...somewhere else, like at the
pub of your choice. New Federal Laws can and will be applied to those who menace or threaten; we're talking time at McNeil Island my friends,
where the mere dropping of a bar of soap in the shower is like throwing blood in the water with sharks nearby. Think Carefully Before you Act UP.

Let's have a Civil and Peaceful demonstration, and cooperate with legal civil authority ( for once) and have a good time!

Your's in Peace & Freedom

Jordan Sardo

civil disobedience does not make one a thug 12.Aug.2003 14:50

sadder but wiser

"Anyone, but anyone ,who calls for civil disobediance is a counterrevolutionary at worst, and just anignorant thug at best."

Right. Say that about the founding fathers of this country. Explain to me how Mahatma Gandhi was "just an ignorant thug at best." Non-violent acts of civil disobedience are as American as, say, tossing tea into Boston Harbor.

I guess it all depends on how much you want to risk to do what is right.

Info about bush visit to Redmond/central Oregon 17.Aug.2003 16:21

from the "rest of Oregon"

I've seen a few vague things about him coming into Redmond and making a forest visit, but nothing terribly helpful. Any info, particularly about the time and location (befor or after the pdx luncheon?) would be helpful...

Jordan Sardo 04.Jan.2005 10:30

Free Speech anon@freedom.edu

Jordan you are NOT about free speech and racial pride. We will be waiting to see you at the park on Saturday.