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HEARTCIRCLE HEALING SPACE: Building the Soils of Activist Souls

Heartcircle Healing Space is a forest-based gathering designed to empower the healing work of people active in our communities. We honor as active anyone who cares enough to help create change, and we define as healing any effort that results in more power-with, instead of power-over, the people, the planet, and all life upon her. Plus, it's right the heck next to a forest of such towering trees and richly woven life, that it's just about indescribable. Swimming available.

The next Heartcircle events will be from August 8th-10th, followed by the National Pagan Cluster Gathering on August 15th-17th.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT Serena at (503) 781 - 1475 or email  heartcircle@care2.net
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