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Update on Straw Devil Timber Sale destruction

 http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/07/268566.shtml has the full story, but here's the latest:
CFD writes:
The forest defender arrested in Unit 2 of the Straw Devil timber sale has been released from Lane County Jail and has been charged with "Interfering with an agricultural operation," a Class A misdemeanor. Arraignment was cancelled (so, no rally Thursday at 1:30), but the new court date is scheduled for 8:30am on Monday, July 28 at the Lane County Courthouse (125 E 8th Ave in Eugene).

From a post earlier on wednesday:

Help is desperately needed immediately. People willing to engage in non-violent civil disobidience, donations, lawyers.....
Logging was completed in unit 1 today, 2 acres of ancient native forest converted to clearcuts

At last update the Forest Service was actively working to evict treesitters from Unit 2, 30 acres of old growth and the home to the ashes of our fallen comrade Sparrow.

The forest service will likely try to cut other units within the coming weeks.

1 person was arrested (twice actually, after being cited and released they immediately returned to the area to continue the eco-defense) and is apparently being charged with Interference with an Agricultural Operation, a class A Misdomeaner.

We have credible reports of a person trapped on a traverse line between two trees, with the forest service having cut all lines to the ground beneath them. They would thus be trapped between two trees with no way of coming down, no food and water, and no ground support.

Help is desperately needed. People willing to engage in non-violent civil disobidience, donations, lawyers.....

Please send help....

contact cfd at 541 684 8977

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org