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Portland Police and Homeland Security Raid Peace Camp

Wednesday morning at 5am a dozen officers from both the Portland Police and Homeland Security raided the Portland Peace Encampment. Although the police threatened to arrest the sleeping demonstrators for "Obstruction as Nuisance" and "Interfering with an Officer," no one was actually charged. The police did, however, confiscate "abandoned" property from the Peace Camp. The raid lasted from approximately 5:02am until 5:33am.

The Portland Police involved in the raid were: Sergeant Sablan in command, Officers Engwiler, Brennen, Ho, Shaw, Winters, Whitcanack, Voeller and Bourasa, and Criminalist Barnes. In addition, Officer Johnson of Federal Protective Services of Homeland Security took part in the raid. The Portland Police used 7 squad cars and 1 Paddy Wagon, while FPS arrived in an SUV. [ Read More ]