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Portland Police and Homeland Security Raid Peace Camp

Wednesday morning at 5am a dozen officers from both the Portland Police and Homeland Security raided the Portland Peace Encampment.
Although the police threatened to arrest the sleeping demonstrators for "Obstruction as Nuisance" and "Interfering with an Officer," no one was actually charged. The police did, however, confiscate "abandoned" property from the Peace Camp. The raid lasted from approximately 5:02am until 5:33am.

The Portland Police involved in the raid were: Sergeant Sablan in command, Officers Engwiler, Brennen, Ho, Shaw, Winters, Whitcanack, Voeller and Bourasa, and Criminalist Barnes. In addition, Officer Johnson of Federal Protective Services of Homeland Security took part in the raid. The Portland Police used 7 squad cars and 1 Paddy Wagon, while FPS arrived in an SUV.

The Portland Peace encampment vows to not let this ongoing police harasment deter them in their ongoing protest against the war in Iraq (and coming soon to Iran and Syria.)
Big Brother 24.Jul.2003 00:01

Andy Seaton

Your tax dollars at work.
Big Brother
Big Brother

police state 24.Jul.2003 03:40

jack diddley

this is just another glaring example of the corporate police state i/we are living in. they're not even trying to hide it or gloss it over anymore. i just re-read 1984, and it's amazing the parallels between the thought police and, say, the FBI? pick any agency. the ministry of truth or love and the office of homeland security. WAR IS PEACE, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, ......we need to take our lives, freedom, back. we, the people, need to abolish this capitalist system and pave the way for true democracy, direct democracy, anarchy. the corporate elites are waging an all out war on the poor/working class. the ruling class' ruthlessness was on display for everyone to see in iraq. and the brain dead patriotic sheep here in this country cheered on the clusterbombing of children at the clear channel rallies, then went home and watched more on CNN. those bad, unamerican pinko-commie neo hippies who DARED to question our great leader, big brother bush the second, were all reduced to what he called a "focus group". hundreds of thousands of people, and even nations, who stood up for humanity over greed and all out slaughter in the name of profit don't matter...we'd better all stop what we're doing and go home. watch a sitcom or FOX news...don't leave your house except to buy or consume at the mall or eat at Mcdonalds. don't question our great leaders and their infinite wisdom. don't try to help the poor or speak out against the wholesale slaughter of other human beings. the thought police (FBI) might come looking for you. NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why did you drive 24.Jul.2003 07:54


hey copper, why don't you guys just walk over there to harass them? it's only two blocks away. you could take the underground parking lot and not even have to go outside.

portland police dept. spokesman... 24.Jul.2003 08:05

this thing here

"earlier this morning, under cover of drunkeness, no, no i mean, ahh, darkness, our brave officers raided an illegal terrorist camp here in portland.

under severe threat to their lives, our officers bravely, uhhh, bravely woke some people up and, ahh, and rooted around looking for things. although they found nothing and couldn't even manage to bring any charges against the terrorists, they are still some of portland's finest.

folks, i can't stress it enough: this peace camp and all peace activists represent a vile threat to our children and loved ones. imagine, people protesting and working for peace. just the thought of the evil in that makes me reach reach for my sidearm. so if you see any of these kind of evil criminals, remember to call the authorities right away.

war is peace. ignorance is strength. amen."

What is your focus? 24.Jul.2003 08:55


Is your focus on peace, homeless injustices, or giving the police something to do?

Dangerous rogue cops 24.Jul.2003 09:57

victim of police assault

Ofc. Brennan #33125 and Ofc. Engweiler #37133 are dangerous rogue cops who assaulted me, a few months ago, permanently injuring my shoulder, neck and back.

Other rogue cops in their posse include Ofc. Friedman #36237 and Ofc. Lile #38941 and Ofc. Hubbard #32024 and Ofc. Kozawa #24580.

These officers are not brave officers they are cowardly bullies and state supported terrorists who truly live by the creed "war is peace. ignorance is strength". The peace campers are lucky they were not beaten or shot.

Allergic To Katz, as they say 24.Jul.2003 09:58

Den Mark

Portland might next get someone worse than the piglet named Katz, but it could also get someone very far superior. She & her chosen one, Kroeker the Frog, are fools beyond the call of fools' duty. Why can't K&K get past this itch they have with the Peace Camp. Anyone else would think of the Camp at least as something quirkily Portlandish but at best as something amazing & beautiful, which it is. GROW UP, mayor, chief, & cops!

Den Mark, Vancouver

Dangerous rogue cops 24.Jul.2003 10:16

victim of police assault

Ofc. Winters #34381 is also a dangerous rougue cop who participates in the fascist activities of the posse mentioned in my earlier post.



I don't know if the campers have access to the web or will check it in time but I was eating lunch today at the Bangkok Palace at 2/taylor next to a few cops. I think 2 of them were sergints since they have stripes on their sleeves. I overheard them talking about something that was going to happen at the peace camp tonight around 11pm (monday). I heard talk of "massive arrest" and a "sweep" of the entire place. There was also some guy with a black uniform that said something like "federal police" on the patch. the older of the sergints mentioned they were bringing in something called 'r.r.t.' .....i dont know if that is swat or not. if someone can warn them about this if they dont have internet access. sounded pretty big. thank you