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Join Code Pink at Creston Park Thursday, 5:30pm

We'll be doing our weekly street vigil/protest reminding commuters about Bush's lies, demanding we get US troops out of Iraq and asking for regime change at home!

Street sign action around bringing troops back from Iraq as they now appear to have been made into target fodder by Bush's arrogant comment of "Bring 'em on." In addition they are now not allowed to complain about their circumstances or "dis" rumsfeld, lest they be subject to punishment. Nope...no first amendment rights for those poor soldiers. There's another sign...."Free Speech for Soldiers." Sounds like they are the ones who need protecting.

Thursday 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Creston Park is on SE Powell and 42nd and there is shade along the street. It's about 2 blocks up from Safeway.

Come one, come all! We'll have extra signs, or bring your own.

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