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Forest defense needed immediately to stop logging in Straw Devil timber sale, where Sparrow's ashes are scattered

Sparrow in unit 2 of Straw Devil last summer during vole surveysCascadian forest activists have put out a call-to-action for all available hands to head to Eugene to help defend the Straw Devil timber sale in the Willamette National Forest near Oakridge. Logging on old growth forest has just started in units 1 and 2 of the sale; the ashes of the forest defender Sparrow are scattered in unit 2. This desecration of such a special place by Starfire Lumber (Engel Investors), of Cottage Grove, and contract logger Basco Logging, of Sutherlin, is a vivid illustration of the heartlessness of the timber industry in its pursuit of profit over everything else. The question, "Is nothing sacred?" has been answered by the timber barons with a resounding "No". The response from the Cascadian community must be swift, direct and decisive. The cutting must stop!

Carpools to Eugene are being arranged from the Cascadia Forest Alliance office at 1540 SE Clinton St. in Portland. Call 503.241.4879 to offer transportation or sign up for a ride. In Eugene, contact the Cascadia Forest Defenders at 541.684.8977 or stop by their office in the Grower's Building (5th & Willamette).

Previous stories about Straw Devil: [ Forest defense community mourns the loss of our friend Sparrow (14.Mar.2003) | Forest (dis)Service billboard in Eugene re-faced to memorialize Sparrow (14.Mar.2003) | friends of Sparrow announce occupation of Straw Devil timber sale ( 24.Mar.2003) | Womyns Occupation at Straw Devil Timber Sale in Cascadia's Willamette National Forest (2.Jul.2003) | Small Victory at Straw Devil Timber Sale (8.Jul.2003) | Update after Unit 1 logged-- arraignment & protest Monday July 28 | First Hand Account ]

Whether or not you can go to Straw Devil yourself, please contact the timber companies and let them know who the real ecoterrorists are: THEM! The ones who are threatening old growth forest and sacred land with their saws and bulldozers!

Starfire Lumber Co Main Office
2795 Mosby Creek Rd, Cottage Grove, OR
(541) 942-0168

Starfire Lumber Co Sales Office
(541) 942-5541

Basco Logging Inc
1039 Park Hill Ln, Sutherlin, OR 97479-9447
(541) 459-9318

Noticed vehicles 23.Jul.2003 17:47

Devil Complex

Several Forest Service LEO vehicles and several Sherrif's vehicles were spotted enroute to the area early this morning.

Brief Update - Rally Tommorrow 23.Jul.2003 19:30

Cascadia Forest Defenders

Help is desperately needed immediately. People willing to engage in non-violent civil disobidience, donations, lawyers.....
Logging was completed in unit 1 today, 2 acres of ancient native forest converted to clearcuts

At last update the Forest Service was actively working to evict treesitters from Unit 2, 30 acres of old growth and the home to the ashes of our fallen comrade Sparrow.

The forest service will likely try to cut other units within the coming weeks.

1 person was arrested (twice actually, after being cited and released they immediately returned to the area to continue the eco-defense) and is apparently being charged with Interference with an Agricultural Operation, a class A Misdomeaner.

We have credible reports of a person trapped on a traverse line between two trees, with the forest service having cut all lines to the ground beneath them. They would thus be trapped between two trees with no way of coming down, no food and water, and no ground support.

Help is desperately needed. People willing to engage in non-violent civil disobidience, donations, lawyers.....

There will be a rally tommorrow at the Lane County Jail at 130pm. Meet at the Forest Defenders office before hand if possible on 454 Willamette St. by 1230pm.

Please send help....

contact cfd at 541 684 8977

Anger issues? 24.Jul.2003 03:36


Thanks to the CFA website, we were able to obtain a lovely photograph of the Freddie (colloquialism for Forest Service officer) who arrested one forest defender on the ground at Straw Devil on Wednesday.

Beware; she's everywhere!

Update on forest defender arrested 24.Jul.2003 03:43


The forest defender arrested in Unit 2 of the Straw Devil timber sale has been released from Lane County Jail and has been charged with "Interfering with an agricultural operation," a Class A misdemeanor. Arraignment was cancelled (so, no rally Thursday at 1:30), but the new court date is scheduled for 8:30am on Monday, July 28 at the Lane County Courthouse (125 E 8th Ave in Eugene).

Call Rick Scott! 24.Jul.2003 09:02


What do you think of all this? Let Rick Scott, the district ranger, know -- give him a telephone call!

He can be reached at:

541-782-5320 or 541-782-2283

Firsthand Account from Straw Devil 24.Jul.2003 09:34

miz terry

I woke up before the sun rose yesterday morning, to the sound of heavy machinery rumbling on the forest road (FS 5875) near where I slept beneath stately old cedars in Unit 2 of the sale. It took me a moment to realize this was not the usual early morning parade of heavy machinery going to work on the railroad - this convoy was stopping right at the head of the trail into the unit. I snuck up to near the road and heard car doors slamming and voices shouting back and forth. I heard the words "spur road" and "crop unit boundaries" before I ran back to where other folks slept on the ground. They woke up and were scurrying into the trees in moments. I got out the camcorder.

And out of nowhere come a cadre of loggers, chainsaws slung over their shoulders. From the other directions, two Freddies (saying forest service law enforcement officers is just waaaay too respectful for their ilk, eh?) come hurtling over a log. One is the infamous Burckel (hell if I know if I spelled that right), and he shouts: "This is a logging operation! If you interfere, YOU - WILL - BE - ARRESTED!" He was followed by an oddly familiar looking man with a mustache who greets me like he knows me. And lo and fucking behold, he does. He showed up in the units two days prior with a bicycle claiming to be "interested in what we were doing to save the forest." Damn sketchy man was, indeed, a spy!

The Freddies went on their way, and immediately the loggers began cutting some of the beautiful cedars that inhabited the top of Unit 2. I stood less than five feet away from one logger (named Frank) as he bore down into the cedar's old trunk with his saw. I screamed. I cried harder than I had in months. I pleaded. The only response I got was a face-full of wood chips spraying into my eyes, nose, arms... Then a cracking I could feel in my chest... Then the fall. The forest's floor shook like an earthquake. I screamed obscenities I don't remember. Then they moved on to the next tree, seemingly oblivious to my dangerously (for me, anyway) close proximity. Every time a tree fell, the forest echoed with the screams of my comrades.

Being so in-their-face, of course, eventually brought me to the Freddies' attention, and I was quickly handcuffed and pushed out of the unit to the road. I was pushed up against a silver SUV with sickeningly appropriate vanity plates; they read: "FALLER." I was instructed that I must leave the area and not come back, or I would be arrested. So, of course, I stormed down the mountain via the road, then bushwhacked my way back into the units, up a mountainside. The chainsaws that were ripping the massive douglas firs of Unit 1 and the great, horrible bulldozer punching in the new road hid the sound of my boots crunching on salal. Just as I arrived in the unit, though, and attempted to communicate with folks in the canopy, I was spotted by Ranger Casey. I tripped in a clumsy and fatigued attempt to get away, and there I was, in handcuffs again. I was crying again; Unit 1 was lost. As I was led out of the forest (again), I saw one of my masked comrades doing loop-de-loops around a traverse line. I raised my handcuffed hands behind my back and shouted, "I think this time it's for good!" The defenders in the trees yelled "I love yous," and one comrade in the sit raised a fist.

Then I was really arrested.

I got taken to Lane County Jail and was charged with a Class A Misdemeanor, "Interfering with an agricultural operation." The conditions of my release from jail are stringent: Do not leave the state; Report in person at the jail daily; Do not be in or around the area of the "alleged incident."

So I'm banned from the place I was beginning to call "home." Banned while they destroy it. Oh well - at least I gave them hell while I could. Today they are probably trying to log the beautiful cedars of Unit 2. I have faith that the warriors out there will hold them off with all they've got, fighting till the end.

And so I put a call out to anyone who considers themselves a lover of all things wild and free: GO TO STRAW DEVIL. Go fight. Go stand up (or climb up!) against the fucking mindless machine and try to save what's left of the little bit of native forest we have left. We have nothing left to lose and everything to gain from this fight.

Love to all forest warriors!
Love to the goddamn bear!

PS - And call that wanker Rick Scott (the district ranger behind this mess) and let him know what you think. You can reach him at 541-782-5320 or 541-782-2283.

Huh??? 25.Jul.2003 00:50


The woman LEO in the picture-is she a victim of patriarchal brainwashing or what? How could she be so mean-I thought women stood for all that is right and just in the world?

men women whats the dif? 31.Jul.2003 18:39


men and women are both oppresors, gender makes no difference. just because you have one set of genatalia does not make you one way or the other. the comment by ??? is sexist against men and women also. it is an assumption that just because you are a women that you are standing for all that is right and a man is all that is wrong. come on lets stop this gender bias and start working together.

stay real

Logging Halted! 01.Aug.2003 12:25


Yesterday federal judge Garr King issued a TRO immediately halting any further logging on the Straw Devil, East Devil, and Pryor timber sales in the Willamette National Forest, with the exception of unit 20 of East Devil, which had already been partially logged. The order prohibits new roads too. The prohibition extends through Sept 2, when the judge will hold a hearing whether these sales and three others (Clark, Solo/Lone, and Borg) are legal. The three other sales are already on hold, by agreement of ONRC and the Forest Service.