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Benefit Movie Showing for Break the Chains Conference

What: Slam, starring Saul Williams and Sonja Sohn
Proceeds to benefit the organizing of the Break the Chains Conference in Eugene From August 8-10 at the Univeristy of Oregon

MONDAY July 28th 7pm At The Know. 2026 NE Alberta

SLAM -- "Freedom isn't out there, its in here... . Never give anyone the power to take away your freedom." - Sonja Sohn in Slam

Slam is a powerful work of cinema verite that portrays the story of a young black performance poet, Raymond Joshua (Saul Williams), who is arrested and imprisoned for a petty marijuana charge in a Washington D.C. jail. Although the confining prison walls do little to shield him from danger, it is within those walls that Raymond establishes his identity, strength and voice, and meets a prison gang leader...

For more info. Contact Anti-Capitalist Action at pdxaca@ziplip.com www.pdxaca.org

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