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Video documentary on RAFAH town in PALESTINE and RACHEL CORRIE

A powerful documentary exposing the horrendous violence perpetrated by the Israeli military in the town Rafah in occupied Palestine. It is also maybe the only film to date about the recent killings of three internationals there: Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurndall, and James Miller. Very Powerful. Presented by a friend of Rachel's with discussion afterwards. Benefit for peacework in Palestine.
WHEN: Wed. july 30th 7pm WHERE: Liberty Hall 311 N Ivy St. $5--? sugg. donation (no one turned away)
This video is hard to watch because it is very violent, but it is good because people need to see what is going on on the ground there.
Can't make the show. 25.Jul.2003 10:06


How can I buy a copy?

Can you show this another time too? 25.Jul.2003 12:05

Interested too

I'd like to see this, but isn't there an indy show the same night? Which one, which one. I haven't seen any of the indy stuff this month.

Fear of a Very Strong Woman 29.Jul.2003 10:23

Lars the Infidel

Rachel Corrie understood and recognized the murderous intent of Zionist Israeli military forces to kill and oppress innocent Palestinians. She acted on that undestanding by attempting to non-violently block the destruction of a Palestinian doctor's home in the southern Gaza Strip on March 16 of this year. She bravely stood in the path of a weaponized Caterpillar D9 bulldozer wearing a brighly colored vest in clear view of the diver. She was then run over twice. Murdered.

Not knowing the exact context of your posted photos, I think they speak to the passion Rachel Corrie felt about the plight of the Palestinian people. She saw the constant devastation to the lives of these people at the hands of the IDF, which our tax dollars continue to fund. Even today, that butcher and war criminal Ariel Sharon is being received at the Bush White House, according to some publish reports to demand more aid and support from the US for his genocidal policies. The same genocidal policies Rachel Corrie fought and died against. But she never hurt anyone in the process.

These posted pictures show a strong woman acting out against horrific symbols of oppression. And I am absolutely sure that small-minded patriarchial simpletons like yourself are absolutely terrified by these images and what they stand for. Peddle your disgusting hate mail -- referring to Rachel as "this thing" -- elsewhere. Go shill for the Zionist murderers elsewhere, sir!

This is a space to honor the memory of Rachel Corrie, the victimized Palestinians whom she supported, and all those acting in a like manner to help the downtrodden everywhere. If you're able, see the film tomorrow. But no matter what, please continue any way you can to fight against the racist murderous Zionist policies Rachel recognized and wanted us all to see and understand.

Another Threatened Tool 29.Jul.2003 15:15

Lars the Infidel

You're right, Nonesuch No-Mind; it is clear to see who "she chose to side with . . . from those photos." That would be children. Innocent children who are so often the deliberate target of the Israeli military killing machine, the infamous and universally reviled IDF.

If anyone's the dupe here, it's people like you who support the murder of innocent people in the name of genocidal Zionism. You, sir, are the worst kind of shill and blind, ignorant propaganda tool. Read a good history book. Get a real life.

Rachel Corrie 13.Aug.2003 17:16


Rachel Corrie is the greatest woman of all of history. Greater than Joan of Arc or Cleopatra or Mother Theresa or any other woman. Her courage, integrity and love for humanity are titanic, gargantuan and have few equals in history. Anyone who fails to see that has the brain of a worm or cockroach and should be squished like the bug that he/she is. Thank you.