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Full support for the repeal of the "Military Retirement Foreiture Law"

I must reply to the writer who lauded Senator Warner (R VA) for his action in the 107th Congress
I must reply to the writer who lauded Senator Warner for his action in the 107th Congress enacting compromise legislation (Combat-Related Special Compensation - CSRC) to provide Concurrent Receipt for Retired Disabled Veterans who incurred a service-connected disability for which they were awarded the Purple Heart. That legislation was merely a sop, an insult and a slap in the face to those of us who incurred disabilities for which a Purple Heart was not provided. It addresses only a small percentage of those who deserve both earned military pension and VA disability payments for service-connected disabilities incurred while on, and as a result of, serving active duty. The Warner legislation was a cynical act to demonstrate that Congress is aware of our plight and is doing something about it, but more troubling, it was the best Congress could do when faced with a veto threat by George Bush against any bill that rectifies this injustice ant finally repeals the tax against all Retired Disabled Veterans.

This is the very same George Bush, "the friend of the veteran", who said during his election campaign that he would not forget the veterans. Promises made will be promises kept. The very same George Bush, on the advice of his senior staff (Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Deputy SECDEF Wolfowitz, Asst SECDEF David Chu, PhD) who has again stated he will veto any legislation coming from the 108th Congress that addresses this injustice once and for all to our Veterans who served (and continue to serve and die for) this great nation proudly and with honor.

The correspondence below addresses the real issue of the Federal Government stealing Retired Disabled Veterans' retirement pension on a one-for-one dollar for every dollar we receive in V.A. disability for service-connected disabilities. The government's action constitutes a 100 per cent tax on Retired Disabled Veterans, and it must be corrected during this 108th Congressional Session.


George W. Bush July 9, 2003

President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

The fifty-two retired General Officers listed below represent more than One
Thousand Five Hundred years of service to our nation. We are profoundly
concerned that the United States is penalizing hundreds of thousands of
disabled military retirees, including many who are unemployable because of
disability incurred in service to their country, and many who exist at or
below the poverty level. The 107th Congress, in 2002, with overwhelming
majorities in both houses, passed legislation that would have ended the
practice of requiring military retirees who receive VA disability
compensation to forfeit an equal amount of their earned retirement pay.
Sadly, because the White House did not support it, the Republican leadership
in the House killed this legislation and substituted the Combat Related
Special Compensation (CRSC). CRSC covers less than five percent of disabled
military retirees and then only if they apply and their application is
approved by the Defense Department.

Again this year, the 108th Congress reintroduced this legislation for which
there is strong bi-partisan support in both the House (HR 303) and the
Senate (S. 392). Mr. President, a word from you would insure passage and
enactment of this just, fair, and long overdue legislation. We urge you as
Commander-in-Chief, to speak for the thousands of disabled GIs who
faithfully served their country for an entire career, were disabled in
service to their country and now find their retired pay taxed at a rate of
100% of their disability compensation. Many of our Noncommissioned
Officers, Warrant Officers and Officers who are disabled, must forfeit their
entire retired pay and many live at a purely existence level with a monthly
income below $2000, even though they served their country for an entire
career in peace and war.

Mr. President, we ask for your personal support for the restoration of full
retired pay to all disabled military retirees. Your voice as
Commander-in-Chief will make all the difference to the nation's military
retirees, today's GIs and tomorrow's Recruits. We respectfully request a
meeting with you to discuss this issue further and its potential impact on
future military preparedness.


Colorado Springs, CO 80920

General George Joulwan General Leon E. Salomon
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

General John Tilelli General William T. Tuttle, III
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

Lt Gen Benjamin N. Bellis LTG August M. Cianciolo
USAF, Retired US Army, Retired

LTG John Crosby Lt Gen Dave Teal
US Army, Retired USAF, Retired

LTG Vaughn O. Lang LTG Clarence E. McKnight, Jr.
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

LTG Emmett Paige, Jr. LTG Charles W. Brown
US Army, Retired US Army Retired

LTG John T. Myers LTG Bruce R. Harris
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

LTG Peter Kind LTG Ronald V. Hite
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

LTG Patrick M. Hughes LTG William G. Carter, III
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

LTG Jerry B. Hilmes LTG Julius W. Becton
U.S. Army, Retired US Army, Retired

LTG Tom Weinstein LTG Alonzo E. Short
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

Lt G George D. Miller LTG Thomas M. Montgomery
USAF, Retired US Army, Retired

Lt G Winfield W. Scott, Jr. LTG Ron Watts
USAF, Retired US Army, Retired

MG William E. Jones MG Patrick J Halloran
USAF, Retired USAF, Retired

MG Bryan G. Hawley MG Robert G. Lynn
USAF, Retired US Army, Retired

MG Alan B. Salisbury MG Ronald E. Brooks
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

MG Stanley C Beck MG William A. Fitzgerald
USAF, Retired US Army, Retired

MG Leo M. Childs MG Fred F. Marty
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

MG Robert Nabors MG Eugene C. Renzi
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

MG George H. Akin MG Jerry Putman
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

MG Dave Gust MG Tom Tait
US Army, Retired US Army, Retired

BG Clarke M. Brintnall BG H. E. (Ed) Robertson
US Army, Retired USAF, Retired

BG William A. Tope BG James R. Ralph, Jr.
USAF, Retired US Army, Retired

BG Kenneth H. Bell BG Robert Wynn
USAF, Retired US Army, Retired

BG Don M. Hartung BG Philip D. Caine
USAF, Retired USAF, Retired

BG Anthony Trifiletti
US Army, Retired
As a one-time Republican who is ashamed of my vote for Bush, I commend to your readers' attention the actions taken by the Freshman Representative of Georgia's Third Congressional District, Rep.Jim Marshall (D), who is unafraid to take on the President and the House Leadership, notably Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R, Indiana) to push through meaningful reform instead of contemptuous lip service. Please review his web site at:

jimmarshall.house.gov/mar...index.html also see  http://pub49.ezboard.com/fvetbenefitsfrm20 and www.supportthevets.com.

I urge our electorate to familiarize themselves with Senate Bill 392 and House Bill 303, which will eliminate this ongoing theft by the Government of the compensation to which we are entitled. Many of us are just getting by rather than providing a dignified standard of living to our families who endured our long years of service in austere locations, combat operations and family separations. It's time for our Nation to Give us our due, not lip service. Those who are spilling blood and watching there comrades die in Bush's (and Cheney's, Rumsfeld's, and Rice's's), Iraq adventure are watching.