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Benefit Movie Showing for Break the Chains Conference

WHat: Slam, starring Saul Williams and Sonja Sohn

When: Monday, July 28th at 7PM

WHere: The Know, 2026 NE ALberta

Why: Proceeds to benefit the organizing of the Break the Chains Conference in Eugene From August 8-10 at the Univeristy of Oregon

MONDAY July 28th

7pm At
the know.
2026 NE Alberta


"Freedom isn't out there, its in here... .Never give anyone the power to take away your freedom." - Sonja Sohn in Slam

Slam, starring Saul Williams, Sonja Sohn, and Bonz Malone, is a powerful work of cinema verite that portrays the story of a young black performance poet, Raymond Joshua (Saul Williams), who is arrested and imprisoned for a petty marijuana charge in a Washington D.C. jail.
Although the confining prison walls do little to shield him from danger, it is within those walls that Raymond establishes his identity, strength and voice, and meets a prison gang leader (Bonz Malone) and a prison writing teacher, Lauren Bell (Sonja Sohn).
Bell inspires Raymond to use the power of creative expression to free himself from the struggles and demise of the black male. As another victim of an incompetent judicial system, sublime poetry and heart wrenching realism, Slam is itself a testament to the importance and the impact of artistic expression.

$3-5 donation
Proceeds to benefit Break the Chains Conference, August 8-10 at the University of Oregon, Eugene

VISION (from the Break the Chains Conference Manifesto) We are organizing this conference to educate people about the bleak reality of the prison crisis, to mobilize from anti-repression, prisoner support and anti-capitalist movements, to humbly host like minded activists from other regions in what we hope is to be an extremely powerful and productive convergence, to learn from survivors of the prison system and gain from them invaluable lessons about the nature of the beast we are up against, and to begin the difficult task of developing a cohesive, organized, diverse, and effective movement against state repression and the politics of mass imprisonment. As the ruling elite intensifies it's repression more and more broadly, such am movement becomes necessary now more than ever before.
Contact  breakthechains02@yahoo.com www.breakthechains.net

Pro community For more info. Contact Anti-Capitalist Action at  pdxaca@ziplip.com www.pdxaca.org

Anti capitalist

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxaca.org