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Kroeker to announce discipline of McCollister - maybe today

from today's Ptld Tribune - Scott McCollister to meet with the chief today to "air his side of the shooting."
From the Portland Tribune -- today, 7/22/03

Officer to air his side in shooting
Scott McCollister awaits disciplinary action in James case
By JENNIFER ANDERSON Issue date: Tue, Jul 22, 2003

The Tribune Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker could announce the discipline he wants to impose on officer Scott McCollister for shooting Kendra James as early as today.

McCollister is scheduled to meet with Kroeker today to plead his side of the case, according to Sgt. Brian Schmautz, the police bureau's public information officer.

"The chief could announce his decision within a matter of hours, or it could take days or even longer," Schmautz said.

Although Kroeker has said he wants to suspend McCollister for "several months," union contract provisions governing discipline allow officers to explain any mitigating circumstances before the final decision is reached.

"Sometimes they give their side, sometimes they make PowerPoint presentations," Schmautz said.

McCollister shot and killed James as she tried to drive away from a traffic stop May 5. A grand jury did not bring any charges in the case after McCollister testified that he feared for his life when James started to drive away while he was still partly inside the car. Several black community leaders have called for McCollister to be fired.

In a related matter, the community task force created by Kroeker in response to the shooting will hold its first meeting in the next couple of weeks.

The Community Policing Oriented Review Team will have a "pretty ambitious" job, meeting every other week for two to three hours, said Assistant Chief Lynnae Berg, who is heading the group.

The goal is to review police policy and procedure on everything from staffing to training, and to come up with concrete solutions by November or December on how to improve the relationship between the police bureau and the community.

The 30 or so members include representatives from the Muslim, Asian, black, sexual minority and police communities, as well as from City Hall and Democratic state Sen. Avel Gordly's office.

"This isn't only about Kendra James," Mayor Vera Katz said Friday. "About every 10 years, every organization should look at itself. The syllabus is, what are the best practices in police organizations around the country?"

According to Tommy Brooks, Katz's spokesman, the mayor identified four priorities regarding the James case after the community forum on the incident last month.

They are: to find a way to restore citizen input in the officers' hirings; to have citizen input in some training procedures; to pursue a policy that would prohibit officers involved in shootings from talking to one another before they're interviewed by detectives; and to pursue expanded membership on the review team.

Contact Jennifer Anderson at  janderson@portlandtribune.com.

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i want in 22.Jul.2003 13:28

lady with a plan to sick it to the man

is there a way to get on this committee...as a representative of the activist community? i think issues regarding police procedures at protests (aka reaffirmation of the police state), new ashcroft supported terrorist procedures for the pigs, etc...all need to be addressed by our community...
if anyone has info about how to get involved...please post.

Contact Richard Rosenthal 22.Jul.2003 14:43

to get involved

If you want to get involved in making a change in how Portland deals with rogue police and rogue mayors and police chiefs green-lighting it all, you should contact richard rosenthal and/or gary blackmer.

rosenthal is the city's point man for cutting off all justice for the officers of the portland police bureau. he is paid handsomely for this service, which he deserves, i suppose, because his sheer stupidity and perfectness for the job is plainly evidenced by the lengths he goes to do it well, such as visiting CRC members' homes late at night to retrieve secret documents he sent to them by mistake.

gary blackmer is his bearded, dweeby boss, who is so sickeningly condescending and patronizing in his dealings with the citizenry, especially minorities who have long demanded real reform and gotten nothing but tattered promises.

together they make a great team. you can watch them in action in the portland media or better yet see them in person at any citizens review committee meeting.

What good is spokesman Schmautz? 22.Jul.2003 14:46

To we the people, I mean...

"The chief could announce his decision within a matter of hours, or it could take days or even longer," Schmautz said.

He continued, "Why ask me? I haven't come within spitting distance of a straight answer in years! I mean, Jesus! I'm the guy who said that BEAVERTON cops shot peaceful men, women, and children with pepper spray and rubber bullets when everyone already knew it was the Portland police."

I doubt they'll let you in 22.Jul.2003 16:26


"reaffirmation of the police state"

"new ashcroft-supported terrorist procedures for the pigs"

This type of language will get you nowhere other than where you are right now.