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FCC Orders LPFM Off The Air

In what's believed to be the first case in which a low-powered station has been silenced by the commission, Frank Patterson's WFBP- LP/Taylors, SC has had its "license to cover" dismissed. Additionally, the FCC set aside an amendment filed by Patterson that sought the relocation of WFBP from 106.1 MHz to another frequency.
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The decision comes following complaints by Barnstable's WGVC/Greenville, SC, which recently moved its tower to the Greenville suburb of Simpsonville, SC in order to improve its coverage of the market, which includes Spartanburg, SC. Taylors is located between Greenville and Spartanburg, and the relocation of WGVC's 25kw at 106.3 FM instantly created problems for Patterson's 71-watt LPFM.

Patterson tells Christian Community Broadcasters that he's "shocked at this atrocity" is considering possible legal action against the FCC. Patterson's
consultant, Leo Ashcraft, adds, "What happened to WFBP-LP could happen to any LPFM. It's important that the LPFM community support Patterson as he enters into this battle with the Goliath FCC. This should be a policy-setting case with the commission once everything is said and done and can either spell further protections for LPFM or lock in these rules that threaten to take away your voice anytime a full power broadcaster wants to expand."