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“Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote!”

rock the vote launches new online voter registration campaign with the dixie chicks
Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote
Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote
"Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote!"
Campaign seeks to register 100,000 young voters in 2003
on the web at rockthevote.com

Los Angeles, July 21, 2003 - At a press conference today, Rock the Vote, and recording stars, the Dixie Chicks, launched a new partnership called Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote! to get young people to register to vote on the web at rockthevote.com. The campaign will feature the Dixie Chicks as spokespersons and will include public service announcements, a special website that will encourage young people to speak out and learn about all sides of the issues, and other activities designed to promote voter participation, particularly targeting young women.

Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote! is part of a broad Rock the Vote strategy to make voter registration ubiquitous on the web in the run-up to the 2004 presidential election. Rock the Vote's new online tool, unveiled with the tag line, "Print it and sign it, lick it and mail it," brings voter registration directly to young people on the web and makes it downright cool. The organization will urge young people to register to vote online and with thousands of Rock the Vote Community Street Team members at concert venues, on campuses, and on street corners.

In announcing the initiative, Rock the Vote's executive director, Jehmu Greene, said, "Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote! is going to get young women registered to vote like never before. The Dixie Chicks are enormously popular with young women and they are the perfect partners for Rock the Vote's campaign. Many young people who are not registered to vote say they don't know how to do it or they have never been asked. We're going to change that by bringing it right to them over the Internet. Our first goal for this campaign is to register 100,000 young voters in 2003 and then to make young voters a key battleground for the 2004 election."

Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote! will target young women because, like all young people, they are less likely to vote than older women. In making the announcement, the Dixie Chicks said, "It is important for young people to know they have the power to Rock the Vote. Only 36% of Americans between the ages of 18-24 voted in the last presidential election. We are involved with Rock the Vote because they are a great avenue for bringing awareness to the issues and getting people to register to vote. We invite other artists to join us in this cause."*

The Dixie Chicks will urge their fans to register to vote at Rock the Vote's website; Dixie Chicks concerts will also feature peer-to-peer voter registration by Rock the Vote Community Street Team members. The group will also work with Rock the Vote to develop a special area of the Rock the Vote website where young people are invited to speak out and learn about all sides of the issues, which will be funded by a special $100,000 donation to Rock the Vote from the Dixie Chicks.

Jehmu Greene said, "Thanks to the support of our partners, young people will find our online registration tool wherever they spend their time on the web - media websites, artist fan clubs, discussion boards, email, everywhere. Voter registration is about to make a big jump forward on the web. Through Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote! and other campaigns, over the remaining 471 days before the election, young people will engage with tens of thousands of Rock the Vote Street Team members at concerts, on television, on campuses, on street corners and online. We will register them, educate them, and mobilize them to vote on Election Day."

ABOUT ONLINE REGISTRATION: "Print it and sign it, lick it and mail it."
Rock the Vote's online voter registration brings the national voter registration forms directly to young people on the internet and allows them to complete the forms through an interactive web-based application. The design reflects the music-oriented slant of Rock the Vote, and makes the process of registering to vote or updating voter registration information such as address and party affiliation, simple and fun. Rock the Vote's online voter registration is target marketed for a young audience. Once an individual walks through the process, the tool will complete a PDF version of the National Voter Registration Form (which Rock the Vote pushed for as part of the Motor Voter Act of 1996). The printed form provides the address for that person's elections office. As the tool explains, all the user has to do is, "Print it and sign it, lick it and mail it." Rock the Vote will follow up to remind people by email about deadlines and other important "where" and "how" aspects of voting on Election Day.
Get registered here!

ABOUT ROCK THE VOTE: "Fighting for free expression since 1990."
Founded in 1990 by leaders of the recording industry, Rock the Vote is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and empowering young people to change their world. Rock the Vote works with music artists, actors and entertainment industry leaders to energize young people about participating in the political process. Rock the Vote's national Community Street Team network engages thousands of young people as political activists in their community: organizing, educating, and registering voters at concerts, community festivals, campuses, coffee shops and street corners. Rock the Vote is headquartered in Los Angeles with an office in Washington, D.C.

* Voting statistic is the percentage of people 18-24 who voted in the 2000 election.
U.S. Census, Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2000 (February 2002)

homepage: homepage: http://www.rockthevote.com/press_rtv_dixiechicks.php

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Their home page is pretty impressive as well.

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So cool.