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Heartcircle Healing Space: as seen in the Peaceworker

Heartcircle Healing Space is a forest-based gathering designed to empower the healing work of people active in our communities. We honor as active anyone who cares enough to help create change, and we define as healing any effort that results in more power-with, instead of power-over, the people, the planet, and all life upon her. Plus, it's right the heck next to a forest of such towering trees and richly woven life, that it's just about indescribable. Swimming available.
Building the Soils of Activist Souls
Debut Event- July 25th-July 27th

Crisis and Opportunity
*In this age of the planet, a single push of a button could alter our world more than we can imagine. Other, slower, methods transform the earth every day, put into motion by the people least likely to be affected by what they do. That is our planetary crisis. In the Japanese language, there is no word for "crisis". Instead, a crisis is represented by two symbols: one meaning "danger" and the other, "opportunity".
*In this part of the story of this planet, we have, increasingly, the ability to come together, and consciously create a world that works for all. It won't be on the news. It won't be announced by the President. It won't be certified by any "higher authority". It will be evident here, and now, in your mind, in your body, in your spirit, in your heart.

THIS IS A CALL TO HEALING AND ACTION, of the mind, the spirit, the body, the hands, and the heart; action and healing TOGETHER. How will it happen? You know that the best.

WE INVITE YOU TO THE FOREST, to a place where magic happens. You arrive at an easily accessible campsite. There you find a circle dedicated to empowering the healing work of people active in our community. The community is the planet. "Healing" is defined as any effort that moves towards the practice of power-with, instead of power-over, your self, the people, the planet, and all life upon her. And "active" means any one who cares enough to help create change.
As you cross the river on the back of an ancient cedar log, you enter the place known as the Clackamas Cathedral Grove, where light and shadow dance upon the tapestry of life that is the forest floor, beneath towering trees that were old when this nation was born, and now stand, massive pillars of peace and moss and silence.
We invite you to the place that breathes magic, life, and peace, that our roots may become as the roots of the tree, and our spirits grow as surely as the tree. Beneath it all, we will know ourselves to be intertwined, which is why we will stand so tall against the wind. And - we will know all life to be interconnected, which is why we can create change that lasts.

Directions: From I-5 at Salem, take exit 253 and go E towards Stayton/Detroit on Hwy 22. After crossing the Detroit bridge, turn L onto Hwy 46 at the only gas station in town and head N for about 30 miles. You will pass FS rd 4680 on your R, then 2 mi later, FS rd 42, also on your R. Immediately afterwards, look to your L for a grassy shoulder/pull-off with a waist-high rock shaped like a saddle at the back and center of it. There will be a sign or a person to direct you from there.

From Portland,
Go about 30 miles S of Esctacada on Rt 46, about 10 miles south of Austin Hot Springs, and about four miles S of FS rd 4650 (a R). You will see big signs in an open space on your R - pull in there, and ask the volunteer for direction. If you reach FS rd 42 on your L, you've gone 2 miles too far.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT Serena at (503) 781 - 1475 or email  heartcircle@care2.net

July 25th-27th

The next Heartcircle events will be from August 8th-10th, followed by the National Pagan Cluster Gathering on August 15th-17th.

Friday evening 5-7PM: registration
Friday 7pm- : invocation and welcome festivities
Saturday: Workshops: Council of all Beings healing circle, storytelling circle, elements of the sacred skillshare, elements of activism skillshare, NonViolent Communication, Forest Ecology, four dimensional art, treeclimbing, yoga, meditation, massage, music, writing, song.
Sunday: Morning: healing trade circle Late morning/ early afternoon: interfaith forest ritual (atheists included) calling forth the energies of friends, family, elements, and earth, to join us.
Event ends at 1pm on Sunday.
Schedule is subject to additions and change.

What to bring:
Food; water/ways to purify water; cooking supplies; tent/tarp; sleeping pad; sleeping bag; flashlight; layers of warm to cool weather clothing preferably made of wool, polypropelene, or fleece; toilet paper; any medical necessities; art supplies; favorite books or poems; musical instruments; curiosity; your questions; your inspirations; and your Self.
Cost: Sliding scale donation, from $0-$200

Organizers' position on alcohol and drugs: Because alcohol/other drugs have been known to detract from people's abilities to sense what they and the people around them need, we ask that any use of substances to alter perception, mood, or spirit, take place outside of the camp. If anyone is noticeably detracting from others' experiences as a result of substance use, we will encourage them strongly to leave until their behavior is less impacted.
We understand and appreciate that many people use a broad variety of remedies to accentuate their connections with others and self. We ask that others be allowed to judge what they are and are not willing to share space with. To prevent abuse of this, we will encourage the search for solutions that work for all.

Behaviors that force one person's view of the world, system of values, or will upon another person will be strongly discouraged as well. We encourage instead that people seek out what is different, difficult, and strange because it is seen as valuable, vital, and wise, while remaining centered in their own love for themselves.

re. alcohol and drugs 22.Jul.2003 08:46

community resident

bravissima, serena, on the idea of limiting or prohibiting alcohol and drug use at this space! mind-altering, mood-muddling, addictive substances are often barriers to the success of activist projects. also, their role in the sexual abuse that has taken place in many of our communities is undeniable, in my opinion. there's a place for ritual use of various substances, but it should only be done mindfully and with great care. unfortunately, it rarely is. i often wonder how much more would get done if people didn't smoke so much weed, for example. i am happy to see that the healing space is addressing these issues.

Thank you, Serena 25.Jul.2003 16:40


I have thought often about how to discourage intoxicants. My proposed statements have always tended to be over harsh, and to invite resistance.

You and your circle must have worked hard and carefully on this statement.

May I use it?

I am currently to distant to visit. Perhaps, someday.

May life grow around you.