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RedRed is a latina womyn from Portland facing a 5yr sentence on trumped up charges that she broke a window that was not broken until 2 days after her arrest during the Sacramento WTO/USDA protests. She needs our help to fight this outrageous charge! This Bike is a Pipe Bomb show will have ACBC cooking with all proceeds going to Red Red and Brew Bloc is giving out beer with all donations going to Red Red.
When: This Wednesday July 23rd 7pm
Where: Liberty Hall N Ivy
Don't forget to write a letter or 2 or 50 to the Sacramento DA!!!
address 22.Jul.2003 01:23


That is 311 N Ivy.

Is there more info? 22.Jul.2003 02:47


Is there more information available about this somewhere? (e.g., some sort of proof that the window really wasn't broken 'till after her arrest, or witness accounts stating that fact?)

If so, let me know what else I can do to help. (Can't make the benefit, gotta bring home the bacon.)

More info 22.Jul.2003 09:06


I don't want to give too much info about the case, but I can tell you that there has been evidence tampering and witnesses intimidated into silence. Beyond that I can only give you my word that she did not do this. Surely you can at least write a letter in her behalf, based on that? They're taking all the cheap/illegal shots because they think that she is forgotten and facing them alone. So we need to write letters and do whatever else we can to let them know that she is not alone! An injury to one is an injury to all!

Even if 22.Jul.2003 11:05


Even if you don't believe what alot of us have to say about the window being busted or not. Aren't you outraged that they would try and put someone behind bars for 5 years for a window being busted! Aren't you sickened that they are currently spending more money prosecuting her than it would take to replace the window. This si a bullshit politically trumped up charge and we all know it, there is no other explanation.

Outrage 22.Jul.2003 12:47


Birdman -- Yes, even if she had done it and received a sentence greater than probation, it would be outrageous. This country is far too willing to throw people in prison for extraordinary terms for the simplest of offenses. (As we've seen time and time again).

My concern about writing a letter to the district attorney is with the content I might put in it. All I know about this case is the small amount gleaned on this Internet board. I suppose I could write something like "There are signification doubts...the proposed penalties are egregious..." Worth a shot, I spose.

To James 22.Jul.2003 15:15


Anything helps, but if you still have doubts or questions, come Wednesday night to TBIAPB and talk to people at the ACBC table for info. Alot of us are familiar with the case, some more than others but someone should be able to help you.

... 22.Jul.2003 16:58


while in Sac, during the jail support action, someone mentioned to me that there was a photo of the window "not broken" after Red Red was arrested for breaking it. If this is true I hope whoever has the photo comes forward.