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The Hybrid-Anarchist Listserv

The Hybrid-Anarchist Listserv


The hybrid-anarchist list is a discussion group by and for people who everday live the reality of a bordered identity including; people of color / white, indigenous / non-indigneous, gay / straight, male / female, working class / middle class, or any other hybrid background along these lines, who feel they would benefit from voluntarily associating with others in similar situations for the purpose of discussion and action. It is a list for those anarchists and antiauthoritarians who don't fit into these kinds of dichotomies for one reason or another and who are interested in developing new tendencies and presence in the anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement that reflect our own unique experiences in this way rather than pretending that they do not exist as has largely been the case up until now. Direct action and personal experiences, methods being used to build new ideas and interventions, how we relate our ideas to the many communities we intersect with, how we reach out creatively to people in these and other communities, how anarchism and various beliefs relate to our public and private lives when we "pass" or don't "pass" as the case may be and much, much more are up for discussion. This is intended as a place for anarchist and anti-authoritarian people who know what it means to daily experience the reality of a bordered identity, those who might often feel isolated and without support, to come and speak their minds and hearts. All that we ask is that you just be respectful of one another; we might not always agree on tactics or approaches, but for every difference, there's a basis of unity, just as we all know quite well, for every basis of unity there is often a difference as well. The photo is Frank Little, the famous mixed-blood Wobbly who was lynched from a railroad tressle in Butte, Montana in 1917.
sounds good 21.Jul.2003 17:08


This seems like a good idea - there are lots of mixed-race, genderqueer and other kinds of anarchists who are "off the map" of what is usually talked about as being something to organize around for anarchists....bravo!

img 21.Jul.2003 17:47