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God Honest

When bush told Americans, americans didn't need any proof against Laden, bush really said, cowardly Americans no longer wish to protect Freedom by following the crime scene leads offered by the Justice departments. No Justice for Laden means, no documented arrest of actual criminal perpetrators. (Laden completely by himself was he?) Which incidentally, America's bush and rumsfeld had completely planned SECRETLY to NOT arrest for 9/11 before hand, with the official antichrist's, "invade Afghanistan without any evidence plan".
God Honest

"Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people." John Adams - August 1765

Where did we come from? Did you know, only a few short decades ago, corporations paid taxes and were proud of it? Did you know, only a few short years ago, it was believed the American People would only fight for just causes as the God willing?

I say, the American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are too important to leave America without bush complaining over. Why? If you unjustly treat US foreigners, you debase your own entitlement. Example: When bush told Americans, americans didn't need any proof against Laden, bush really said, cowardly Americans no longer wish to protect Freedom by following the crime scene leads offered by the Justice departments. No Justice for Laden means, no documented arrest of actual criminal perpetrators. (Laden completely by himself was he?) Which incidentally, America's bush and rumsfeld had completely planned SECRETLY to NOT arrest for 9/11 before hand, with the official antichrist's, "invade Afghanistan without any evidence plan". How? Demon bush and rumsfeld's business partner, the military strategist General Amad, is the one and same who forwarded funding to the 9/11 'mastermind', Our Mr. Atta., while reminding the Taliban, no evidence would be a crime against God. Destroy Our Mr. bush Jr. American Patriot Soldier.... But I digress for now respecting myself on our public evidence that demands Mr. bush be immediately questioned then arrested for 9/11 as heinous traitor God betrayer human hater..

I side to figure, actually very few, of any mind, would support war monger bush financially in destroying ourselves as the chosen victims for criminal sacrifice. My eternal Battle is one of communicating the political reality we suffer under by criminal dictates, while knowing, our true remedy can only be found through the practice of Justice to secure freedom for all concerned. Indivisibly measured to all as equally so. An eternal nature to order perhaps. And, like magic, Walla Allah! Your Christened as still suffering needlessly to bush, as too poor to know any better about these real world Jewish matters. Thankfully, our National News programing seems to be slowly rising on the illegitimate American President with expressions of genuine concern, on where, demon bush is taking US truly as the unjustly dying. Soldiers are being poisoned to die as worthless to the corporate bottom line of wether CNN should ever decide to report on depleted uranium. It isn't every soldier to blame blindly, it is the criminal actions of rumsfeld and bush, that bring down the most loyal American Patriots unforgivingly. Big Picture: Love binds US to all Living things, therefor, Mr. bush and rumsfeld must face immediate arrest or execution by America. While in Iraq, we need a total commitment of Justice ruling our exit strategy. Stealing Iraqi assets for Dutch-Shell, WorldCom and bremer, while incarcerating the innocent denied human rights, stealing food and water, just isn't going to fly.

And die they are.

Johnny is spooky to himself even. However, I manage being comfortably myself whilst I continue attempting to breathe life into our universal convictions to protect God and Humanity as our own included. I bring with me, a written history of many concerns, of some, I no longer consider strategically tenable. Still, our private banking industry is in desperate need of reforms through public consensus to gain our representation, while to win, lotteries must pay out 100 percent of total cash wagered, and finally, a progressive tax structure needs to be first understood generally, then mathematically practiced, to sustain ability for a nation's wealth and prosperity to continue. "Non-Medical" narcotic laws need relaxation with smarter controls, and marihuana should be completely de-criminalized, with perhaps public service stories of risks and benefits, gains, and liabilities. Have you ever met a crackwhore, or a convulsing heroin addict?, where perception of personal values only comes around when trying anything to obtain the lost gratification of normalcy? Or perhaps fallen victim to crimes? In America, 40 percent of criminals are in on drug relations. The organized crime involved in the buying and selling process, (including the dumb and evil bushite nazi soldiers dying for heroin pushers against the women loving, girl school running, freedom fighters of Afghanistan), elevates the price to exceed the market barers who fall wasted. How FAR can bush's heroin freely take someone of Your community who is chemically indebted? No profits for cocaine dealing pimps would come about with no profit prescriptions, while a banking industry that served for the interests of our currency, would recognize Our money is not IOUs written by secret private edict without any math questions pondered. Look, the private banker borrows Your Earned deposit, charges whatever for our transactions to pocket the differences privately, while devaluing all our personal assets by inflation. (Hint: Big bankers are billionaires for who's work dummy chump?) The National debt is really what the ... Ah.... blah blah blah...

We can actually understand suffering from our inability to solve some of our life's most desperate real world problems., not because we don't know any better, but because, we're afraid to listen to people converse as the faulting stupid humans. So we hide from deity bush's true ineptness, as a crime representor against Humanity faithfully followed through ignorance. While the yearning for better understanding through knowledge sharing, doesn't seem at all relevant to corporate greed with minimum investment scheduled. Why bother to stand up for your brother, neighbor, or complete stranger's profit, if your only a machine geared to maximizing takes from devaluating the living human interest angle? How can bush's america compete without law against slave labor, but with supporting tyranny for America. Bound by consequence. Karma. Right? Let's count, how many worthless generations of People should suffer from radiation posioning, that will give maybe the bushites, a few extra thousand dollars for his re-election war campain? How many American teen soldiers should be killed as traitors robbing from Iraq to steal for bremer? How many? I ask you American Patriot to support our cause before we die as worthless, measured as cowardly victims by bush and rumsfeld. Repeat after me: "Never will I blindly serve as a slave to devolving criminal demon bush dictate".

My hope as God spokesperson, is to gain the respect of all whom wears this stupid Crown. Life is more than we could ever truly know of. You are prone to be as amazing as I could be. Like anything is absolutely. Nothing but the Universe here on planet Earth as freedom shackled. Therefor, communicating with field experts is important on top priority, life death issues. The American fledgling Justice protectors, the CIA and FBI investigating officers for 9/11, Afghanistan, and now Iraq, are critically important to gaining America's position officially. Lies or no lies. Like asking Mueller if he has heard mentioning of General Ahmad and Condoleezza working together with the 9/11 Presidential Directive, on September 9th as the self described bush cabal. (Truth as disturbingly funny we is; they call themselves secret liars costumed up as our public officials. Figures eh?) Anyway, Mueller, what say you about this Police matter?

Who's Who on the 9/11 "Independent" Commission by Michel Chossudovsky

/ / In other words the man responsible for the day to day operations of the 9/11 Commission, including the recruitment of staff and the coordination of research, is closely linked to Bush's inner cabinet. He has a close professional relationship with Condoleezza Rice, with whom he has collaborated for the last 10 years. He is co-author of a book written with Condoleezza Rice. \ \

Condoleezza has been acting truly strange as of late no? And, as was so well articulated in the spheres of the globalresearch.ca article, isn't the new commision also in public conflict to acknowledge the not corporately reported, but relevant as interesting and important, inside traders investigated by the American CIA stonewalled by Tenant?, not speaking for America?

Ruppert's "Blood in the Water" is powerfully informative, providing gathered intelligent insight on the development of what is becoming, widely public as plainly aware.


Blood in the Water Watergate II by Michael C. Ruppert  http://globalresearch.ca/articles/RUP307B.html

/ / .. "Rockefeller directed particularly pointed criticism at National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, saying her very public role in pinning the blame on Tenet is 'dishonorable.'"

.. CBS then quoted former Republican White House staffer David Gergen as saying, "Somebody in the administration, not in the agency, wanted to put this in the speech and got the CIA to sign off on it, even though everybody knew within the US government that there were real doubts about the validity of the report. And that's what constitutes the misleading quality of it."

[quoting Waxman quoting Powell when he spoke at the UN to argue committing war crimes by falsehood, as substantiated untruths... (Lies.)]

...Specifically, the State Department fact sheet contains the following points under the heading "Nuclear Weapons": "The Declaration ignores efforts to procure uranium from Niger. Why is the Iraqi regime hiding their uranium procurement?"

[Why was the bushmob lying? To murder US outcasts for the big bucks in stolen values. Ours. ( God secret: We just can no longer go farther as discounted religiously.)]

[Later as Waxman]

...These facts raise troubling questions. It appears that at the same time that you, Secretary Rumsfeld, and State Department officials were citing Iraq's efforts to obtain uranium from Africa as a crucial part of the case against Iraq, U.S. intelligence officials regarded this very same evidence as unreliable. If true, this is deeply disturbing: it would mean that your Administration asked the U.N. Security Council, the Congress, and the American people to rely on information that your own experts knew was not credible. \ \

Or, why did America give support to Afghani heroin pushers and Uzbekistan's repressor? Yeah that's right, bush isn't America, America is America just sleeping still.

Why should We allow Americans to be treated unfairly, stolen from, then murdered by bush, rumsfeld and Powell again is what I'm asking now as an outsider looking in. I declare as King Johnny, I want to participate Internationally with polite dialog on america's war crimes, while calling for the immediate arrest or execution, of the traitors, Our Mr. bush Jr. and rotten rumsfeld.


A person like you only comes around once in a lifetime to help a desperate eternal God like US communicate, so please, do yourself a favor, and put in a good call for US, will ya? I'd do almost anything for living, and with Your help, I'll never have nobody to share your suffering with either. Join the club.. friend and blood.

Your loyal servant,

Johnny Wizard


Uranium claim linked to aide at White House / CIA tried to keep error out of speech  link to www.sfgate.com / / Although Durbin said he believes the testimony makes it clear the White House was "insistent" on using uranium allegation in the speech, others said that was open to interpretation. \ \


Media Underplays U.S. Death Toll in Iraq

uploaded 18 Jul 2003

Soldiers Dead Since May Is 3 Times Official Count


/ / According to official military records, the number of U.S. soldiers who have died in Iraq since May 2 is actually 85. This includes a staggering number of non-combat deaths. Even if killed in a non-hostile action, these soldiers are no less dead, their families no less aggrieved....A Web site called Iraq Coalition Casualty Count (  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx) is tracking the deaths, by whatever cause, of U.S. military personnel in Iraq, based on official Pentagon and CENTCOM press releases and Army Times and CNN casualty trackers. \ \


CIA Got Uranium Reference Cut in Oct. Why Bush Cited It In Jan. Is Unclear By Walter Pincus and Mike Allen Washington Post Staff Writers Page A01  http://la.indymedia.org/news/2003/07/72335.php


Bush White House in crisis over Iraq war lies  http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/jul2003/iraq-j14.shtml

/ /When the CIA objected to the inclusion of the uranium-Africa charge, White House officials proposed that Bush cite the conclusions of British intelligence, rather than the doubts of US intelligence. Hence the formula that was placed in Bush's mouth January 28: ``The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.''


So, demon bush now tells US, he honestly took no time to understand, research, or clarify HIS major political positions of wanting to indiscriminately commit mass murder against our families of Humanity. Didn't communicate with anyone in the American intelligence agencies as the illegitimate President of America he is.

CBS News | Bush Knew Iraq Info Was Dubious  http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/07/11/eveningnews/printable562741.shtml

/ / Before the speech was delivered, the portions dealing with Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were checked with the CIA for accuracy, reports CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin. CIA officials warned members of the President's National Security Council staff the intelligence was not good enough to make the flat statement Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa.

The Insiders Are Coming Out By William Rivers Pitt From:  http://truthout.org/docs_03/070803A.shtml

/ / Beers' position as special assistant to the President for combating terrorism meant he saw everything and knew everything. He was on Nightline for one reason: He quit his job, walked out the door, and joined the John Kerry for President campaign as National Security Advisor.

The first letters from Briton facing the death penalty at Camp X-Ray By Neil Mackay and Felicity Arbuthnot  http://www.sundayherald.com/35128

/ / Begg's father, Azmat, insists his son is not a terrorist. Ironically, Begg, who owned a bookshop in Birmingham, spent his formative years at a Jewish school and still has many Jewish friends. According to Azmat, a retired bank manager, his son was moved by the plight of the Afghani people and in 2001 travelled to Kabul with his family to start a school for basic education and provide water pumps.

.... Begg's father Azmat, who proudly recounts the fact that all his family served in the British army, says his grandchildren are distraught at their father's disappearance.

Mr. Bush, You Are A Liar By William Rivers Pitt  http://truthout.org/docs_03/071103A.shtml / / Death knows no political affiliation, and a bloody lie is a bloody lie is a bloody lie. The time has come for Congress to fulfill their constitutional duties in this matter, to defend the nation and the soldiers who live and die in her service. The definition of 'is' has flown right out the window. This 'is' a crime. George W. Bush lied to the people, and lied to Congress. There are a lot of people dead because of it.

Denial and Deception By Paul Krugman  http://truthout.org/docs_03/062503E.shtml / / For example, some commentators have suggested that Mr. Bush should be let off the hook as long as there is some interpretation of his prewar statements that is technically true. Really? We're not talking about a business dispute that hinges on the fine print of the contract; we're talking about the most solemn decision a nation can make. If Mr. Bush's speeches gave the nation a misleading impression about the case for war, close textual analysis showing that he didn't literally say what he seemed to be saying is no excuse. On the contrary, it suggests that he knew that his case couldn't stand close scrutiny.

So, demon bush now tells US, he honestly took no time to understand, research, or clarify HIS major political positions of wanting to indiscriminately commit mass murder against our families of Humanity. Didn't communicate with anyone in the American intelligence agencies as the illegitimate President of America he is. While demanding at the same time, he did knew top secretly better than everybody else does still, leaving US to forgo our own principles of Justice to be sacrificed even further unjustly. That evil nazi fuck, the demon God betrayer human hater, tells US, it was Tenant (not the CIA) actually that was responsible for the fraudulent evidence he argued publicly to wage WAR against our Humanity with. In Our name unjustly devalued by the criminal bush doctrine. Lies that bush uses to sacrifice leaderless American GIs for Halliburton and WorldCom, all the while, robbing from the American public in a war against our World as an enemy of all Humanity. While still, LOOK, bush gives no apology to angry Johnny, or the morning American families dying as traitors, painted as cowards, further dying as too easily sacrificial for further criminal bush exploits continuing in Iraq UNDER the bare naked war crime funder, the victim robber, Our Mr. bremer. After disappearing BILLIONS unaccounted as Saddam aid, including an escrow account through the UN, bush, bremer and the Dutch-Shell partners, plan to skim a further 30 percent from oil sales for themselves without an Iraqi Government to stop them as thieves. Mr. bremer is not trying for a representative democratic governmental stability for Iraqis, for there is much more American tax payments in sacrificing bush binded as blind, American Patriot Soldiers for the criminal likes and greed of Worldcom, than there is to give to the Iraqi People as desperately needing. Right? Why should bremer be spending America's time invested in Helping Our IRAQ govern herself for the betterment of the People, if he wont be able to steal as much with Dutch-Shell ideals, and WorldCom concealments? Do you really think any form of democracy in Iraq, would have hired WorldCom above all others to cover up something likely further planned to be illegal? No? Why take the stupid risk that American Soldiers might actually learn of what they are truly dying for as dumb and evil? Now I know, American GIs are known world wide as already weak and cowardly, but basic math skills are taught in early elementary, and actually dying for bush and dutch-shell to rob from God and America is pushing things to far.

Rotten rumsfeld tells US, almost 4 billion American tax dollars has bent spent per month on something about Iraq, (4,000,000,000 / 160,000 Soldiers equals $31,250.00 for example) while bremer tells Iraqis, if he and Dutch-Shell can secure 5 or 5.5 billion in completed new oil sales contracts, he'll be sure to promise maybe 3 billion for the Iraqi Nation expenses, all managed by whom he and bush have, or will personally appoint for free perks, from the likes of Dutch-Shell, double billers Halliburton, or WorldCom pension shysters. That is if all goes without success in shedding criminal bremer as an occupying oppressor of US innocent people. A terrorist Mr. bremer is according to the official FBI definition.

All essential civilian Iraqi infrastructure needs immediate, undivided unending attention, and protection, like with food and medicines, along with encouraging public discussion for a fair, wide open elections process to deal with the serious primary issues of public accountability. Opened to ALL legal residents. Criticized openly by corporate America, if it should feel dictated to do so during the public discussions on Iraqi's loyalty to God and family. OUR Families! Who again, in America, I beg, to get off the drugs and wake up to reality.

Now I must get heavy.

What could be agreed upon with ANY civilization here to contemplate ably? A just rule of law is freedom unparalleled naturally by design occurring as Universal chaos is. Example: Would you want to lose your freedoms for not depriving another of same said privileges? Truly, Justice for all is Freedom for You as believing. It matters not what you think of me as John personally, for You ultimately, reflect also on the indivisible eternal nature of our suffering Human condition shared equally as Creation though a desperate as forgotten, God as our Love forsaken. Murdering US People for no good reason but to rob from ourselves as dying sell-out bush thieves, is genuinely wrong to just about everybody considered. See?, when rumsfeld orders the dropping of small nukes, or a 14000 pound bomb on a community, or perhaps cluster bombs in civilian districts, or maybe a depleted uranium laced Tomahawk missile, it actually kills US people... and for what?


/ / We had one hundred percent access, to change anything we wished, by public persuasion at a publicized international level, promised to be broadcasted nationally in Iraq by Saddam also. What can be changed now in Iraq, that couldn't have been under the stable Saddam regime communicating? Outside of the criminal thefts of Iraqi assets? Could bush have demanded that innocent prisoners not be tortured, or at the least, be granted their day in a public court to face some sort of accusation? Does the forced bush mandate articulate somewhere in secret that evidence will no longer be a prerequisite to determine what is evil to all humanity?, now that he tyrants as demon antichrist? Strangely funny yes, and life is like a dream almost, but think again:

No representative world body politic, would decide to purposefully, criminally victimize US as the Innocent for war monger, American cop killer bush as our official Democratic decision maker.

I hope you as anyone else, can agree to find easy agreement with anyone on our own interest as immediate need, to have the heinous UNJUST traitor to our Humanity, the mass murdering Mr. bush Jr., immediately halted for victimizing Humanity criminally as documented factual.

Mr. bush Jr. SIGNED his own name with Condolezza to the "top secret" Presidential Directive 9/11 Plan. A plan to invade Afghanistan without using evidence for an allegation to a crime they would pin on Laden as innocent of. A documented plan, IN AMERICA'S NAME, to not apprehend the actual 9/11 perpetrators by following the ample criminal leads offered through America's FBI or CIA. Again, all completely planned SECRETLY several days before the WTC incidents. Planned with bush, rumsfeld, and atheist General Ahmad, the funder of 9/11's fall guy, Atta. The very last thing Ahmad, bush and rumsfeld wanted, was to actually arrest Laden, for it would have foiled their documented in writing, criminal war crimes against my America to steal the big bucks with our funerals. Mueller, franks and Tenant, would likely be directly involved, like Condolezza is for sure, and need to be questioned, then immediately arrested for treason to face public trial in our court room of popular opinion. Destroy Our unarrested Mr. bush Jr. my friend, and this Universe of ours will be forever grateful.

God is Just,

Johnny Wizard --

Have you heard mention of Joseph Wilson?

 link to news.google.ca

Wow! The American corporate media seems to be acting human. Excellent.



White House admits Bush wrong about Iraqi nukes Jul 8, 2003, 01:29  http://www.capitolhillblue.com/artman/publish/printer_2518.shtml

//"The report had already been discredited," said Terrance J. Wilkinson, a CIA advisor present at two White House briefings. "This point was clearly made when the President was in the room during at least two of the briefings." Bush's response was anger, Wilkinson said. "He said that if the current operatives working for the CIA couldn't prove the story was true, then the agency had better find some who could," Wilkinson said. "He said he knew the story was true and so would the world after American troops secured the country." \

Wow! Then....

White House 'warned over Iraq claim'  http://www.khilafah.com/home/category.php?DocumentID=7760&TagID=2

//That means that the administration would have known nearly a year before the State of the Union address that the information was likely false. In response, a US Government official told the BBC that the White House received hundreds of intelligence reports every day. The official said there was no evidence that this specific cable about uranium had been passed on to the president.\

Someone in the ""US Government", seems to think it would make a bad image if Democracy's bush and cheney, truly knew before hand, of the ACTUAL evidence they repeatedly sited, but didn't tell US publicly of, all so they then could steal billions in an attempt to destroy our freedoms while killing The People as not represented in their decision taking. While the bushites bask in the adoring adulation transcribed by corporate TV command, all of US, granted to be even further willing victims, of injustice and tyranny as our voices pirated through corporate devaluations of the human spirit.

It Was The Politicians Who Took Us Into War, and Not The Intelligence Services by Robin Cook  http://www.commondreams.org/views03/0708-04.htm

//Yet the Foreign Office has so far failed to reply to the committee's demands to say when it learned the documents on the alleged uranium purchase were crude forgeries. Why? Is it because the answer would reveal that ministers knew this part of the September dossier was wrong before Parliament voted for war but failed to correct the record? And if so, were there doubts in the minds of ministers about any other of the claims in the dossier? \

FALKLAND VETERAN'S GRIEF FOR SOLDIER SON Jul 9 2003  link to www.mirror.co.uk

//Saving his last words for Tony Blair, Mr Kelly added: "He appears on TV, so sincere, so caring, so condescending, that's his image. But if his 19-year-old son had been in the Army he would never have taken this country to war."\

It's like we're being forced against our dying wills, to be promoted as sold, bush's fantastical shenanigans, outright guffaws, or blushing embarrassments of dying US as MASS MURDER victims. A liar who criminalizes America as really destructing by self contempt through his own private delusions of grander in God's presence as the deceived evil antichrist. Apparently, here in america, we're either with criminal bush as slaves working for Dutch-Shell and WorldCom, or he'll bomb US whom believe in fighting to preserve freedom for all people. Freedom like standing firm politically on the evidence requirement for arriving to guilty verdicts as our public representation. We do want to follow the criminal leads for 9/11 actually, while bush and rumsfeld do wish that we not find them as the treasonous prime perpetrators. Lies of injustice and slavery bush would make US believe we are without speaking of real power. Tyranting our caution, our beliefs, our creeds, into coercing the sacrifice of leaderless teen soldiers, our brothers, our sisters, to rob The People of our Constitutional values. Our freedoms as Justice in America, in Iraq, and at Guantanamo. Done in america's name all for the doubly paid, pinko commi Halliburton, WorldCom, bremer, rumsfeld and Our Mr. bush Jr. Mr. bush, the demon who does all our talking without questioning for answers, who knows better than everybody else put together, the CIA and FBI included, doesn't deserve your blind praise as a war criminal I would say in defense of anyone. Can we afford to leave more to fall "embarrassingly" dead by his criminal un-American exploits, as a demon God betrayer, human hater? What are you going to do about this Freedom of Yours shared with all here then friend? As of God or the Universe I mean? To not stand with Humanity against the injustices committed against ourselves at Guantanamo, is a failure to love anyone as being alive even. Those are US innocent People being criminally treated by evil sadistic nazi war criminaling bushite goons, savages who are protecting the 911 perpetrators from incarceration as traitors. Positioned to die as sacrificial, trading spots for the bush demon despot, because he frightens most men into willful submission and blind servitude unthinkingly. Not me however as whomever. Instead of murdering our own families as war criminals for bush to pilfer the undefended wallets of our grandparents, why don't we all smarten up, and just kill the unarrested demon bush instead as something truly Patriotic? What'd ya say? I say, let's just destroy evil bush instead for escaping arrest at 911, stay loaded if necessary for cheney, then demand a change in altitude down at CNN headquarters for our benefits to be included in future broadcast material. Examples to start on: DU is radio-active (millirems) and toxic like in poisonous. Americans would want their stolen pension money back from Enron and WorldCom, thank you very much, and, we'd think you didn't know this yet at CNN command but, Mr. bremer,... shockingly,.... is the Director of the notoriously un-American "Kissinger Associates". Mr. bremer, officially, professionally, takes money from Humanity through privately profitizing off criminal dictatorships that STEAL from "The People" our Rights and Freedom to achieve something greater. To take the US authority at word in Iraq, would compel a demand for the immediate confiscation of all bremer's assets, to be given back to those whom were stolen from, and the immediate arrest of bush, rumsfeld, and blair for instigating heinous war crimes against our better judgements. It does not matter what evidence was then or is available to justify the unjustifiable Iraq war. LISTEN TO THE SON OF MAN: we had one hundred percent access, to change anything we wished, by public persuasion at a publicized international level, promised to be broadcasted nationally in Iraq by Saddam also. What can be changed now in Iraq, that couldn't have been under the stable Saddam regime communicating? Outside of the criminal thefts of Iraqi assets? Could bush have demanded that innocent prisoners not be tortured, or at the least, be granted their day in a public court to face some sort of accusation? Does the forced bush mandate articulate somewhere in secret that evidence will no longer be a prerequisite to determine what is evil to all humanity?, now that he tyrants as demon antichrist? Strangely funny yes, and life is like a dream almost, but think again: Can we easily change the microscopic, radio-active waste that will be around for GENERATIONS harming anyone for no reason but madness? We seem to be suffering something horrible when it comes to communicating the seriousness of the depleted uranium situation. It seems we're too afraid to face that such a disastrous decision could continue happening without our screams for sanity, so we continue to bury our heads in the radio-active sand devolving. At least until the, faint hope clause, Johnny Wizard fellow makes a, oh so cute, starving man entrance, on hopes to earn a donation or two to cover living on top of these real world expenses. That's right, I'm only in this for me.

Help God please.

The bushmob takes with the bush war crimes of death and destruction, is bush vicimizing our World with hardships he continues to wish imposed further, and frankly, I think he needs to be stopped for all concerned, like immediately, now. What do you think?

www.whatreallyhappened.com www.globalresearch.ca www.globalpolicy.org

Johnny Wizard

Some history of Johnny Wizard:

All at Once  link to groups.google.ca

The Trial and Conviction of Our Mr. bush Jr. with "Bonus Pack!!!"  link to groups.google.com


Why am I doing this?

If I could call your attention to free public military conversations, open to yourself through usenet at alt.military, or alt.military.uk as example. (Google 'groups' tab) You will find, NO ONE is disputing DU, or Depleted Uranium, is measured dangerously radio-active and highly toxic to our human species. Through scientific methods of measurement, we would concur from scientific experts in the American Army, among many others, the munition of uranium, upon combustion, oxidizes to microscopic particles, that will continue to threaten humanity as the Innocent for generations. NO ONE disputes that such heinous weaponry, was completely unwarranted in its use against the civilian infrastructure of Iraq. NO ONE. The blowing up of almost all civilian infrastructure that served the interests of the victimized Iraqi People, could have just as effectively been destroyed with conventional bombs to have the American tax payer billed later to rebuild for Halliburton and Worldcom. Thousands of tons of radio-active nuclear waste is now threatening American soldiers for no reason, but for a contempt the CBC and CNN executive producers have for ALL our lives, as they have refused ANYONE for our interests, to publicly address this critically important issue. An assault against our love as God. Often when I acquire OUR corporate news reporter's, almost top secret phone numbers, and politely inform them of the documented science regarding DU, as an average concerned citizen, do they then quickly dismiss the issue without commenting, then feverishly work to change their contact numbers to have US then call them again, if we're lucky. Some CNN reporters have recently had their private voice mail now only except four or five second messages. If we could all recognize Peter Mansbridge of CBC and CNN's Bill Hemmer's contempt for our flags, with how they continue in silence, to advocate further censorship on our victimized communities, could we then really go somewhere as the human species.

How many of US must fall poisoned by the evil bush administration, before we recognize the near treasonous Barbara Budd of CBC, and CNN's Aaron Brown's refusal to address such a high priority criminal assault as our own? Does not such abhorrent behavior mark them included as our tyrants being willing slaves in YOUR name included? It is OUR national news departments that are not serving for our nations in this regard, and why I am reaching to you as a would be stranger for help. Your power to help instigate positive change, is perhaps easier than you think. For example, by only simply getting on the Coast to Coast radio network, to be PUBLICLY cut off for expressing a concern for dying American Patriot Soldiers, will be sending the right message to US regardless. By reading of my own struggle, I hope you can join me as a true Patriot, a Patriot who is interested in protecting freedom as Justice for US all.

Search suggestion for Google (uranium millirems plutonium)


Uranium shells held 'cocktail of nuclear waste'  http://www.sunday-times.co.uk/news/pages/sti/2001/01/21/stinwenws02005.html

Depleted Uranium And Enriched Cover Up by Predrag Tosic  http://www.stopnato.org.uk/du-watch/tosic/cover-up.htm

//The reporter made such an ultra-careful, politically correct choice of scientists to interview (assuming he honestly conveyed what they actually said, of course), that one has to wonder how come he did not find some "authority" or "expert" to claim that "NATO is confident depleted uranium is good for you and your children", or something along those general lines. Pathetic, truly pathetic - but let us do our best not to let the "experts" and their political mentors get away with their attempted cover up! \

Bush's Vietnam By John Pilger*  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article3903.htm

//At the same time, in Afghanistan, the Uranium Medical Research Centre, based in Canada, has made two field studies, with the results described as "shocking". "Without exception," it reported, "at every bomb site investigated, people are ill. A significant portion of the civilian population presents symptoms consistent with internal contamination by uranium." \

Denial and Deception By Paul Krugman  http://truthout.org/docs_03/062503E.shtml

//For example, some commentators have suggested that Mr. Bush should be let off the hook as long as there is some interpretation of his prewar statements that is technically true. Really? We're not talking about a business dispute that hinges on the fine print of the contract; we're talking about the most solemn decision a nation can make. If Mr. Bush's speeches gave the nation a misleading impression about the case for war, close textual analysis showing that he didn't literally say what he seemed to be saying is no excuse. On the contrary, it suggests that he knew that his case couldn't stand close scrutiny. \

From the 1776 Declaration of Independence: "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness -- That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it..."

whatreallyhappened.com globalresearch.ca globalpolicy.org


One stark truth: Blair was wrong and must admit it now  http://politics.guardian.co.uk/interviews/story/0,11660,992985,00.html


So, What's this then?

Britain: Blair government caught out in plagiarism and lies over latest Iraq dossier  http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/feb2003/cnew-f10.shtml

//Changes that are made are in order to dress Iraqi actions up in more sinister mode. Thus ``monitoring'' foreign embassies becomes ``spying'' on them and ``aiding opposition groups in hostile regimes'' becomes ``supporting terrorist organizations in hostile regimes''\.


BBC refuses to say sorry over Iraq report  http://iafrica.com/news/worldnews/248571.htm

REAL AUTHORS OF IRAQ DOSSIER BLAST BLAIR  http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/0208-09.htm

Welcome my friend to the unjust evil bushite enslavement of Your recognized opinion..

We all KNOW factually, and freely confess without truthful contention, the UNJUST evil bush and blair, "sexed up" the falsehoods of a plagiarized essay, then bold faced lied as they continue today, to hide their "embarrassment" of indiscriminately murdering our Humanity for criminal thefts against a just rule of our god given rights Man. Where was and is CNN's corporate concern now for US being robbed and murdered in Iraq today? Should not the Iraqi People be granted the food and medicine they have all ready paid completely for through the generous Saddam in comparison? Where is GOD'S concern for what is scientifically proven to be, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, a dangerously radio-active, highly toxic depleted uranium war crime attack against ourselves as God in innocence for Generations? The evil bushites are assaulting, our not being defended, children's children's children. Where are these brave men in America I hear so much about in the movies to protect their own families? Who as devolving fascist cowards side not to help themselves gain corporate recognition by supporting the likes of this paper all the way up at CNN headquarters, falling instead as enemies of America with their lies on all Nature stands in God's name, and as the stripes, "We, The People", trumpets from the stars eternal.

I, for one, as the Lord of Lords, am calling for an immediate end to heinous injustices committed in bush's name against God, and am now directly challenging ALL who think I'm not completely serious about this, fighting to speak freely as ourselves being alive for the moment gig as Creator.. Now your messing with a real godman of God, and additionally, the Standing Eternal King of Creation, so bow to no one in blind servitude but in respect for yourself in this presence is ours equally Universal. There is indeed wonder as our Universe is also of the unknowable, all of everything everywhere included, timelessness as forever seems here and now for You also. So, are you going to be as those who did nothing while the evil mass murdering demon bush tried to destroy freedom for your Humanity as God included?

Respect for ourselves I'm told should surely come soon I hope. UNDERSTAND THIS, CNN and CBC management, have continually refused to interview me, or report on my documented to be factual, real world concerns for our survival as the criminally victimized through corporate censorship. So according to the FBI and CIA 911 investigations, still not aired by our disrespecting National News perceivers.


At a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing in March, 2001, Richard Perle, (you know, from rumsfeld's unelected secret circle of war criminals), stated without any collaborative evidence whatsoever "Does Saddam now have weapons of mass destruction? Sure he does. We know he has chemical weapons. We know he has biological weapons. . . . How far he's gone on the nuclear-weapons side I don't think we really know. My guess is it's further than we think. It's always further than we think, because we limit ourselves, as we think about this, to what we're able to prove and demonstrate. . . . And, unless you believe that we have uncovered everything, you have to assume there is more than we're able to report".


When the should be gone as incompetent, corrupt, and talentless non-listener bremer, speaks the only reason american nazi soldiers are falling dead as deaf dumb and blind comrades, is due to secular loyalists of Iraq as a People, a people fighting for freedom by representation, does not then bremer, TRULY, beckon for bush's own destruction as the enemy he is to US all? Mr. bremer, the criminal tyrant as traitor of US innocent in Iraq, the unarrested murderer and election saboteur for Halliburton through instability by sacrificing more leaderless soldiers, now openly tells our Soldiers LIES about why they are DYING for him, bush, cheney, Dutch-Shell and Worldcom. Mr. bremer's actions have worked intentionally to increase political instability, by forgoing his main public tasks of creating dialog and consensus, and instead, as tyrant dictator, only offers murder runs on tips from whomever. Pssst.. Kill the demon bush traders American Patriot Soldier to protect Your Freedom and our Nations, or serve as cowardly savages creating more hatred for your bushlike continuing disrespect of human life, and God as Love. What is publicly awarding WorldCom tax payers money, but a further continuation of the secret bushite's criminal plan, a criminal plan of having US made also without questions asked, to blindly overpay tricky Halliburton, Dutch-Shell, along with Suharto and the Pinochet business partners billions of American dollars in overhead for nothing, while with what is left as a pittance is promised for sometime in our future to rebuild what bush and rumsfeld criminally destroyed, after murdering so many in New York City with 911, like Firefighters, and a wise, God loving, Holy Reverend. Where is the HELP for IRAQ as promised after victimizations from an imposed criminal dictatorship that is stealing the resources of US People as Iraqi? After bombing most public institutions with radio-active nuclear waste, then encouraging looting while allowing the ransacking of museums, soldiers still refused to protect nuclear facilities as the threat we were told they were going to die for as parasites. To witness bush bringing further hardships with his inaction in Afghanistan, and now in God's love, Iraq, brings me to great anger. To have Iraq worse now falling plundered, than when Iraq was under the relatively stable, food, water, and security provisions of Saddam's, who was communicating, is a further blatant insult to all those American Soldiers now dead from fighting for something they could never articulate publicly as bushite slaves to willful ignorance they bay as the asinine in secret. While bush tells US as the public, the UN sanctions plan for spending for the governed on continuing health and welfare, is something he, and Jay's replacement bremer, wish to politically appose without question or law? Still?

Walter Issacson, or Aaron Brown's CNN would have US as this WORLD in Johnny's presence, believe to BE without any legitimate concern, regarding the franks death squads, the INNOCENT as God at Guantanamo, or 911's General Ahmad as the antiChrist's business partner. Protecting those who murdered thousands of Americans CNN advocates by refusing to air our concerns by priority. Actions of unjust wars deserve at least updates. Don't YOU believe?, you the ignorant as dying bushite soldier?, have a life worth considering? No? Me, personally, think American soldiers are largely, a bunch of mindless dumbfucks without leadership, who cowardly murder the practically defenseless with cluster bombs for no good reasons as nazi traitors to the American constitution, but I wouldn't kill you by association if I didn't have to as all powerful, I'd rather teach the Nature of Freedom through the equality of Justice for all people concerned. As God would naturally. Don't you think I would make for an excellent radio guest? Say so!

No billion dollar effort is yet underway, to quickly rebuild the criminal destruction of our civilian infrastructure, but to further fall our communities to evil bush's criminal plunder. I ask as Creation, why should not bush and rumsfeld personally pay with their lives for their planned continuation of war crimes against US all instead?

Expect more casualties, warns Rumsfeld  http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=story_26-6-2003_pg4_2

See how evil rotten rumsfeld is. He plays like dictator bremer is working for the Iraqi People by stealing our public assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliburton, while criminally persecuting the unjustly persecuted. Taking as alleged, from Iraqis as the completely innocent bremer boasts him and 911's rumsfeld will continue protected, hiding behind the growing more disturbingly ignorant as cowardly, uninformed traitorous American Patriot Soldiers? How long my friends? How long must Our God wait for One true Patriot to whom we are all relying on maybe existing, to stand for Justice as Freedom?, you know, the good old red, white, and blue as Salutable? Evil bremer tells US he wants to criminally harm those who tried to make Iraq something better as secularists in a one party only government, those of whom we were told, were restrained as victimized under Saddam's edge as tyrannical. Now bremer, as war crime director, wants to further persecute ourselves without public charges? Like in bush's personal america under ashcroft issues? While demon bush now goals to invite the corrupt Wahabbi's Vinnell, the repressive Allah haters, the dark evil side to Jihad, to suffer ourselves even more hardships against freedom everywhere? How long must the People of our World die for Americans to stand up against the bush demon God betrayer? Where are the CNN and CBC producer voices, (who refuse as supporters of tyranny, to respond to any community interaction on our top priority issues) as our OWN regarding the concentration camps where evil nazi forces murder our friends and family as the completely innocent?

Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US military interrogation base  http://www.guardian.co.uk/afghanistan/story/0,1284,909294,00.html

Where are we STILL?, with the LOYAL FBI and CIA 911 investigations made public?, while corporate news control continues to deny Justice a voice for YOUR freedom actually dying my friend? I am really the fictional Son of Man, Johnny Wizard, and bush as AntiChrist, is actually, for real, actively destroying Our innocent lives as an enemy to all People, especially Americans, as they fall further unjustly as victims enslaved by their own cowardice to stand strong as an army for love. I, as King, need your help to request I be spoken of, for by myself, you sound like someone nobody could care less for. As the benevolent, haven't asked for much yet King of this Universe, I am legitimately pissed off with the unarrested demon bush and his murder rampages against Our Eternal Creation, so destroy bush for Love my friend, or for Justice as Freedom, or, for Yourself even as worth something to consider... please?

10 Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq  http://truthout.org/docs_03/062903G.shtml

From: Cheney And The CIA: Not Business As Usual  http://www.commondreams.org/views03/0627-03.htm

//"the fact that Cheney's office had originally asked that the Iraq-Niger report be checked out makes it inconceivable that his office would not have been informed of the results."\

From: A CRACK IN BUSH'S FACADE Growing WMD Scandal Could Lead to Impeachment  http://www.rense.com/general38/favc.htm

//The Bush Administration didn't have proof, so they spent last fall making it up. As Robin Cook, who resigned from Tony Blair's cabinet over the war, told the British Parliament: "Instead of using intelligence as evidence on which to base a decision about policy, we used intelligence as the basis to justify a policy on which we had already decided."\

//GSM Consulting, skilled in stopping oil-well fires and rebuilding petroleum services, had been told, in a Defense Department letter dated Dec. 30, 2002, that "it is too early to speculate" about Iraq "in the event that war breaks out in the region."\

Pentagon Iraq Contractor Has History Of Supporting Terrorist Regimes  http://www.globalpolicy.org/security/issues/iraq/after/2003/0416pentagoncontract.htm --

Where is America on bush funding criminal enterprises with our public money, such as with Uzbekistan, or Haliburton setting their own uncontended double cost expenses, privately in secret to rob further from a soldier's tolled grandmom? Does the contemptuous CNN's continuing silence on bush allowing history's largest American pension thieves, the unarrested billionaires at Worldcom, to have criminal privileges over the rights of the average Iraqi citizen being further denied Justice, anger you to no end like all the Saints from Heaven would be also?

From: Guess who's getting a slice of Iraqi pie? The fraud king, WorldCom  http://www.sltrib.com/2003/Jun/06232003/commenta/68760.asp

Where is the immediate DEMAND to return Iraq to where we were before the toxic and radioactive 28,000 bombs were dropped by the demon bush to let criminally murder our family, while destroying God's infrastructure, all so demon bush could include sacrificing dmfkd no leadership soldiers, while stealing from US tax payers as unprotected? How long will it be when Americans finally stand up for American freedom?

I'd destroy demon traitor bush in a second, as any real brave American Patriot would to be a real Man in God's honour.

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Look, isn't stealing property from a honest, hard working family in the Likud party's name, then sending our victimized family with only the shirts on their back to a refugee camp, a despicable criminal theft, perpetrated by bigotry disguised as racism against God ruled unjustly? The Palestinians are Jewish! The Palestinians are Catholics! The Palestinians are Atheist as Arabs too! The Palestinians are US as the neighborhood children of Israel. Wouldn't the great Judaic teacher, Hillel, condemn sharon straight to prison?, with his words a living testimony still relevant today? Or, think, would sharon appreciate we steal a honest Persons home and all his money, then send the lot to a concentration camp somewhere for good riddance? Mr. sharon is the biggest anti-Semite of history, as king of the Jew haters. Hitler wasn't even so heinous in his public delivery. See, with Peace in the middle east, so goes the reason to pay criminal thugs billions to "protect" US from being robbed and murdered. The Likud steals openly, property as the living rights of individuals to be Jews. (And also tried to blow up the Mexican Parliament as terrorists, but were caught trying to get away unreported.) In Israel, the Likud has anti-discrimination laws that only apply to "jews"! Classifying G-D politically as unworthy participator! When being REALLY Jewish, includes especially, History's beautiful black women in Ethiopia over the last 1800 so years as longed, but never forgotten. (Hmm... I wonder if they'd let me come over for a visit as appreciated?)

Anyway, can you give yourself some help here please?


We CAN stop bush with Justice for Freedom. It's Just, If only americans weren't so enslaved as dying bushites, that willingly allow bush to rob and sacrifice their own families in gratitude to his hatred for God and Humanity.

What was the cooperating, communicating, open to our world for disscussions Saddam doing, that a bushite could remedy by asking? Was it torturing innocent people to death like at Guantanamo? Or, stealing pensions like with Worldcom, or Enron? Or perhaps, letting the 9/11 perpetrators escape from prosecution? Maybe, killing his own american People?

Does the do gooder God of Heaven, hold no place in your heart as worthy?

Where is the honor in murdering our children's children, destroying our civilian public infrastructure, then stealing our food and meager assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliburton, while dumping radio-active toxic waste all over themselves as sacrificed DUMBFUCKS, just so bush, their evil diety, can pocket a few extra thousand dollars for his re-election campaign?

What do you feel about poisoning American troops for no good reason? Do you notice, no one can explain why such a poison would be self fed to the dumfuk cowardly troops? Too weak and stupid to even publicly discuss the issue.

Why? Because their not real men, but largely illiterate, cowardly, facist nazi vermin, traitors to their own Family and Neighbours as they shit on the American flag and all that freedom represents constitutionally. Echem, bush is still smirking over their life and death sacrifices for halliburton and Dutch-Shell. Cowards, weak and stupid, are all proud American bushited soldiers. Too cowardly and weak to even talk about their own devaluations, while they fall maimed or dead as bushwhore victims. I'd destroy any proud nazi soldier who purposefully war crimes our children and families in Iraq and elsewheres, while serving for the director of Kissinger( Suharto and Pinocet) Associates, the talantless criminal DICTATOR Bremer, who as traitor to the WORLD, had arrested those Jay Gardner allowed to start organizing elections for promised freedoms. (You know?, why Our American soldiers were told their sacrificing their lives for now instead of the non-existent weapons evidence?)

CNN and CBC PURPOSEFULLY portray OUR SOLDIERS as having no comments, or are too afraid as fascists to even public speak out for themselves and their dead comrads,leaving bush's corporate america to continue devolving the once great American dream by further open piracy. All in blind sacrifice for the 9/11 criminal traitor, the American cop killer, Our Mr. bush Jr., the antiChrist. A puny mortal!

Does the do gooder God of Heaven, hold no place in America's heart as worthy?

God could sure use our support right about now.



No one denies that DU, is dangerously radioactive, and highly toxic, and that as much as 30 percent of the munition oxodizes into microscopic particles that can be inhaled. CBC and CNN refuse to address the top priority issue, and would rather leave US ALL to suffer further for our ignorance. Phone them yourself and hear what evil is, when no follow up is done to benefit our communities, our police agencies, or our families.

There was NO REASON to blow up public Iraqi institutions with this form of weaponry that indisriminately murders for generations. A conventional bomb would have told the same evil criminal act, but not included neibourhood children, or cowardly bushwhore soldiers who refuse to protect their families as their dying flag.


Where is the honor in murdering our children's children, destroying our civilian public infrastructure, then stealing our food and meager assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliberton, while dumping radio-active toxic waste all over themselves as sacrificed DUMBFUCKS, just so bush, their evil diety, can pocket a few extra thousand dollars for his re-election campaign?

Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense? By JOHN W. DEAN  http://writ.news.findlaw.com/dean/20030606.html


FROM "Standing Ground"

"Why would bush and rumsfeld not want to arrest the perpetrators of 9/11 I ask you cowardly nazi american bushwhore victims?"

Learn About Depleted Uranium From The US Army's Expert on Depleted Uranium (DU) Text of Dr. Doug Rokke Speaking in California, 21.04.03  http://www.wilpf.org.au/whatIsDU.html


Humanity never took to the demon bush's performance, of excepting his faulty conclusions on our intelligence services position through the Iraq situation. Now, we're expected under corporate news control to further deify bush into blindly believing the actions taken so far, for US people over there in Iraq, have been somehow in our benefits as the unseen. While the terrorists of Dutch-Shell, and the repeatedly convicted for massive fraud against the American People without handed prison sentences, Halliberton, caters to the pirates at the Iraqi palaces. Can evil bush or rotten rumsfeld explain to anyone publicly the declaration founding the Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority, OCPA, (Used to be ORHA, office of reconstruction and HUMANITAIRIAN ASSISTANCE) the colonial regime now criminally occupying the country, stating in its preamble that it "will help alleviate dependence on humanitarian assistance", while as of yet, no concerted effort has been waged to restore stability to the Iraqi people with the basic necessities for life, uncontaminated air, clean water, and their own food Saddam already paid billions "of his own money" for. Let us DEMAND by gun point from bush or rotten rumsfeld about how privatizing Iraqi assets through piracy, is anything else but another act of treason against Humanity, committed by the sacrifices of American soldiers as dmfukd without real leadership.. Let US hear from mass murderer bush how WE were mistaken by his lies as our God's suffering and dread. Why do the bushites at media controls support silence regarding OURSELVES as the INNOCENT at Guantanemo? Where are our voices for supporting further instability in Iraq to kill American Patriot Soldiers, so the likes of death squad funders Shell, and cheney's alter, halliberton, can profit off YOUR living, unjustly sacrificed? Don't look to me as your cross, look to yourself as this Universe is God as ourselves being victimized. As Creation, we are calling for Your Universal Freedom through Justice, but if you help nothing to your plundered neighbors, who needs you then in your missing conclusion? Fuck, I can't help hate that God hater demon bush as much as any real Atheist would. We are suffering by deliberate censorship on our top priority events up there without US at CNN headquarters to speak on the bush demon and rotten rumsfeld's blatant evil treason to all of our Humanity. Which includes yourself too, as a misinformed, 12 hour work day alcoholic with a mortgage payments overdued, getting away to relax from growing pressures by escaping with fantasy in film, a popular hobby that doesn't directly address our real world plights falling further by corrupt bush doctrine though, a practiced act of lawless murder as wanton destruction against our innocent families. Is it that nothing is no matter of war as so serious, that it requires ongoing challenges with investigative journalism for America in servitude? Where is the bush bio-trucks follow up? Where is the IAEA report as all the false evidence bush would use to war ourselves blindly to steal our money? Is not stealing homes from G-D un-Jewish? Just what is Fox News selling US as an honest portrayal of freedom surviving? Is it to witness ourselves as elected officials disenfranchised from participation in our own living futures and ability, but for to be counted politically incompetent as victim to further criminal transgressions? Uncontested to our graves by CNN's Bill Hemmer, or CBC's Barbara Budd who give no excuses to anyone for their silence of contempt for our dying futures? Phone them yourself and ask why they forbid our knowledge from being acknowledged. Our media services should be helping garner support for our causes politically speaking, by airing our political news developments. When bush and rumsfeld needlessly drop radio-active nuclear waste on our public institutions that served our communities interests, then bill US further to rebuild what they criminally destroy, the poison kills US all. For no good reasons, bush has America suffer, with this, bushite feigned delusional ignorance on everything of critical importance to US, portrayed corporately as unawares to hide bush's ill will for all as the denied humans. With the subsequent growing overall perception world-wide, of American cowardice to stand against huge injustices against God committed openly in their names politically pirated. As I said, mentally deranged bush is evil himself, and Patriots need to find the faith in yourself to believe we need you.


King Johnny

--Standing Ground

What was Saddam doing that we could have fought for betterment by simply communicating over those who couldn't care less as criminals? Left sacrificed for the lying evil bushites, stealing our resources that are God's thank you for a job done well. Our praise for Love. The evil pirate bush is leaving our friends and family dead broke as murder victims unfactored politically speaking by corporate news censorship. The corporate bushites are depicting Americans like they have no concern, or would have, regarding the NEEDLESS radio-active contamination of "The People" as top priority news material, never mind God's uncounted innocent suffering for bush in other realms, while YOU, yes YOU, reader, are left continually denied to PUBLIC newscasts for openly challenging ANYONE who agrees with the falsehoods we're being force fed, regarding bush's murder rampages as a terrorist harbor, and 9/11 perpetrator. An American cop killer is Our Mr. bush Jr.. Newsweek reported that bush doesn't want Americans to know he was personally warned of an imminent terrorist act, involving a suicide run high-jacking, of which after warning Ashcroft to stay off of commercial flights, devised an invasion of Afghanistan plan with General Ahmad, Condoleeza, and others, to blame bin Laden for some new crime, that had yet, no evidence connected to. Something new and BIG to start a war against Afghanistan with. For Enron. Just prior to 9/11. Secretly. To throw away innocent lives. Like American soldiers as practically brain dead already. The atheist General already KNEW no evidence would be criminal intent against Allah as all People. Example: With any evidence for say, the Cole bombing, would have, if existed, garnered Laden's deportation by the American flag waving Justice supporters, and spoiled the labored, top secret Presidential Directive evil bushite plan for criminal invasion of our world body politic (revealed by MSNBC). As was so threatened by the bushites against the Taliban would happen, (Niaz Niak) for not siding with Centgas and American pension thieves Enron, and instead, as the Taliban had done, gone for the better business offer from Argentina's Bridas. Had any evidence been brought out publicly by bush against Laden, his arrest and public trial would have been assured. Living does order so, no contest, but no.. the false deity criminal demon bush, actually said we didn't need to follow the criminal leads to protect Justice and Freedom, then told US to take off our thinking caps, while he and cheney worked as traitors to stop outstanding questions by refusing to listen to American freedom fighters, including the FBI and CIA investigated conclusions made public, but ignored by Arron Brown, or super dweeb Bill Hemmer. Mr. Bush's business partner, General Ahmad, according to the FBI, was directly connected to the funding of 9/11's mastermind, Mohamed Atta. That's right. Mr. Bush's invasion strategy of Afghanistan, and 9/11 are intimately connected through the General who was smoozing with bush's secret inner circle, two days prior to 9/11. At the WhiteHouse. Getting ready to perform, the invade Afghanistan without any evidence plan. Confessed later publicly as to why he was there then ready. An invasion that Blair told us couldn't have happened, but for the lucky, world trade centers incident. Get your life in hand Soldier, and destroy Our unarrested Mr. bush Jr., or, continue to turn against your own comrades and family while unjustly dying as a cowardly betrayer to God's America, and freedom to all everywhere.

What does the classified Defence Intelligence Agency's complete assessment summarized for the Pentagon regarding Iraq in Sept 2002, "THERE IS NO RELIABLE information on whether Iraq is producing and stockpiling chemical weapons" tell you? Or Greg Theilmann, a recently retired State Department intelligence analyst, directly involved in assessing the Iraqi threat, saying that "there is a lot of sorrow and anger at the way intelligence was misused". Or how about rumsfeld's personal private intelligence team, (two three four or five not publicly elected, secret saboteurs of public accountability) of having "cherry-picked the intelligence stream" to make it seem like dying American soldiers make for good war profiteering? Or Vince Cannistraro, former CHIEF of the CIA counterterrorist operations, describing intelligence officers who blame the Pentagon for proffering "fraudulent" intelligence, "a lot of it sourced from the Iraqi National Congress of Ahmad Chalabi." Chalabi who gave out millions of earned dollars in bad loans to himself as banker, then quickly fled the country of Jordan as disappeared, before an investigation had even formally begun? Finally, how about 35 year veteran, Colonel Doug Rokke, Ph.D. as the Senate commissioned Army's foremost authority on DU toxicity, of which he will tell you Soldier as a scientist with tools for measurement, DU is needlessly killing American service People for our lack of concern for ourselves at corporate news control. No reason to be dying! Are not American soldiers, American people to CNN also?

Again, Saddam pro-actively gave the world 100% access to anywhere unrestricted, to complain or make better anything, and offered the national Iraqi airwaves to bush personally, to state his contentions to want mass murders against ourselves as the innocent. No Iraqi, or American soldier was needed for sacrifice, but only to let Halliberton take more than is bargained from The People as victims. American, and Iraqi. It has also been reported the bush administration, particularly Powell, would have likely known secretly, that the widely praised Kamel, you know, Hussein Kamel, the foremost authority on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs?, indicated to UNSCOM in 1995, with his records he stole when he defected, the WMD were destroyed for good reasons. The 1.5 tons of VX sited, predates 1991, and HAD a viable shelf life of no more than eight weeks, while provided in part to Saddam, CRIMINALLY, by american associates to steal more innocent lives. Bremer? Never mind the fact recently disclosed, again, that the reason not all can ever be accounted for, is the years old burnt remains haven't revealed exact quantities of anthrax. Therefor, the UN, couldn't give Iraq any benefit, no matter what, never could, under bush dictates, STILL, and, bush is now wagering, Americans must continue to ignore American principles, all recent history, including everything he said two weeks previous, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, GOD, and suffer as sacrificed cowards to the further criminal dictatorship of Our foolish Mr. Bush Jr.. Where was Kofi, or Blix to speak of the unfairness of the bushites impossible requests on disclosing illegally provided american savagery? Where is Kofi to speak for US People being poisoned by radio-active depleted uranium as anyone? ANYONE! Now we have the UN refusing to protect the interests of US Iraqi People, by letting the demon bushites seize criminally all assets, while formally proclaiming through the UN uncontested, the tyrant bush won't be accountable to any rules of law, when it comes to accounting for our stolen money. Or, like karma, American tax payers secretly paying Haliburton 490 MILLION overhead, without free market protections, on top of fifty thousand a day salaries, ALL because nationally, THEY're willing to go silently as censored while bush robs from US "People" way over in the Far East somewheres. Did you hear of Powell, quoted stating, "There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It wasn't a figment of anyone's imagination,"? Of course that is not what is, or what was disputed factually, or at issue, so, Powell reportingly followed up to cover his intentional inacuracy with risking American lives by splurting further, "What we have to do now is not get trapped in the long-winded debate about what was known and not known,".

We knew we were right, before we were wronged.

Let us throw in Powell for public trial also under treason Along with bush, rumsefeld, blair and franks, and maybe too, cheney, for looking so suspicious. Nature's natural progression for humanity is to intelligent progression by collective design with our freedoms in the balance through laws, or death by regression through failures to communicate against irrational, unjust acts openly perpetrated in our names as forfeited, under Our evil Mr. bush Jr., the for real demon antichrist, figured in disguise.

You are now christened as someone who has read of the great once secret, true American Patriot, pleading for help to save God as ourselves,

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Do you think you could find it in your dark heart to forward myself through OUR media, to instigate lively debate, or perhaps spare a paltry five minutes of help for your own survival by instinct? Is it just too much to ask you as a fellow human being, to help US out with a true care for living? Call out on Justice to save one as worthy to hear Nature's praise, or don't, and deservingly fall to US as deceived blind traitor, a betrayer like bush to yourself and Humanity's family, as all of Creation is this Universe as God's Son too.

Oh Yeah way!