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Jessica Kate Williams

The murder of 22 year old Jessica Williams has been totally screwed up by the corporate media! The truth of the matter is is that not all street kids are violent!
I am a 19 almost 20 year old former street kid that was a very good friend of Jessica Kate williams who was murdered in May and found beaten and burned under the steel bridge. I feel that th Whoreagonian and the other corporate whore media centers have given the other street youth a bad reputation. NOT ALL STREET KIDS ARE VIOLENT!!!!! The death of Jessica was something that pretty much killed me on the inside. I knew every one of the people that were arrested in her murder. Some of them were very good liars and manipulaters that nobody thought was capable of killing. I never in a million years would have thought that my friend Cori Dennison would be capable of murder. Same thing with Joshua Brown Lenon. The day after I found out that Jessica was gone, I ran into James Nelson who told me " If I were you, I'd stay close to your friends. Don't let me catch you out alone after dark." At the time, I thought that he was looking out for me as a friend, but now that I think about it I look at the fact that I was supposed to hang out with her the night she was murdered, I feel like it is a threat to my life. The murder of a very good friend of mine is something that I have to deal with every day. I need to come to terms with the fact that I will never get the chance to tell her how much I love her and how much she really meant to me. I am now in Job Corps. and I am lucky that I have made friends here that know that I struggle everyday with her death and they help me cope by telling me that she is an angel that will forever protect me. I can only hope that justice will reign in this case even if the people that it reigns upon are former friends. please leave any comments here or email or voice mail me!

phone: phone: 5036952245 ext. 662

We know 22.Jul.2003 22:01


I think most of us know that most street kids aren't violent. Don't fret about those news reports. You've got better things to do.

Tell Jessica you love her every night. I'm sure she will hear you.

Please don't hang out with your street friends, except to encourage them to follow your lead and get off the streets. If they see that you can do it, maybe they will find the strength to do it as well.


George Glen Allshouse coolking98099@yahoo.com

i read about hidie keller and she is goping to testafy agesant the other people and have a reduice jail time!!! i think thats wrong that she did it in the frist place but i think she should not get the reduice jail time!!!!!!!

please call my voice mail number if you want to talk about this its is 503-273-1836

1132 sw 13th ave apt#339 portland oregon 97205

My nephew was killed by James Daniel Nelson 25.Jul.2003 09:19

So sad

My nephew was killed by James Daniel Nelson. After reading an article about his violent prison pass I can't believe he was set free to murder again. Jessica Kate Williams murder should have never happened. The prison system had to know he would kill again. How could they let him go.
Please go to link below and review Nelson's prison problems.

How could they let him out of prison? 25.Jul.2003 16:52


Unsettling picture of street 'father' emerges
Alleged leader in killing violated prison rules at least 50 times

Jim Redden of The Portland Tribune

Portland, OR, July 24 - The alleged leader of a local street "family" accused of savagely killing 22-year-old Jessica Kate Williams has a history of dabbling in Satanism and was punished for participating in white supremacist gangs and banned medieval role-playing games while in prison.

More from pdxguide.com

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James Daniel Nelson, 28, was repeatedly disciplined for attacking guards and inmates while serving time in various state prisons, where he also developed an interest in pagan religions.

Law enforcement authorities believe that Nelson was the unofficial "father" of a local gang of homeless teens and adolescents who are charged in connection with the assault, torture and killing of Williams, whose body was found May 23.

A source familiar with the case referred to Nelson as a Charles Manson figure who exerted tremendous control over the other family members. Among other things, he allegedly led them in military-style drills, making them stand at attention before him.

"It was more like a cult," the source said.

Williams, who had the mental capacity of a 12-year-old, first became friends with members of the family several months ago. Court records allege that Nelson ordered the family to punish her for violating one of their unwritten rules.

Nelson is scheduled to go to trial on assault, coercion and kidnapping charges later this month. He has pleaded not guilty. The trial could be delayed, however, because a grand jury is continuing to review evidence in the case and could issue additional charges against him.

According to the source, prosecutors hope to indict Nelson on a charge of aggravated murder, a capital crime. If that happens, the start of the trial could be delayed for months or even years.

Nelson's attorney, Kelly Michael Doyle, had no comment because he is still reviewing evidence in the case.

The Williams killing is eerily similar to one that Nelson was convicted of committing slightly more than a decade ago. As a teenage runaway from Sacramento, Calif., he was convicted of fatally stabbing another homeless juvenile at the direction of an older street family leader.

According to police records from the earlier killing obtained by the Portland Tribune, Nelson first came to town in the early 1990s. He repeatedly told other street kids that he was the "son of Satan" and could channel evil spirits.

Police said that, according to another street youth interviewed, Nelson would close his eyes, lower his voice and claim to be possessed by a demon.

According to police records, Nelson was arrested and pleaded guilty to the 1992 murder of 15-year-old Leon Michael Stanton. After the slaying, the records say, Nelson told an associate that he was "collecting souls" for Satan.

Dozens of infractions

Nelson served around 9 1/2 years in various state prisons before being released in March of this year.

According to corrections records, Nelson was disciplined at least 50 times for violating institutional rules between Jan. 28, 1994, and Sept. 4, 2001. He only stopped getting into trouble after being transferred to the Oregon State Penitentiary and serving 28 days in its maximum security segregation unit for the September 2001 violation.

Many of the infractions are relatively minor, such as insulting prison visitors and possessing forbidden materials, including pornography.

Some of the violations were more serious.

For example, according to the records, Nelson beat another inmate on July 23, 1994. The victim did not fight back, and guards had to physically pull Nelson off him. As he was being restrained, Nelson repeatedly struck one of the guards in the head. He was punished by being placed in segregation for 166 days and fined $200.

On Oct. 27, 1994, Nelson tried to strike a guard who came to search his cell, according to the records. Nelson was punished with 120 days in isolation and a $200 fine.

Nelson attacked another inmate on Oct. 19, 1995. According to the records, this inmate did not fight back. Nelson served 49 days in segregation and was fined $49 for this incident.

He attacked another inmate on June 16, 1996, and guards had to physically restrain him, the records say. This time, Nelson served 180 days in segregation and was fined $200.

The records indicate that some of Nelson's violations stem from his involvement in white supremacist gangs. After the July 1994 fight, Nelson told prison officials that he belonged to a "white power" gang and attacked the other inmate because he was a "race traitor."

One month later, Nelson was disciplined and segregated for 28 days in jail for hurling obscenities at a guard he also called a "Jew," according to corrections records.

Nelson also developed an obsession with Dungeons & Dragons, a role-playing game that is prohibited in the prison system. According to the records, Nelson lost seven days of privileges after a guard caught him with an unauthorized version of the game on March 19, 1994. He was caught with game materials almost exactly six years later and lost 14 days of privileges.

Took part in rituals

Nelson developed an interest in pagan religions while in prison. Corrections records indicate that he attended a number of pagan rituals while staying at the pre-release Santiam Correctional Institution in Salem early this year.

Federal law requires states to offer a range of religious services to inmates. The Oregon correctional system allows volunteers to conduct pagan rituals within the system. The state classifies all of them as Wicca, a term that usually refers to a female-oriented version of ancient northern European, pre-Christian faiths.

Portlander Roy Lakey is one of the volunteers. He describes himself as a Druid and owns Moonshadow, a pagan supply store at 3352 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.

Lakey remembers that Nelson attended a winter solstice ritual that he conducted at the Santiam prison earlier this year.
"He was very quiet and only asked a few questions. I can't even remember what they were," he said.

Lakey was shocked to learn of Nelson's alleged involvement in Williams' slaying.

"That goes against everything we teach. We respect all life," Lakey said.

By the time Nelson was released from prison in March, he was going by the name "Thantos," a version of the name of the Greek god of death.

Group coalesces

Nelson moved to Portland after his release. The state placed him in a downtown homeless shelter and required him to check in weekly. He complied with the requirement but also began hanging out with homeless teens and adolescents.

According to court records, within a few weeks, Nelson had formed a street family. It included about a dozen men and women ranging from 16 to 20 years old. Williams considered them her friends.

The family established a camp in the gloomy shadows under the Southwest Front Avenue overpass at Arthur Street. Court records say it was there that Nelson allegedly ordered his followers to punish Williams for telling lies about them.

According to court records, after the female members assaulted Williams, Nelson directed three followers -- Carl Richard Alsup, 17, Danielle Marie Cox, 18, and James Aaron Stewart, 18 -- to lead her away. They allegedly walked Williams through Gov. Tom McCall Waterfront Park and over the Steel Bridge, where they stabbed her and burned her body with lighter fluid. Her remains were found on the morning of May 23.

Police said they were able to break the case after several members confessed to their roles in it and described the events leading up to the killing. Nelson and most of the others were arrested and charged in June with a variety of crimes related to the attack and killing. Alsup remains at large.

My son was killed by this guy 25.Jul.2003 23:51

Mike Stanton's mother bsta9@wmconnect.com

I went to court after this piece of baggage went to trial. He was damnaged. So is a rabid dog. They both need to be put to rest. The Law dosen't allow that with 15 year old kids in Oregon. Duriing one of the court sessions, he always had two guards, one guard told the other that "As soon as he gets out he'll kill again." I always sat as close behind him as I could. Oregon law does not allow anthing to be done to save the other victums of this guy. At least he isn't a minor this time, but it does not mean that lieniant laws won't let him out again. Mike's Mother, thanks for listing to me.

James Nelson Should never get out 29.Jul.2003 00:05

Another Family member of Mike dye-job@msn.com

If anyone wants to really know about this man you should go back to all News papers and articles in 1992. The muderers were so horrendice that this has brought back some horrible memories. Like Mikes mother said our fears were that he would kill again and he did. The murders of Mike, Misty and Mr. Charbanue were of the magnitude of so evil it is hard to describe. Dungeons and Dragons played a part then too, but our courts played it down. Mr. Charbanue was a paraplegic and was beaten to death while he lay in bed unable to defend him self, Misty tied to a chair with a plastic bag put over her head, (They sat there and laughed while she struggled and suffocated to death, Mike had his fingers broken, beaten and stabbed 17 times, before being buried in a shallow grave. I think that his actions, and his character speak for it self. hopefully this time justice will prefail.

Thank you all 30.Jul.2003 18:13

Aymee beautifully_choaticangel@yahoo.com

Thank you all for reading my srticle and responding. To te family members of Mike Stanton I am very sorry for your loss. Heidi Keller, 3 Crystal's and Stephen Pearce have all plead guilty. They have been charged guilty of third degree kidnapping. The sentence doesn't feel like it is enough. As for James, Hopefully he will be locked up for the rest of his life for this senseless crime. One of the others is scheduled to put in his plea either today or tomorrow. It is Joshua Brown-Lenon. Cori Dennison will most likely spend time getting mental help instead of prison time. Sarah Caster is also going to put in a plea soon. Thank you sor all of your support.

Jessica Kate Williams 16.Oct.2003 21:35

Jeff Cameron (OMSI) jc_omsi_uss_blueback_edu@yahoo.com

In light of the Jessica Kate Williams Homicide i would first like to extend my appology to the Williams Family the night that Jessica Was last alive i was at the Pioneer Court house Square and watched over her till 12:00am that night the "street family: that she was with treated her with nothing but disrespect. in alot of ways i wish i had gone up and sent Jessica home. that saturday night i recieved news of Jessicas death and i felt as though a part of my life was torn from and and it i was a part that i new that i could never recover from. i interviewed with Detective Barry Renna and Sherly Parson for weeks and Aggreed to work with them untill the Killers were brought to justice. i wasnt untill two weeks before the shelter was raided that i learned that MY own Brother Cory Dennison his Fiance Heidi Keller and close Friend Josh Brown Lennon were involved in the Murder i at the same time learned of all the other individuals involved for two weeks i recieved mutipul threats from memembers of the so called Family threats that i knew could be acted upon at anytime. still i persisted and two weeks later the shelter was raided and the killers were brought to Justice. for three weeks straight i was interviewed by the media and everytime i turned on the local news my face appeared on the news still to this day i have recieved Death threats both written and Verbal then september 26th 2003 i was physically assulted for my involvement in the homicide investigation and was told that i would be killed if i testified in court. i have spoken with Detectives and people in the Victims advocates unit and requested to be placed in the Wittness Protection program but since it is a Federally run program i am unable to access it so with my still being down in the streets the hostil behavior grows worse and worse. for those individuals that have ever been hurt by James Nelson i WILL see to it PERSONALY that he is never to be released from Prison again. i will also see to it that the Williams Family is helped through this Grieving process in any way possible. they lost a very big part of their life. yes i did put those killers behind bars and YES i am going to make sure they stay there for a very long time but at the same time i am needing to find a Financial way to escape the threat that lingers with me while i live here down on the streets if anyone has any questions about the Case or has questions or comments for me please feel free to send me an E-mail at  jc_omsi_ussblueback_edu@yahoo.com or call my voice mail at (503)-273-1831

1132 SW 13th Ave Portland Or 97205

So Sorry! 06.Nov.2003 01:41


To all of Jessica's friends and family -- I just found out about the murder (I live in Oregon but I don't get the Oregonian or watch news on TV ... what can I say, I wasn't paying attention).

I'm so sorry this happened to Jessica. From what I have read, she sounds like a very nice young woman, just way too trusting.

This should never have happened. Everyone deserves to be safe, whether they live on the street or in their own home. I'm just sickened that anyone would do this to another living being.

And I'm also pissed that the word "pagan" is being thrown around in connection to the bastards who did this. Just as most homeless people are peaceful and non-violent, the vast majority of pagans respect all life and would never do a thing like this.

Cassandra Williams 22.Dec.2003 13:30

anonymous trishiaw@comcast.net

I was in the Justice Center serving time for a DUI and heard that a Cassandra Williams had something to do with Jessica Williams' murder, is this true, I haven't seen here name anywhere?

Jessica Kate Williams 27.Feb.2004 20:54


i was a good friend of Jessicas and i loved her to death.I also new cory and jimmy how both were not killers i can't say much right now because it really herts me to talk about it

I LOVE U JESSICA KATE WILLIAMS i hope that u went to a better place

Would like to hear more 13.Mar.2004 20:48

Carebear269 OoCarebear269oO@hotmail.com

I am real sorry about what happened and i really dont know how many people visit this site anymore i was at work today and i read in the jane magazine about this horrible tragic story. I feel so horrible. I cannot believe that a thing like that is even possible to happen, i am near seattle and i never heard a word on it until today almost a year later. I just want to know about a court date i want the details on what will happen to these sick individuals my email addy is OoCarebear269oO@hotmail.com if anyone has any information i am writing an english assignment on this topic

Jbird 19.May.2004 19:01


JBird, I am soory to tell this but Cory and them did kill her! Jimmy and Cory killed my sister! I knew them too and I trusted them! THEY KILLED HER! I know that it is hard to handle but I have been going thru hell for the last year because of this! I miss her and my life has been a whirlwind since the murder! Aymee

to Aymee 30.Sep.2004 14:46

Kristen Zuhl kristen@zuhl.com

Aymee I have read what you wrote and what everyone else has on this site. And I have to say it makes me agree. I understand your upset, as you should be. But she's gone, and what matters now is who is still alive. Have you even stopped to think that maybe only one person wanted the murder to happen? That maybe the other people involved were afraid for there own life if they didn't go throw with it? If so, would that make them a bad person?

I know Jimmy and Cordell both, and I happen to be one of there best friends. I never lived on the street, I just worked at one of the shalters and made a documentary about what it's like to be homeless. And, I have been on the news for this murder a few times. I talk to Cordell regularly and I write and vist Jimmy. I am not happy about the murder in anyway, it should have never happend. But it isn't fare to go around saying stuff about somthing you seem to know little about. Cordell didn't kill anyone, ok, we talked about it and I know his side. I am not able to ask jimmy his side yet, since he hasn't been sentanced. But I can tell by what we have talked about that it isn't something he would have done on his own. And that he was very scared, and didn't know what to do. Don't go judging these people, we both know Nelson is who to blame.

What's done is done and it's time to move on. I too have a hard time with this murder. But I have let go of my agree for what happend and now focus on my friends who really need me. I don't mean any disrepect, just looking out for two friends.

- Kristen

To Kristen 07.Oct.2004 11:03

Amy amysanangel1983@hotmail.com

I am well aware of who you are. I was in the shelter when you volunteered. You never should have come there! You know nothing about what it is like to be on the streets! You have always lived a comfortable life. Just because you do a documentary on youth homelessness, doesn't mean you know anything about them and what they go through. I now that you think you are helping things but in reality, you are making things alot worse!!! I have never seen anyone with less compassion than you! Yes what has been done is done, but you seem to think that it can easily be forgotten. But it can't do you know how it feels to wake up screaming from the nightmares of hearing your best friend screaming for you to help her when shes being murdered knowing DAMN well that you can't do shit? Do you know what its like to have magazines and television producers wanting to know your opinion on it and how it affects you? You barely knew Jessica, you volunteered there long enough to make your little documentary then you bailed! The only two people that you took the time to get to know were Cori and Jimmy. I remember that Cori would tell me about how attracted he was to you, maybe that had something to do with why you clung mostly to Cori and Jimmy! Cori was one of my close friends when I was on the streets and I know that he most likely doesn't remember me but I am okay with that! He used to call me his sister, so do you really think that I want to believe that someone that I used to call my brother, someone that used to call me his sister, would kill my best friend? If you think I do I have a news flash for you hunny, I don't this is the hardest thing that I have ever had to go through because I know in my heart that more than likely, Cori didn't have a part in it! THe only reason that he was there was because of Heidi Keller. Jessica and Cori were both very good friends of mine and I hate having to see Cori's face in magazines and on television saying that he murdered a mutual friend of ours! So Kristen, I hope you'll get the real picture here and quit being so self centered and see things from other peoples point of views. Think about her family and other friends that now have to face life without the wonderfull warmth of JEssica's huge heart and wonderfull personality...... I LOVE YOU JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!

Well Amy..... 11.Oct.2004 18:05

Kristen kristen@zuhl.com

You seem to have gotten the wrong idea. I NEVER said I knew what it was like to live on the streets. But I think it's interesting that you think you know how I've lived. I'm not trying to compete with who's had the hardest life here. And you don't know me. Maybe you've seen me. But you don't know me.

And I didn't go to work at the shelter to make a documentary. It's sad that you would think that. I wanted to learn what it was like and help people the best I could. When I was there I got the idea to make the documentary. I thought it would be a nice way to give the people there a voice, and a chance to tell their story. If they didn't want to do it it wouldn't have been made.

I DIDN'T BAIL! They have so many rules at the shelter for their staff, like what you could say, and how you could answer questions. My supervisor told me she didn't think it was safe for me there, and told me not to come back. I wanted to stay and get to know everyone. But they had me working in the back most of the time. And I wasn't there long enough to get the chance.

You replied to Jbird:

"JBird, I am sorry to tell you this but Cory and them did kill her! Jimmy and Cory killed my sister! I knew them too and I trusted them! THEY KILLED HER!" - Aymee

Then in your reply to me you say:

"I know in my heart that more than likely, Cori didn't have a part in it!" -Amy

Why the sudden change? I'd like to know where you got the infomation about Cordell being a murder.

I never knew Jessica. And I can only imagine what it must feel like to know that one of your friends was killed by people you thought were your friends. What a nightmare. It must feel so unreal. So I guess we are coming from different perpectives. You know the one that was killed and the ones who did it. I only know one person who did it, and one who was there. I don't feel the loss cause I never knew her. It's sad that it had to be this way. I only know Jessica as the one who was killed.

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I hope things are cleared up now.

- Kristen

Kristen 19.Dec.2004 14:13


Things are cleared up however I would like to see a copy of your documentary

Sarah Caster 01.Apr.2005 10:45

ex-street kid

I know this thread hasn't been commented on in a few months, but I'd like to put my word out there...those kid's "street father" was insane, most of them were scared shitless of him, I was in detention with Sarah Caster, and she is a good person, and wasn't present when Jessica was killed. There are a lot of people in jails and institutions that are really good people at heart, but made mistakes, chose to be involved with the wrong people, Sarah is one of them. I haven't talked to her in a long time, due to the fact that both she and I are on probation, but last time I checked, she was a funny, intelligent, and caring person, I didn't get a chance to know the other people involved with this crime, but I have a feeling that Sarah isn't the only case where this is true. To those of you grieving for Jessica, my heart goes out to you, but try not to completely close off your mind to other possibilities. I'm not going to say get over it or any shit like that, but do know this, the more you dwell on something, the more your mind builds up walls and defenses around it.

Cordell Dennison 30.Apr.2005 15:29


Since I have last posted, I have began talking to Cory again! I thought that I would never again feel any compassion towards any of the people I once knew but the truth of the matter is that Cory is innocent. He is helping me more than anything to get through this crisis and giving me answers that I need to know. I LOVE YOU CORY AND I LOVE YOU JESSICA

PO Box 1468 springfield, oregon 97477

To all who have posted! 04.Aug.2005 08:37

Aymee amysanangel1983@hotmail.com

Sometimes it amazes me how quickly life can change and what we take for granted! I have a three yearold daughter that is named after my best friend, Jessica. Everytime I look at my daughter I wonder how anyone could hurt another human being! I am lucky though! My fiancee left me saying he can't deal with being with someone that pours so much time and effort in to becoming a lawyer. (My current boyfriend David loves the idea of me becoming a lawyer:) Since I have started this post, I know now how short life really is. I got a tattoo dedicated to jessica. It is the Japanese symbol for strentgh and around it, it reads, Live Long, Die Strong.
Since I last posted, I know that I mentioned that I had begun talking to Cory Dennison again. I was wrong thinking that I could handle hearing the truth. Granted Cory did not participate, he was forced to watch everything that happened and he told me details that I thought I could handle about my best friends murder. I was wrong it was too much for me to handle the dreams still haunt me at night and the pain isn't stopping I know that all it will take is time but sometimes I catch myself thinking what if I never met any of them how would my life be know but then I realize that friendship is a total blessing. I guess what this post is saying is that life is too short to be riding fences with people let someone know how much they mean to you before it is too late. Keep your heads up! LIVE LONG DIE STRONG I LVOE YOU JESS


DANIELLE MARIE COX 06.Jan.2006 13:31

Killer at heart

I know her from Coffee Creek and she still feels that she got bad deal.

Jessica Williams Homicide 02.Feb.2006 06:25

Jeff Cameron AKA OMSI jcameronpdx@yahoo.com

Dear Readers,

i Have taken to time to read each and everyone of your Articals and feel that you all in some way or another have very Valid Points. i come to you today both as a Former Homeless youth for 4 years and a Friend to several of the Authors of the Articals based on the Williams Homicide. i am sure that Everyone can Agree the Death of Jessica Williams was a Great Tragedy and Loss in All of our Hearts. It has taken us all time to recover from her Loss what we must come to understand is That each person greives in their own way some this loss may simply pass by like a leaf in the wind while others it could take years to forget the pain and heartache it caused us to know that she is gone and that some of our Very Close Friends were involved whether Voluntary or Involuntary that doesnt matter. I Spent Several weeks working with Detective's Barry Rena and Sheryl Mcormick on Solving the Crime and as i have said before never in a hundred years did i ever think i would have to testify against my own Friends. Kristen Having Cory and Heidi Arrested was the Hardest Decision that i ever had to make and i live with that decision still to this day. Amy i realize your Angry and in some ways you have Every right to because you lost a very dear Friend but dont direct that angry towards hurting to people who Suport the People involved if someone believes that of of the 13 kids was wrongfully accussed thats their opinion. instead direct that Anger towards helping Jessica's Memory Live on i am not takeing side when i say that i strongly believe that each and everyone of those kids involved made the decisions they did not because they wanted to but out of Fear for their own lives. As the days months and weeks Go by the life of Homeless Kids becomes more and More grim it has become Obvious to me that Kids are Resorting to Violence as a Means for Survival i Encourage All of you to work together on a Solution to make the streets of Portland a Safer place to sleep at night and help eachother bring Closer to Jessica's Death if any of you have any questions or Comments for me or simply wanna talk im free to listen give me a call or write me


I found this.....interesting 29.Mar.2006 03:00


I like to look up online what people have to say about this case. I just did another search and found this....


Intesting pionts they make. I think its note worthy..... You can to think theres a lot of truth to it. Take a look.

A Heart full of Love 19.May.2006 16:07

Katy Hayzlett jandnsmom22@yahoo.com

I was a friend of Jessica Williams. I went to high school with her and she lived with me for a little while. I have to agree that not all street kids are like that. Those kids were sick and easily influenced by an absolutely discusting man that should have never been released from prison to begin with. Jessica was a wonderfully amazing girl. Granted she did have her flaws but she loved everyone and unfortunately trusted everyone. With the size she was and the amount of strenghth she had it doesn't surprise me one bit that it took 13 people to get her down. What kills me about the whole thing is how people could treat anyone like that, and while the whole thing was taking place i can picture Jessica being scared and confussed and trying to defend herself. But no matter the outcome of those people they missed the chance to have a good loyal caring friend and have made their own destiny, they will never be happy again. They will also get tortured alot in prison, which honestly in my eyes they deeply deserve.

I AM SOO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 26.May.2006 23:39

sadly... Carl Richard Alsup the 3rd's brother......

When I first read what my brother and these people did... i felt... confused. i was either 10 or 11 when i read that... now I am 13. My father is carl richard alsup senieor and i am so ashamed to say that that murderer is my brother... ive never met anyone on my fathers side but I hate almost everysingle ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!! i am soo sorry that this happened... I know i shouldn't feel bad because it was him who decided to do that but i still feel horrible... I know we dont know eachother but if u want to talk my email is: lokigod__@msn.com ~marcelino~

Sarah Caster 22.Nov.2006 17:00

Sarah's Dad and Step mom

We happened upon this board during a google search in regard to Sarah and the tradegy that happened to Jessica.

What happened to Jessica should never have happened! I would like to say that up front. Nelson should have never been released from prison in the first place the way he was! Putting Nelson onto the streets of Portland, and into a homeless shelter, was like releasing a thief into a store and telling him 'don't touch'. Considering his earlier crimes, he should have been monitored, put into a stringent halfway house etc, not told to 'check in' each week....

I am Sarah Caster's step mom. And I have a lot of questions in regard to this entire tradegy. I would appreciate responses from both Amy and Kristen if at all possible. We can then speak via email if this is acceptable.

While I and Sarah's father are corresponding with Sarah while she is in prison, we still don't speak about what happened. Sarah will be in prison until 2008. We look forward to aiding her in her return to Society.

Many things about Nelson and his Family concern me! The Pagan/Satan issue foremost! How did 13 teenagers find their way to the streets of Portland to follow such an evil young man?

While I am Sarah's stepmother, I have yet to meet her in person. You see, Sarah's mother and father were divorced and it got terribly ugly. The mother chose to ignore her children on her pursuits of new sexual conquests. But she was smart, she got a job a 'Children's Services' in Portland and became a very small voice at the Welfare Office. She threw Sarah to the streets in the winter of 2002/2003 after putting Sarah on Prozac. We begged to take the children, so that the mother could do as she wanted, but to no avail. Sarah's paternal grandparents begged to have Sarah and her sister. BUT NO!!!! Sarah was forced to the streets!!!!

At the time that Jessica was killed, we were spending 10's of thousands of dollars on attorney's to get custody of Sarah and her sister! But Sarah didn't know about all the court cases, her mother did not tell her....

I know that Sarah was recently moved to downtown Portland, from Hillsboro. I know that Sarah's grades were failing miserably, over the last year and a half. I know cause we were speaking with the schools and they wouldn't do a 'welfare check' on the kids, due to the mother's job at Health and Welfare. I know because Sarah went from a 3.2 gpa to a .066 gpa. Sarah would only draw photos and wouldn't speak. I also know that the Superintendent of Hillsboro Schools, apologized to me AFTER THE FACT, after Sarah was arrested. It was -Oh, you were right in your concerns, gee, I am really sorry!!!

Sarah's father and I had to find out about the murder of Jessica and Sarah's involvement on the internet. We used to go to news agencies in Portland to see what was going on. Sarah's mother never even contacted Sarah's grandparents in regard to Jessica!!!!

We have been writing to Sarah and send her money to live on, her mother does not. But we are not pushing Sarah in regard to what happened yet. We are just trying to get to know her again, since her mother has denied visitation for so long. Mom ran away from Springfield OR and went to Portland without a forwarding address and Sarah's Dad didn't know where they were until 2000.

I need to add that Sarah's dad was never abusive or charged with any crimes of any sort, he is an upstanding individual. Sarah's mother, was more interested in the next sex she was going to get with internet friends or people from bars and knew that Sarah's dad would not agree!!! It is a terribly long story and I don't want to air all the dirty laundry on this board.

I am most concerned with people that actually KNEW Sarah! I want to know and understand how she came to the streets, why her mother threw her out. How she was acting as she came off the Prozac? I have medical records now, and the Prozac was given to Sarah's little sister, by the mother. The little sister almost died, after Sarah was out of the home!

I got an anonymous phone call at the time of Jessica's murder, from a homeless shelter worker. They told me to 'find the report' on Sarah. A Judge later sealed the report! I do know that Sarah's mother knew about the murder and did not report it, rather she signed Sarah into a homeless shelter, and then washed her hands of Sarah. Her job with the State was more important than the child she sent to the streets of Portland.....

Anyone with any information would be greatly appreciated. I will set up an email address and post it here in a few hours....

Thank you and God Bless,
Dave and Denise Caster

You want to talk to me? 24.Nov.2006 16:41

Kristen kristen@zuhl.com

I just read what you wrote. I never knew Sarah, but I know Jimmy and Cordell. I made a film on the homeless. So if you want to talk to someone about the case, what happend you can contact me at  kristen@zuhl.com I can then send you my IM name.