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Just a thought

Somebody mentioned Officer Rowley was absent. from the ashcroft welcoming committie Many conservatives fear/dislike Ashcroft, and perhaps some of the PPD felt that personal feelings would prevent them from doing thier duty...
Somebody at the demonstration shouted to one of the police officers (nicely dolled up in mutant ninja turtle costume) that the bad guys were inside and that they should be facing the other way. Now I dont claim to be any kind of "psychic" but I can "read" peoples body language/ feelings/ emotions fairly well. (handy when you drive a cab at night) Anyhow I got a very strong impression that the officer was giving this statement way more thought than he should have. So many folks even those who voted for Mr. Bush really fear and dislike Mr. Ashcroft. Get a good copy of the 1001 nights and You'll see Mr. Ashcroft is the classic evil advisor and Mr. Bush the classic stupid king.
Anyone with a heart and a brain would have difficulties serving Ashcroft.
Maybe So 21.Jul.2003 10:15


Maybe you're right. I think Ashcroft is even a joke to people within the bushite junta. I don't think they share his puritanical devotion, but they see him as a useful thug. To them he's probably like the token fundy in your morning water-cooler circle; you want to say things that'll piss him off, but you don't.