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One more local band down: Exploding Hearts explodes on I-5

Another local band (in this case retro pop punk band Exploding Hearts, who opened last month for the Buzzcocks in PDX and apparently was getting all kinds of press) goes down.
Here is the band's website

here is the KGW link about the van accident, and the AP story

Three people killed in I-5 crash near Eugene

Associated Press

A van flipped over on Interstate-5 just north of Eugene Sunday killing three people and injuring two.

Oregon State Police said the victims apparently were members of a band traveling from San Francisco to Portland.

Witnesses told police the van left the freeway at about 6 a.m. and hit gravel, tried to get back onto I-5 and rolled over, closing northbound lanes for more than three hours.

Three people were killed when the van rolled over. (KGW photo)

Two passengers, Jeremy Gage, 21, of Beaverton, and Adam Cox, 23, of Escondido, Calif., were thrown from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. The driver, Matthew Fitzgerald, 20, of Portland, died at a hospital.

Passengers Terry Six, 21, and Rachelle Ramos, 35, both of Portland were treated for apparently minor injuries.

Police said only Ramos was wearing a seatbelt.
... 21.Jul.2003 06:55

this thing here

when bands are on the road, sleep is the last thing any member gets. those highways are pretty smooth, and not a whole lot new and exciting to see, and if you're already real sleepy... based on how the vehicle moved, i think the driver may have nodded off just briefly, and then tried to regain control. never drive drunk and never drive tired...

goddammit, wear your fucking seatbelt 21.Jul.2003 08:35